Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4143


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This is a very powerful monster!

When Chu Yan saw the giant dragon with two heads, this thought came naturally in his mind!

And Ye’er, Bai Hua and Qin Yijing, these people felt the double-headed dragon step by step out of the darkness, and when the powerful demon breath came like a rolling tide, they also gave birth to the same Chu Yan. idea.

The darkness is endless, and people never know what’s hidden in it! ?

So, when the two-headed dragon completely walked out of the dark shadow, two other big monsters, a giant bear, and a rhino came out immediately!

After the Form Transformation of these three great monsters, they are all very easy to identify and have obvious true body characteristics.

In addition to this identification method, they can also be distinguished by their aura. The demon breath of this bear head and rhinoceros is obviously much weaker than the two-headed dragon, standing on the left and right with the two heads. Behind the dragon, it is natural to show the dragon’s position in the Monster Race. Obviously Chu Yan knows the Monster Race better, but he is not so sure. The two-headed dragon is one of the Dragon Race.

“This is a two-headed Chimera! Heavenly demon bear! And moon rhinoceros!”

When Lord Tie Ling reported these three names, his face was as white as a piece of paper.

“Ancient alien species! The most terrifying Monster Race bloodline, no God is their opponent!”

Ye’er’s mind showed the knowledge she had learned, and her whole body was chilling. This was the case for students. When she was studying knowledge, she never thought that she would use this knowledge one day.

Bai Hua and Qin, who stood in front of them, were shocked, their faces more uncomfortable than them, and they were almost dripping with darkness.

“It’s okay! We all have Taoism, and we should be able to deal with them. There is no problem if we join forces!”

Bai Hua quickly found a way to boost morale and said the key point.

This sentence suddenly made the cultivators behind him, the eyes of the dead grey, light up slightly.

Not bad!

If you encounter these three ancient bloodline monsters in the outside world, they are nine deaths and still alive, but they are different now. They are in the ruins of the Great Saint Valley. They have just obtained the Taoism and have already defeated them. Thousands of corpses and spirits that were impossible to defeat.

According to this logic, Daowen should also be useful to these ancient rare beasts!

“That’s a treasure of Grade 7!”

When you set up a pyre, the distance from the sky fire is a little spark that’s all. So Bai Hua’s words are equivalent to throwing out such a little spark, and everyone is instantly His eyes lit into a Heavenly Fire flame.


With a roar, Bai Hua took the lead and rushed out, the unique skill exploded to the extreme, fiercely punched the three Monster Beast in front of him.

This fist gang is like a tide, composed of countless fist shadows, without exception, on each fist shadow, there is a Taoist text entwined.

“roar roar roar! ”

The three big monsters roared very neatly in unison, the monster qi all over the sky, and at the same time they screamed and rushed over, blasting out a large amount of terrifying monster skills.

bang! bang! bang!

The war broke out in an instant, and the entire stone palace was shaking and shaking.

“The opportunity is here!”

When Chu Yan saw this scene, his eyes were brighter than the others, but he was not aiming at the treasure of Grade 7 but the various Taoisms flying in front of him.

“Okay! As expected, there is no repetition, Bai Hua and Qin Yijing are the strongest, so their comprehend Taoism is relatively strong!”

Staring closely at Bai Hua and Qin Yi was surprised, Chu Yan finally recognized that the Taoism they displayed was obviously much stronger.

It’s just that Chu Yan’s criterion for judging is…. Stronger!

That’s because, obviously so far, there is no formidable power that has its own “God” word. Even so far, I have not encountered a “God” word. Almost formidable power.

“I don’t know if anyone has gotten the same level of Taoism as Shenzi Taowen!?”

Chu Yan guessed, observing the battle in the stone palace, judging the function of each Daowen and its repetitiveness, ready to take action at any time.

The battle is fierce, but the process is exactly the same as Bai Hua’s judgment. The battle after the enforcement of Daowen is obviously different from that of the outside world. The three powerful monsters began to be injured in the attacks of everyone. .

This kind of Monster Beast is the real invincible of the same order. It is far from Qin Yijing. The most decisive among Monster Race is bloodline.

So since the appearance of these three big monsters, Qin Yijing never said a word, complexion ashen, this is the suppression caused by the bloodline of the ancient alien monster. Although not strong, it does exist.

Qin Yi was very angry. This is determined by the demon nature in the bloodline, but this kind of anger does not have much effect. Strength is strength. That is dead. Even with Daowen’s enforcement, this kind of The strength gap is completely closed.

So, after the battle broke out, the state of the entire battle was a tie state. The battle between the cultivators and the three-headed monster can only be occupied occasionally when Bai Hua and Qin Yijing have a certain outbreak. Some advantages.

However, what Bai Hua and Qin Yijing are facing is not a battle of life and death, so the continuous outbreak of impossible and the risk of too much consumption are of course very clear to them.

“You! Aborigines! Why don’t you do it!? Do you want to wait for us to die, so you can pick up the ready-made ones!?”

Ye’er was very angry, and the anger vented to Chu Yan’s head. In other words, since the first time she saw Chu Yan, she has been very angry, and now she finally has her chance.

“Su Fellow Daoist!”

Bai Hua didn’t say anything, but called Chu Yan’s name in an extremely cold voice.


Chu Yan is a little depressed. In fact, he is really not interested in the treasure of Grade 7 of the gods. After all, he can’t bring back to the future generations. And he only has a few months to grab this long blade. What is the meaning of the month, it will make him dependent on treasure.

But, will anyone believe this explanation! ?

Chu Yan of shook the head didn’t want to explain much, but the moment he looked up, he just saw a black light lit up on the real altar, and then the black light rushed out of the altar, like three The meteor generally shoots into the body of the three-headed monster.

shua shua shua!

Almost in an instant, the creation of the three-headed demon-covered body was restored to the original moment, and a monster’s breath broke out again like a tide, much stronger than ever before, and at the same time, their monster bodies were also swelling rapidly.

The most intuitive way to judge the strength of Monster Race is to look at the size of the body.

Faced with the three-headed monster who suddenly doubled in size, whether it was Chu Yan or Bai Hua, they knew that something was wrong.

“Not good!”

Bai Hua’s face turned pale, his eyes swept all around, and he began to find a way to escape.

The three-headed monster in front of me is constantly evolving, as if it is increasing in strength. This is definitely not a good thing. This is a sign of extremely dangerous. If there is something in this relic If there is any real danger, then there is no doubt that it is right in front of you.