Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4042

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Heard the question of Dao Realm Spirit, Chu Yan nodded.


With this answer, Feng Bu Gao and Heavenly Dao’s ancestor’s face was full of ecstasy, and his eyes were glowing.

“Gong joyfully said Jing Senior is now!”

Chu Yan glanced over the spirit of Dao Realm, looked up and down, slightly nodded, and raised his hand joyfully and said.

This is the same as historical records. After the spirit of Dao Realm refining two Dao trees, he achieved the continent overlord Position, and later generations became a powerhouse that can rival the Four Great Lords.

“haha, Su Yu Fellow Daoist, ah!”

The spirit of Dao Realm reacted, bowed his hands and laughed constantly.

This is a good thing!

The relationship between myself and Su Yu, because of the previous events, is now considered very good, so Su Yu’s strength has increased, which is equivalent to having a strong ally.

“yi!? Su Yu Fellow Daoist, your current cultivation base realm seems to be…”

The spirit of Dao Realm was originally very happy, but after Divine Consciousness swept Chu Yan a few times, he found something wrong.

“Senior is really out of the ordinary, my current cultivation base is…Peak of the God Realm!” Chu Yan said with a smile.




Three voices sounded at the same time, but the seal was not high. The pupils of the three people, the ancestor of Heavenly Dao and the Spirit of Dao Realm, shrank sharply. At the same time, they suck in a breath of cold air and looked towards Chu Yan.

“You…your God Realm Peak!? You arrived at the God Realm Peak after a breakthrough!? You are…”

It’s a little embarrassing if Feng Gao is not high, this is especially the realm of the Lord, not the Qi Refining Realm, so there are several realms in a breakthrough.

Chu Yan also knows that this matter is unusual, but here is the depths of the Dao Realm mountain range, which itself is a place of peerless opportunity. All of them know about it, so they opened the mouth to tell the opportunity they encountered before, no hide.

After the introduction, the three people present had different faces.

“Oh my god! I knew it, even if I tried my best, I would break the barrier…Three plants, if we got in, wouldn’t we happen to be one plant per person!? In that case, I also…”

If you can’t seal your chest, your intestines are blue.

And the spirit of Dao Realm was stupid at this time, his face twitching, and the pride and confidence he had just returned, all the smoke disappeared.

Now, he fully understands that this person is a different existence, more monster than any monster, what kind of strength, realm, chance, innate talent, etc., is that he doesn’t want to live a good life.

Including that he was still thinking before, if he wanted to fight Su Yu, let it go with the wind.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded….

“Everyone, one year has come, please leave!”

A word sounded, and a Profound Light flashed in the sky, moved towards the people below fell, and after taking out aura, it condensed into a light gate in front of them.

Chu Yan frowned suddenly, and shouted “Senior, we are still one person away!”

What Chu Yan said was that the Saint Wantian had basically never seen him since entering, and Chu Yan kept remembering.

“Uh… I almost forgot him, I will let him out!”

As soon as these words came out, Chu Yan and the others suddenly turned into twitching faces. What did this sage of ten thousand days do, it was forgotten by the Dao Realm mountain range spirit, so there is no sense of existence! ?

What the hell did he do! ?

Just when they were astonished, a Profound Light fell from the sky, a silhouette appeared in the light and shadow, and suddenly a blood aura spread out.

When Chu Yan took a look, they saw that all of his clothes were rotten, covered in wounds and cracks, as if he had crawled out of the dead.

“Kill ah! Kill you all, I am not dead, you all have to die!”

The Saint Wantian rushed out of the Profound Light, like a madman, the murderous aura of his body was almost condensed into substance, plus a blood light, like a Killing God rushed out of the abyss.

Especially the might of Peak in the invincible state broke out, and the whole void ground trembled.

Suddenly, he rushed for a few steps, as if a sledgehammer hit the cotton. His sudden loss of strength made him startled. Under the eyes shrank, he turned his head and looked towards all around, and suddenly found Chu Yan’s face changed suddenly.

“ha ha ha, you guys…I am out! I am out!”

Chu Yan saw Wan Tian Sheng like this, and he was taken aback. He didn’t care about his murderous aura and blood energy. From their cultivation base and Divine Consciousness, he knew that Wan Tian Sheng was just a little weak. , Not at all what trauma.

On the contrary, the cultivator had never experienced such a deadly battle. It couldn’t be more normal. This situation shows that he may be arranged by the Dao Realm mountain range spirit to participate in some test.

Just like Chu Yan and Feng Bugao participated in the mixed Heaven Ranking test in the past, killing those endless Monster Beasts is similar to the situation now.

After laughing for a long time, Wan Tiansheng exhaled a long breath, looking towards Chu Yan with full eyes.

“Boss, Patriarch, Lao Feng, Senior, you are all out!?”

When Feng Bugao heard this, he looked towards Wantiansheng’s eyes, and instantly twitched twice, “We have been outside for more than half a year!”

As soon as these words were said, the smile on Wantiansheng’s face instantly solidified, “What!? What did you say…what!?”

The expression seems to be eating people!

“Little Saint, we have been out for a long time, and we should have one in half a year!” The ancestor of Heavenly Dao looked at Wan Tiansheng with a pitiful face, and quickly explained.

He knew that these two boys often quarreled, fearing that Saint Wantian would not believe that the seal was not high, and he was not willing to keep him in the dark, so he added a sentence.

“Our cultivation base has a breakthrough in the past six months, and Dao Realm Senior has also refined two Tao trees!” Chu Yan also opened the mouth and said.

After all, it is a bit too miserable for Saint Wan Tian to be like this.

“There, Su Yu Fellow Daoist is also not bad. He refining three heavenly materials and earthly treasures, not only breakthroughs in the God Realm, but now also reaches Peak in the God Realm!”

The spirit of Dao Realm is completely humble now, so he quickly explained.

At this moment, Wan Tiansheng’s body trembled fiercely a few times, looking at the four people in front of him, he moved back several steps, muttered

“You…you guys, it’s over in a few months!? I refining the Taoist tree and breakthrough to the Peak of the Lord Realm!?”

He panted heavily, his eyes instantly turned blood red, and he roared directly when he raised his head

“Asshole! You lied to me, I am the Saint of All Heavens, you dare to swindle me!”

When he roared, there was a voice in the sky, and he replied, “You are different from them, this is your way and life!”

When he finished saying this sentence, Saint Wantian became even more angry and roared again

“Through your whole family, let you be the second uncle! You wait, true body remembers you!”

It was the first time Wan Tiansheng cursed people like this. He used to be all kinds of waves, all kinds of bohemian, when did he have such gentleness.

The key is that this year, he fought day and night, and was fooled by the Old Guy. If this is true, I am afraid it will be a shame for this Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast.