Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4147

No matter what choice the Lord Tie Ling makes, Bai Hua, who is skilled in layout, will not place his bet on him alone, so when he said this, the other practitioners’ eyes glowed, shouting. It’s heavy.

Whether it is the identity of Tianyin Palace or the treasure of the town palace, for these minor cultivators, there is a deadly temptation.

Ye’er stood there at this time, with a happy expression on his face, and constantly gestured to God Tie Ling with his eyes, and asked him to hurry up.

“ha ha ha, it seems that today is the day when my iron order falls, Bai Hua, and you, if you have the courage, come and try, will my iron order give in!”

This level of plot against is still too pediatric for God Tie Ling. Bai Hua’s nonsense is impossible to believe, but it is hard to say whether others will.

Next moment, the Iron Commander made aura burst out of his whole body, and directly blasted a powerful force towards the two genius who were fighting.

Bai Hua wanted to use other fools to deal with himself, in order to gain time for him to defeat Qin Yijing. Tie made the Lord see through this, so he directly joined the battle between the two geniuses.

With his intervention, the battle between the two geniuses will become more complicated. Between gains and losses, they will hesitate to even display their hole cards. In this way, he can gain more time.

Sure enough, Bai Hua’s entire face turned black when the Tie Ling Lord rushed into the battle. He turned to look towards where Chu Yan was standing, and his brows became tighter.

Don’t dare to hesitate any more, he directly said to Qin Yi in surprise.

“Let’s join hands to kill the old fogey first, and we will split the long blade of Grade 7 equally!”

Hearing this, Qin Yi was surprised nodded without any surprise, a smile appeared on his face.

In the final analysis, he and Bai Hua are the only ones who can join hands. Because they fart and share the same black stock, and the others present, regardless of whether they are qualified or not, they are also impossible to really pay any benefits.


An unobtrusive agreement was reached, and the two jumped out of the battle circle at the same time, looking at the Lord Tie Ling.

“Iron Ling, after all, we have worked together, we will not kill you today!”

Bai Hua coldly shouted and raised his hand to punch out. Almost at the same time, Qin Yijing also attacked with one attack. The two attacks flew towards the Tie Ling Lord.

Of course, Lord Tie Ling knows that the two of them are not at all such a good lord, but this Bai Hua’s gloomy water is just used to bring hope to opponents with words and shake the enemy’s death battle when fighting. Intent Zhi that’s all.

If the practitioners who have no combat experience heard this, they would probably believe some of them. Without the will to fight to the death, they would have already lost the battle.

But Tie Ling Tianzhu has seen too much in the Heaven Realm. Such a small measure has no effect on him. He knows very well that with his strength, he can fight two genius at the same time, except for a fight to the death. Any vitality.

“You will not succeed. When Su Fellow Daoist wakes up, that is when you two have fallen, he has 20 Dao inscriptions. In this ruins, you only need one move to kill you!”

The Lord of Tie Ling was also shocking the two of them. After all, the scene where Chu Yan bombarded and killed the three great monsters before would definitely leave a deep impression on these two people Sea of ​​Consciousness.

“hmph! He will always be impossible to wake up!”

They have seen the formidable power of the altar, so when the altar attacked Chu Yan, they imagined that even if Chu Yan couldn’t kill Chu Yan, it could be hit hard, and even if it couldn’t be hit hard, it would be no problem to delay some time. , And now they are teaming up to kill the Tie Ling Blue Lord, a few moves are enough, in such a short time, everything is over.