Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4145


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The sudden turning of their heads was still slower. They only saw a silhouette rising into the sky. From the sky behind them, the powerhouse of divine light flashed all over, waving a completely different attack, making heavy bombardments. On the three great monsters.

“You… turned out to be…”

Bai Hua or Qin was shocked, they were all blindfolded, and they couldn’t believe his eyes.

Including Ye’er, who was standing among a few people, was even more shocked, standing like a stone with her mouth open, her pupils constantly trembling.

In the reflection of her pupils, the god-like silhouette in midair was exactly what she believed before, after they were all injured, waiting to pick up the thief-like abnormality! ?

This abnormal, who is greedy for life and fear of death, will take the initiative to rush forward! ?

No matter what Ye’er thinks, and no matter what the people present think, Chu Yan is in the air at this moment, raising his hand is a punch.

Such a condescending position can maximize the formidable power of the boxing gun, and at the same time, it has great benefits to deal with such a behemoth that occupies an absolute physical advantage.

This time there is no way of entanglement of Taoism attack, but in Chu Yan’s fist, there is a terrifying and obscure coercion.

When these fist gangs slammed at the three great monsters, I don’t know if it was because of the formidable power of the fist gangs or some other reason. The faces of the three great demons were full of fear, and the monster bodies kept trembling.

At this moment, Chu Yan has truly become a god in their eyes, and every gesture is enough to destroy them completely.

This is a kind of Innate’s coercion. The coercion that exists in their powerful bloodline does not allow them to resist.

roar roar roar!

The bloodline power of the three-headed demon in this brief moment was suddenly sealed, and all the demon light emitted by the three pairs of demon eyes disappeared, replaced by a terrifying light, which caused the three-headed demon to re-emerge and release Another one is not aura which belongs to Monster Race at all.


But this kind of power is simply impossible to withstand a single blow in front of Chu Yan’s boxing gun. The three great monsters exploded at the same time, and the voices were neat and uniform. It sounded like one sound, but in everyone’s eyes, three Flesh and flesh smoke exploded.

“Second…instant kill!?”


This time, both Bai Hua and Qin Yi were shocked, and the entire Sea of ​​Consciousness was falling apart.

“Monster Beast is Monster Beast. Without the power of bloodline, it is worse than the weakest cultivator of the same level!”

Chu Yan shook the head and got more knowledge about Monster Race.

As for the instant kill just now, it may be unimaginable for others or fellow practitioners, but it is not difficult for Chu Yan, especially since these three great monsters simply are not purely tempered Monster Race, more Exists like a puppet.

So, for Chu Yan, the Martial Soul of the five gods, the Monster Race below the same level that can threaten him seems to be counted by a hand.

This rule applies not only before the Divine Realm continent, but also in the Heaven Realm.

The bloodline of Human Race may be extremely complicated, but the most important thing is that the bloodline is purely quenched Monster Race. I am afraid it is similar in all walks of life.

Because of this, any non-pure-blooded monster, like this kind of controlled evil puppet, is a kind of death in front of Chu Yan, and that kind of pure-blooded monster, if in Monster Race If the bloodline is relatively low, it is the same as death.

Chu Yan, who understands this, seems a little excited. This is a good thing for him. At least has such a guarantee that he will be more proactive when facing the great monsters of Heaven Realm. .

However, Chu Yan has absolute confidence in his Martial Soul, the five gods, and it is precisely because of this that he did not urge Dao Wen when he shot it before.

Although Daowen is in this ruin, it should be the most useful attack method.

Chu Yan now has thirty-one Dao inscriptions, and adding the divine word Dao inscriptions is thirty two. If the attack just now adds these thirty two Dao inscriptions, it should be even more dazzling.

Maybe you don’t need a punch at all, just wave your hand, or tap a finger, and the three demon will turn into powder.

What kind of scene and strength is this, it feels like God is fighting mortal.

As Chu Yan was reflecting and summarizing, there was dead silence in the entire stone palace great hall, and there was no breathing sound. Everyone’s eyes were either on Chu Yan or on the three pieces of ground. On the heap of flesh and blood.

“This…this is fake…it is basically impossible. He is an aboriginal. How could an aboriginal…”

Ye’er’s Divine Soul stopped working completely, and there was only a Consciousness left in her mind that constantly echoed in her Sea of ​​Consciousness, like a circle of invisible mazes, unable to go out and fall into it.

An aboriginal who he completely looked down upon, even instantly killed the true body powerful blue demon with just one move.

The White Big Brother Hua I admire the most, and the one who can fight against Bai Hua Qin Yijing, when he had just faced the three great monsters, he had already lost the ability to resist and was just waiting to die.

“How many words are there on him!?”

“This person has comprehend at least 20 Taoist texts!”

Different from Ye’er, Bai Hua and Qin Yijing’s short-term astonishment, their gazes looking towards Chu Yan completely changed.

Although they were also extremely shocked, they had guessed that Chu Yan possessed an incomparable amount of Taoism in his body, and in this relic, Taoism was strength.

This kind of transformation is not easy. Before entering the ruins, everyone compared the realm and the cultivation base, but after arriving here, the original realm and the cultivation base have no meaning. Only Daowen is the real battle strength.

This requires adaptation, and in the process of adaptation, there will be a process of shock such as Bai Hua and Qin Yijing.

“The real genius!”

Tie Ling’s eyes looked towards Chu Yan, but it was shining. Compared with genius like Bai Hua and Qin Yijing, he experienced more life and death, and of course he also paid more attention to life and death. , So he doesn’t care how Chu Yan suddenly becomes genius, he only needs to know that this person can help himself.

“haha, Su Xiaoyou is really deeply hidden, he has a lot of interests, he killed three great monsters in one move!”

For this kind of promotion, Chu Yan just said with a smile “Senior, but I didn’t intentionally hide it, but didn’t expect a few words, just to deal with these three big monsters!”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in the room immediately eyes shined, and their faces showed so that’s how it is.

Just like before, in the great hall entrance, groups of corpse qi and virtual souls appeared, and everyone’s Taoism could cause damage to them. This is a quantitative battle.

Now here, the enemy only has three big monsters. Naturally, it is not a quantity but a quality battle. So impossible is that all Dao texts work. The test is the big monster who came here, whether there are comprehend ones A Taoist text that can deal with these three great monsters.