Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4142


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Chu Yan’s goal has been locked. He was planning to do the work quietly while the two were fighting.

But now, the one human one monster is not fighting. This surprised Chu Yan a bit, but it didn’t affect his goal, so he followed closely and prepared to find a chance to start.

“It’s here, I feel it, there are good things behind the door!”

The battle in the center of the great hall suddenly ceased, making the originally lively great hall suddenly quieter, which also attracted the attention of other practitioners.

When they saw Qin Yijing and Bai Hua choose to reconcile, they all rushed to the door, everyone’s eyes lit up.

Qin Yijing and Bai Hua didn’t hesitate, they rushed into the gate directly, and Chu Yan followed closely.

However, when their three people appeared behind the door, the corners of their eyes twitched, because there was another door behind the door, and it was still a piece of door. There were definitely more than one hundred doors.

Qin Yijing and Bai Hua were just depressed, they quickly began to play their hole cards, and began to calculate which door was correct or most suitable for them.

Soon, the two of them stared at a few of the hundreds of doors.

“These genius, are well prepared!”

Chu Yan saw that they were very fast, shaking outward like a treasure, and suddenly believed that they were not sealed.

Not high sealing is the secret a of cultivation, but you can calculate which gate is suitable.

“God word!”

Chu Yan a light shout, suddenly the pupils in his eyes were replaced by golden light, turned into a group of divine light, looking up the hundreds of doors, finally all the divine lights dimmed, only the No. 9 door was still lit of.

“Yes! This sacred word Taoism can indeed lead the way!”

Chu Yan, of course, this Taoism is not simple. He just tried it and discovered a new feature of it, leading the way!

In other words, this function can only be used in this Great Saint Valley. Chu Yan is still not sure whether these Taoist scriptures, even if they have collected the entire Taoist scripture, can be used outside.

Of course, what Chu Yan wants is naturally not a restricted Taoist scripture, it must be able to be used outside.

After all, the nine gods come to preach in person, and always have their own purpose. Even if it exists as a test, then after the test is over, the Tao Wen Scripture is invalid, and there must be an inheritance that exceeds the Tao Wen Scripture to replace it. , This will be reasonable.

“They also chose the No. 9 door!”

Chu Yan swept his gaze and saw that Bai Hua and Qin Yijing’s goals were very clear, and their eyes were locked on the No. 9 door. This result is the same as the result of his divine symbol leading the way.

It seems that these genius are not simple. At least Chu Yan believes that his divine symbol will lead the way. It should be right.

And these two genius should not have sacred words and Taoism, relying on the treasures and methods prepared before coming in, and these treasures and methods prepared in advance have obviously played a good role.

A group of people all moved towards the No. 9 gate, among them Bai Hua and Qin Yijing were the heads, including the Tie Ling Cangzhu and Ye’er.

“This native is smart!”

Ye’er was very disdainful of Chu Yan’s behavior with them, and completely forgot the fact that she and her grandfather had been following Bai Hua and Qin since they came to the present.

This is a typical double standard concept, I can do this, you can’t!

“Ye’er! Talk less!”

The Lord Tie Ling heard Ye’er’s voice and brows slightly wrinkle and shouted.

This treasure granddaughter makes him more and more disappointed, but in this relationship, disappointment has no meaning, so no matter how disappointed, he must also take care of his treasure granddaughter with all his strength, so his reprimand is only with Kind of hope, hope that one day the granddaughter can truly grow up.

“Grandpa, am I wrong!? This native is obviously following us to take advantage, he has no abilities, hmph!”

The Lord Tie Ling was a little speechless, shook the head, and he didn’t want to say what he wanted to say. After all, there are things that can only be done but cannot be said.

“Ye’er, it’s okay, just let him follow!”

Bai Hua seemed to be very tolerant to Ye’er, glanced back at the black robe silhouette that followed in the distance, and smiled to Ye’er.

Hearing Bai Big Brother Hua’s words, Ye’er’s face changed in an instant, changed into a smile, and nodded looked incredibly well-behaved, which made the Lord Tie Ling let out another long sigh, shook the head.

Bai Hua didn’t care, and Qin Yi was even more indifferent. He didn’t look behind him from start to finish.

He naturally knows that Chu Yan is following behind, but this is simply nothing to him.

From beginning to end, in Qin Yi’s eyes, only this Bai Hua could enter his Dharma and was qualified to fight with him. Other people… how different from ants! ?

A group of people continued to walk forward and disappeared into the fog in front of them within a few breaths. At this moment, like Chu Yan, the other practitioners behind the two practitioners were dumbfounded.

No chance to follow this one!

Their thoughts are exactly what Ye’er thought. They wanted to follow behind the two powerful genius and see if they could go further, or the core place, the place of great treasure, so that they would have a chance.

But now, with these dense fog, they have no chance anymore.

This fog-shrouded avenue is not too long. Qin Yijing and Bai Hua’s entire group walked not very long, and a bright spot appeared in front of them, and a faint coercive aura appeared.

This site of relics should be the relics of a Great Saint Sect’s distant deity.

Judging from its location, you can know the out of the ordinary place of this ruin, because it can be built in the Great Saint Valley.

Everyone went all the way, and soon reached the place where the light was. At a glance, everyone’s complexion changed drastically.

I saw that in the center of the stone temple in front, a rectangular altar appeared. This is a real altar. From the shape and the offerings, this altar is a special altar used to bury the dead.

On the side of the altar, there is a purple long blade floating, and an ancient book, a clear spring…

“God…Grade 7!?”

Bai Hua’s voice was already shaking completely, and he was obviously shocked.

Not far away, Chu Yan’s eyes trembled when he heard this. The treasure of Grade 7 is a real Divine Weapon!

The gaze swept to the purple long blade instantly, Chu Yan saw a faint purple crystal flickering on the blade body, but there was no crystal at all. Obviously this is a long blade with a very special material. Divine Weapon.

No one doubts that just this faint sword intent, it can kill everything in the world.

The most surprising thing is that the long blade of this God-level Grade 7 is actually in a kind of sleeping state, so its sword power did not burst out, but it was quietly suspended there.


A violent blast exploded, and the entire stone palace trembled suddenly.