Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4144


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“gā gā gā ….”

When the cold and evil laughter sounded, Bai Hua and the others clearly saw a trace of bloodthirsty rays of light among the three-headed demon eyes.

“This is not good!”

Even if you are a fool, you can tell at this time that the situation has changed absolutely, and wanting to return to the previous draw situation is tantamount to a foolish dream.

At this time, the monster qi gushing out of the three-headed monster within the body is enough to make any practitioners present tremble.


Without any hesitation, Bai Hua turned and ran away with a roar.

The long blade of Grade 7 is still the same as before, just floating there quietly, but at this time, no one will look at him again.

Treasure is good, but life is the best!

When these two distinct things conflict, treasure is like rubbish, and there is no one who is watching and paying attention.

However, the movement of everyone turning around has not yet been completed. In the altar that looks calm but absolutely not calm, a black light shoots out again, falling behind a group of people, completely sealing the entire void behind them, forming A circle of semicircular aura walls.

Bai Hua and the others turned around and saw this wall of seals, and they wanted to cry to death on the spot.

This is a real crisis!

The best situation is that some people here can escape one or two. The worst situation is that everyone will die here and become the fertilizer for the big monster.

From the very beginning, the three-headed monster appeared to fight with the group of cultivators in a very weak state, and then when the black light first appeared, the three-headed monster immediately urged the three-headed monster to the ultimate battle strength. Launch a second time to seal everyone’s retreat.

This is an absolutely perfect trap!

Perfect enough to allow them to actively jump into this trap, and when all their lives are cut off, they realize that they have fallen into the trap.

If from the very beginning, whether it was the true battle strength of the three-headed big monster or the wall of sealing behind, any of the two existed, this group of cultivators would have escaped long ago.

It can even be said that if there is no previous temptation that can defeat the three-headed monster and obtain treasure, it is impossible to completely fall into the dead. After all, every cultivator is guarded. Impossible is true. When I saw treasure, I felt silly and rushed straight up.

So, the design of the entire trap is perfect!

To describe it in two words, it means… lore!

dong! dong! dong!

The three-headed demon seems to have seen the ending, and thinks that there is nothing interesting, so he is ready to end the battle directly, stride out, moved towards Baihua and the others rushed away, the more powerful demon breath The horror has increased several times, and just sweeping the demon’s breath can make them weak and unable to generate a trace of resistance.

At this time, all they are waiting for is… death!


“Fight with you!”

Bai Hua and Qin Yi are indeed the genius among genius, so they didn’t have the slightest awareness of waiting for death in the face of death. The two broke out the ultimate aura at the same time, and at the same time moved towards the three-headed monster attack.

A purple golden light broadsword appeared in Bai Hua’s hand. This was a treasure of Grade 4, and the Blade Qi that was split out just blasted the entire void into powder.

And Qin Yijing threw out a golden ball, which was like a golden moon floating above Qin Yijing’s head, and the golden light sprinkled on Qin Yijing suddenly surprised Qin within the body like aura. The tide is rising like water.

This is his demon pill, as the last card of the Monster Beast clan!

The outbreak of the two geniuses stimulated the cultivators who were waiting to die. Iron made the eyes of the Lord turn blood red, and roar roared and displayed the strongest attack.

Death, death in battle, there is no difference at all, just not reconciled!

So far, they are the group of cultivators who have gone the farthest, but it does not mean that they can really go to the end. Every cultivator knows that it will happen to him sooner or later. This is The fate of being a cultivator, so let’s fight to death!

bang! bang! bang!

All the attacks blasted on the three big monsters, as if countless rocks hit the mountain, which could make the mountain shake, but that’s all, the mountain was still a mountain, and there was no operation.

And the three-headed demon is not idle, the monstrous demon wind with a big mouth is surging, sweeping the entire space.

Faced with such a demon wind, it struck like a storm of thunder, Bai Hua and the others’ pupils shrank instantly, and their faces became ashes.

Puff pu!

Bai Hua and Qin, who were the first to bear the brunt, were surprised, even if they used all their defensive cards, the moment they were hit by the demon wind, they opened their mouths and spewed a large amount of blood mist.

Seeing this scene, the flames that had just risen in the eyes of all the cultivators behind him all went out, replaced by endless death and despair.

Ye’er was mixed in the crowd, with the Iron Commander standing in front of her, occupying the safest position of the entire team. At this time, she was also trembling all over her body, and she felt lifelessness occupying her whole body.

The three-headed demon is too strong, beyond her cognition, even the white Big Brother Hua she thinks is the strongest, can’t withstand just a wave of monster qi shock.

At this time, the three-headed demon did not respond, grinning and moving towards everyone strode forward, preparing to harvest lives.

At this time, in the originally peaceful stone palace, all the voids have been variants, revealing the smell of a powerful monster domain. This is a special domain. In such a domain, there are three big heads. The demon’s strength will increase again.

This time the owner of the layout seemed extremely careful, even if it was the food that had already reached his mouth, he paid enough respect.

“It’s over!”

By now, the hearts of Bai Hua and Qin Yi were completely occupied by death. The flame in their eyes went out, representing that the desperate gaze made them completely lose their battle intent.

Escape… can’t escape! War…they who are no longer qualified, can only choose to wait for death like everyone else!

At this desperate moment, suddenly in the void of all around, there seemed to be a very faint sound of air tremor…

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ….

Immediately after that, when the a vibrato changed to three times, everyone heard it and started to turn their heads…

In the process of turning his head, the powerful demon power that struck was polished and chopped into dust, scattered and shattered, but the light did not stop, and it accurately hit the three heads of the demon. Body.

roar roar roar!

When everyone was chasing the three-divided light and looked towards the three-headed big demon, only the big demon roared there, and there were three obvious wounds on their bodies.


Bai Hua and Qin were shocked and couldn’t believe that there would be a turning point when they must die! ?

Who! ?

Who would rush over to support them at this time, this is simply unreasonable, after all, they are the strongest existence in the team exploring the ruins this time.