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Time passed, and a month passed in a blink of an eye…

In that place, Chu Yan refined all the flames.

At this time, Chu Yan is totally different from being completed a month ago. The powerful aura impacts all around the void, turning into a giant dragon roll, hitting the sky, and spreading into the entire forest.

At this time, Chu Yan’s cultivation base has reached the Great Accomplishment realm!

After another hour, aura skyrocketed again. At this time, he directly reached the Peak of the Lord Realm.

One step 3rd Layer!

No one, including myself, did not expect that after refining this flame, there would be such a terrifying result.

And his current Source Power within the body seems to have been tempered countless times yesterday. The pure terrifying is ten times higher than before.

“This opportunity is really good!”

Chu Yan woke up from the cultivation state with a smile on his face.

Now he can feel that his power within the body is completely different, possessing the power of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth that he didn’t have before.

“It’s been a long time, how are they!?” Chu Yan groaned in his heart, and flew out of the empty sky crack.

After the hundred breaths, the place where the 10 Taoist trees are…


A torrent of weather exploded, and the Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon all around broke out at the same time.

The ancestors of Feng Bu Gao and Xiu Heavenly Dao not far away felt a terrifying coercion, which made them suddenly stiff.

“From now on…. Divine Realm continent will only have eight Taoist trees, ancestors, we won’t be confused after this, or you can help me first, wait for my breakthrough God Realm, I will help you again!?”

Feng Bu Gao looked at the ancestor Xiu Heavenly Dao, smiling all over the sky.

“haha, Xiaofeng, you see that I am so old, you are so young, there is time, right!?”

Xiu Heavenly Dao’s rare smile on his face, “In addition, your harvest at Suihu this time is bigger than mine. After you get out of here, you can hit the top 100 in the Heaven Ranking.”

When Feng Bugao heard this, he shook his head and said, “My ancestor, what you said is too counterintuitive. You have created your own cultivation technique. Don’t say you are still the same as Heaven Ranking ranked!” /p>

these two people this time in Marrow Lake, the harvest is extremely huge, compared to ordinary cultivators, it is probably hundreds of years of hard work.

Now they are back in the valley, watching the Dao Realm spirit refining the Tao trees, seeing it as with keen interest pleasure.

This is the case with people, and I will feel comfortable watching other people’s cultivation effort.

The two of them have been closed for two or three months in Marrow Lake, that’s all, the harvest is quite big, and now seeing the spirit of Dao Realm have been refining the tree here for almost a year, I saw Smiles all over his face.

Moreover, their cultivation is a real cultivation, just sit there, and look at the spirit of Dao Realm, it’s been a whole year of death with the Tao tree, it’s a kind of spirit willpower and fleshy Extreme consumption of the body.

I’m afraid that in this year, Dao Realm’s spirit will live like years.

This is related to the cultivation of the ancestor of Feng Bu Gao and Xiu Heavenly Dao, which is as different as heaven and earth.

Soon, as the monstrous aura gradually calmed down, in the sky not far away, among the vast brilliance, the silhouette of the spirit of Dao Realm came slowly.

“Two Fellow Daoist, long time no see!”

The spirit of Dao Realm bows his hands and transforms from the mountain state into a human body.

Feng Bugao and Heavenly Dao’s ancestor looked up, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

I saw that the Dao Realm’s spirit at this time, a large amount of light circulated, as if it had Heaven and Earth mysterious in one, making it impossible to see.

Obviously, after this Dao Realm spirit refining two Tao trees, his strength has been advanced by leaps and bounds.

“Congratulations to Fellow Daoist!”

Feng Bu Gao and the spirit of Dao Realm both bowed their hands in return, politely said with a smile.

“haha, you’re polite, no congratulations, no, it’s just a little breakthrough!” Dao Realm’s spirit smiled and said very polite and humble.

But even a fool can tell that Dao Realm’s spirit is full of pride at this time.

Even if he broke through the realm of the Lord of the Sky before, that is also an ordinary Lord of Heaven, but now, after refining two Dao trees, he has the foundation to compete with the four great Legendary genius.

This is not a small breakthrough, it was a sudden qualitative one, and I stepped into the top of the continent pyramid.

“How’s Su Fellow Daoist!?”

Seeing Feng Bugao and Heavenly Dao ancestors here, but not Chu Yan, the spirit of Dao Realm asked.

“Still in retreat, we are not quite clear!”

Feng Bugao was telling the truth. After being separated at the boundary wall of Suihu Lake, Chu Yan went into the deep forest. They didn’t know what was happening or what they were doing.

However, in terms of time and chance, Chu Yan’s retreat has the greatest probability, otherwise he should have come out to look for them.

There is no need for them to watch the Dao Realm Spirit refining Dao Tree here, they are so excited.

“Did you find the variant point!?” Dao Realm’s spirit asked urgently.

“There was a forest. We couldn’t get in after we passed the periphery. Later, Su Yu went in alone. I don’t know what happened.”

Shook the head and replied it again.

At that time, when Su Yu broke through the Blue Lord Realm, there was a lot of movement, but when the two of them were in the Marrow Lake, there was Marrow Lake Enforcement, so naturally there was no feeling.

The function of Marrow Lake has the same function as Heavenspan Shuling, helping practitioners to understand the cultivation technique. Naturally, it has its own domain and formation. Otherwise, it is really affected and it creates a fart cultivation technique.

“I hope that Su Yu Fellow Daoist can find the variant point this time. Maybe there is a chance for peerless. After this retreat is over, I want to find him again for competition.”

Feng Bugao and Heavenly Dao ancestors heard the words of Dao Realm Spirit, and they were both nodded at the same time.

The spirit of Dao Realm has skyrocketed in this time cultivation base. According to Su Yu’s previous strength, it is really possible to fight.


At this moment, a strange sound rang.


The spirit of Dao Realm, the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, Feng Bu Gao, all three of them were complexion changed, and they all turned their heads to look.


With a glance, the expressions of the three of them changed at the same time, their faces full of surprise.

I saw the silhouette flying from the horizon in the distance. It was Chu Yan. It was just that he was now a cultivation base aura, giving people an extremely terrifying level, as if mortal saw God and couldn’t be hostile.

Because, this is not a level and the same level at all.

Especially the spirit of Dao Realm, just refining two Tao trees, that is not one, after two Tao trees, the improvement in strength is not just 1 Star.

However, when he sees Chu Yan now, he finds that there is no change at all from when he saw Chu Yan before. It is still the same. As long as his Divine Consciousness locks Chu Yan, he immediately has a deep sense of crisis.

Isn’t this the equivalent of two Tao trees, refining? ?

Nothing has changed at all ah!

“You…breakthrough!?” Dao Realm’s spirit was shaking.