Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4044

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Wan Tian Sheng in this brief moment, finally showed his domineering Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast.

“If…. You must leave me, I will suicide here!”

At this moment, Saint Wantian is fearless, and he has the light of dignity that every Monster Beast has.

“Will the old man…”

Chu Yan had a sigh in his heart, secretly thought a bad sound, and looked towards the sky with alert.

Wan Tiansheng stabbed a hornet’s nest, but Chu Yan admired his words and attitude.

The voice above the sky was silent for a long time before slowly opening the mouth and said

“You…say it again!”

At this moment, above the sky, a powerful imposing manner is surging, as if to suppress everything in this world.

Wan Tiansheng didn’t feel any response to this, and shouted again

“Say it once!? It’s the same many times. I won’t succumb. If you want to force me to stay here, I will suicide here, not irreconcilable!”

At this moment, there was a complete silence between Heaven and Earth, and all of Chu Yan looked stunned.

Irreconcilable, didn’t you tell the enemy? ?

This sage said suicide is irreconcilable, and what kind of domineering he can say is definitely the only one in the world.

“No! The previous sentence!”

The old man’s voice sounded, making everyone stunned.

“The previous sentence!? That is… I am Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast, and myself, this in the whole world i can go anywhere! No one can let me succumb!”

The same mighty voice sounded, and Heaven and Earth was silent again.

“Okay! I allow it!”

After waiting for a long time, the old man’s voice in the sky rang.

What! ?

That’s it! ?

Chu Yan and Wan Tian Sheng are both a bit embarrassed. This old man makes decisions and repents so casually! ?


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Anyway, the thick medicinal smell is completely gone, which is a good thing.

“You…seriously!?” Wantiansheng couldn’t believe it.


The old man opened his mouth and replied, it seemed that there was no longer a trace of silence, but a trace of relaxation and joy.

“ha ha ha, old fogey, you are quite…. flexible, in that case, I will forgive you for the previous things, we will write off!”

His eyes were full of excitement. He didn’t expect that when his Wang Ba’s aura showed, it was the acknowledge allegiance of the world.

If I knew this a long time ago, why bother to kill the old fogey for a year and just get the old fogey done directly, it wouldn’t be so miserable.

“Within the ten breaths, leave quickly, otherwise, the Holy Spirit, please stay!”

For Wantiansheng’s words, the old man seemed to have completely ignored it, and his tone returned to plain again and announced directly.

“Fuck me, hurry up…”

The scared hairs of Wan Tian Sheng exploded and rushed directly to Chu Yan, moved towards Space-Time.

“Let’s go!”

Chu Yan raised his head and glanced at the sky, without hesitation, the moved towards Space-Time channel rushed away, few people followed closely from behind, and soon disappeared in the light gate of the Space-Time channel.

The old man above the sky was silent for a long time, did nothing, and seemed to be really waiting for them to leave.

“My God, you are still young and it is normal not to understand. When you go out for several decades, you will naturally come back here to find me and continue the previous battle.”

Speaking of this, the old man stopped and shook the head again

“This kid didn’t expect the opportunity of the Vault of Heaven Beast King. Not every Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast understood this statement, but it appeared in the mouth of such a little fellow just born. Well, with him, we, the Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast clan, should have hope!”

“Maybe, if he goes out this time, there will be more Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast! haha…”

With a wave of hands, the Space-Time passage door below slowly closed and disappeared.

After a long time, the first domain of Divine Realm continent, the land of the north, the core of Dao Realm mountain range…

Chu Yan and the others emerged silhouettes at the same time, rushing out from in the sky, looking towards all around blankly.

“My God, you can do it, it’s a bit domineering!”

As soon as the seal falls to the ground, the turtle can live there, so he opened the mouth and said directly.

“haha, Xiaofeng, who is the true body, never persuaded!” Wan Tian Sheng was extremely proud.

“Oh!? Really!? I just met the little Monster Beast last time. I don’t know who is carrying the pants. When I ran, the silhouette was also very domineering…ha ha ha!”

Feng Bu Gao laughed out of anger, with a stomachache expression on his face.

The Saint Wantian looked at him, his face flushed and twitched. It was obviously the glorious deed of their Great Influence together.

“hmph! You are strong, hello, your scared face was green at the time, your legs were trembling, you can’t even run!?” Xiu Heavenly Dao’s ancestor is not high, that is not at all polite .

He found out that Wan Tian Sheng is actually a little baby, and this guy who is not high is the one who bullies first every time, so now the Heavenly Dao ancestor is standing on the side of Wan Tian Sheng.

“Ancestor, you…”

At that time, Feng Gao’s face turned black and his face was aggrieved.

“It’s just…” Chu Yan also said with a smile.

At this moment, the spirit of Dao Realm stood on the side and saw a few people like this. He gave a wry smile and shook his voice

“Four people, let’s say goodbye first, we’ll meet again some day!”

Chu Yan four people are hearing this, and at the same time arched their hands and said “Senior, we’ll meet again some day!”

After Dao Realm’s spirit waved his hand and turned and left, several people looked towards Chu Yan and asked.

“Then let’s go there now!?”

“Now that we have worked hard for so long and our strength has improved, it seems that there is nowhere to go now!”

The ancestor Xiu Heavenly Dao also felt the same way, especially the Saint Wantian who had just left domineeringly, but now that he really left, he didn’t know where he should go for a while.

Before pressing, anyway, I just wandered around the continent, and it hurt him.

“I feel that Huang Tian is great!”

Chu Yan didn’t even think about it, said with a smile “Huang Tian Hall, if you discuss with Huang Tian Lord, maybe we can stay for a while, that place…. In addition, there may be opportunities. Enter the Taoist Secret Book!”

When Feng Bugao heard this, he went crazy at the time “I rely on it, don’t you, Su Yu, you definitely think too much.”

“ha ha ha, good, Huang Tian hall, where all races gather, so many beautiful demons are in…cough cough, so many elite cultivators can talk about martial arts and Taoism!”

Wan Tiansheng suddenly turned green in his eyes, and his whole body was excited.

“Also, it happens to be my cultivation technique…” The eyes of Xiu Heavenly Dao’s ancestor glowed and flickered slightly.

All three of them became interested in Chu Yan’s plan.

“Then let’s go!”

The four of Chu Yan started the movement art, moved towards the sky and flew away, aiming directly at Huang Tian Hall.

At this time, in the Dao Realm mountain range…

A large number of cultivators gather here all the year round, in order to find opportunities in the dark, some are fighting, some are cultivation, and some are still searching hard.

For these, Chu Yan has no interest in them.

They came out of the core of the Dao Realm mountain range. There is no better existence in the Dao Realm mountain range. Each has its own opportunities. Among these cultivators, there may be their opportunities.