Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2926

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7 Kill Divine Tablet and fly back to Yang Xu’s palm, with a roaring giant demon brand on it.

It is the soul that is imprisoned.

“With you, clean up the giant demon next time, it will be much faster.”

“Come out and do things.”

Yang Xu ordered it.

7 Kill the rays of light on Divine Tablet, a group of green souls are suspended in front of Yang Xu.

Yang Xu flicks with the finger, a mass of liquid golden condensed out of thin air, wrapped in that green soul.

“Go, get the valuable treasure of Yuxu Hall.”

The green soul flickered, wrapped in liquid golden, and washed into the ruins.

The Jade Xudian has now been completely annihilated and turned into ruins. Yang Xu is too lazy to toss and hand it to the giant demon puppet.

Not a moment of effort.

A bright golden giant came out of the ruins. His skin was liquid golden, but only covered with a thin layer.

Walking to Yang Xu, the golden light giant exploded, and a pile of Magic Treasure appeared on the ground.

The giant demon soul flew into the 7 kill Divine Tablet.

“The temple, it’s yours.”

Yang Xu pointed to the Magic Treasure on the ground and said to the Dao Artifact Yuxu Temple.

The rays of light of the Jade Emperor Temple were swept away, and all treasures on the ground were collected by it.

“Five Elements Great Dao handed you comprehend, but you have to help me complete a task.”

Yang Xu said.

The Jade Deficiency Temple rays of light flashed slightly, and it was agreed.


Five Elements Great Dao is like a Flood Dragon, wrapped around the Jade-Void Temple, one after another rune and the laws of the Jade-Void Temple begin to interweave.

A lot of information about Five Elements Great Dao has been absorbed by the Jade Temple…

Ascension Sect.

When Yang Xu came back here, it was already a new look, not only Spirit Qi was several times thicker than before.

And every Ascension Sect’s discipline is radiant and full of vitality.

When you see Yang Xu, all of you are full of respect, and the excitement and admiration come out of your heart.

Even Cheng Zheng, since he was picked up by Yang Xu last time, has been quite honest.

Now that he understands Yang Xu’s great contribution to Ascension Sect, he is also convinced of Yang Xu.

“Bai Ling, leave these Magic Treasures and resources to Sect for distribution. In addition…”

Yang Xu handed over the Dao Artifact Yuxu Temple to Bai Ling:

“This Dao Artifact will recognize you as the master. With Dao Artifact to suppress the destiny, the future of Ascension Sect will not be too bad.”

“In the village of Diaolong Village, I also hope that Ascension Sect can take care of Yi 2 .”

The purpose of Yang Xu at first is actually to train a “bodyguard” for Diaolong Village.

Bai Ling looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, full of reluctance:

“Are you … leaving?”

Yang Xu nodded.

“Then tonight… drinking the bar together.”

Bai Ling looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, full of begging.

Beauty and goodwill, Yang Xu could not bear to refuse.

But he did not want to hurt another woman.

There are still many red faces waiting for him to get back.

And there are probably a lot of eyes in Immortal World, start to stare at yourself…

Early morning on the 2nd.

Bai Ling came to Yang Xu’s room in perplexity, and the teenager had disappeared.

Only Dao Artifact Jade Deficiency Temple is left, with rays of light gleaming faintly.

Bai Ling extends the hand, and the Yuxu Temple will automatically fly to her palm.

“Yang Xu just can’t bear to hurt you, he is a good person…”

A thought spread into Bai Ling’s mind.

White spiritual eyes suddenly widened:

“You have consciousness…condense Artifact Spirit!”

Yuxu continent belongs to one of the 9 territories of the Immortal World 3 domain. This piece of continent, cultivation civilization is prosperous, and every year there are many cultivators, soaring into the Immortal World 9 domain.

Yuxu Mountain, Yunxia shrouded, Cangsong Jinbai, Qilin lying stone.

Void Jade Sect on Yuxu Mountain looks very lively today, and a few strange old man faces appear in the great hall.

On the praying mat, there is an old man, white hair and youthful face, eyes staring like stars.

And kneeling in front of him, if Yang Xu could recognize it here, it was the Elders who escaped from the Yuxu Temple.

“Tian Guanlan’s brat, actually died like that? It doesn’t matter if he died, he actually released the underground beast?”

The old man of white hair and youthful face, brows tightly knit:

“It’s really not enough to succeed, but it doesn’t matter if he dies. Even my Void Jade Sect must be contaminated with cause and effect, killing sin…”

Once the wild beast runs out, it will inevitably harm people and kill the 100 surnames of Li Min.

Void Jade Sect can’t afford this debt!

old man frowns tightly, pinching fingers for a while, but complexion slightly changed:

“Huh… That wild beast actually… was removed?”

“What? impossible! The wild beast is so powerful, how can it be removed? Unless…”

Several Elders in the Jade Emperor Palace looked at each other, and they all saw the horror in the other’s eyes:

“Unless that boy is strong enough to wipe out the wild beast!”

“Yes, that boy seems to know the wild beast. He called the wild beast the giant demon…”

old man hearing this, his brow slightly raised:

“Oh? It seems that this young man is not in the first place.”

Several Elder ridiculed:

“How can a person who has a complete Great Dao Law have a common history.”

He didn’t stop speaking.


Outside the great hall door, a sword light rushed into the hall, clang clang clang!

The sword light continually hit the ground one after another, and there were 81 flying swords, which were instantly combined into a sword fan.

“come back.”

A young man in white clothes jumped into the great hall, followed by beckoned, the sword fan flew back, ka ka ka unite two as one, flew into the scabbard behind the young man in white clothes.

“Master, what a genius is so powerful that he can surrender a wild beast?”

White clothes The eyes of young people are shining, Heavenly Hall is full, revealing the exciting Spirit Qi.

But there was a sharp edge between his eyebrows, which made people dare not look straight.

“Qing Cang, how many times have you been told to be restrained! Just don’t listen! Did you write all the 900 large characters you wrote?”

Old man asked.

white clothes Young Tianqing Cang, could not help but sneer, “I wrote, hello.”

He waved it casually, and a stack of large white paper appeared in front of the old man.

old man took a piece of paper, ciii, ciii, ciii!

Every word on the paper contained Sword Qi in the sky and shot towards the old man.

The old man’s eyes glared angrily, and the Sword Qi immediately shattered:

“Nonsense! What are you writing? I let you practice your words to converge, not let you release! You are the foundation of Sword Cultivator, and sooner or later you will be ruined on you!”

Tianqing Cang smiled carelessly, apparently not taking Master’s words seriously, saying:

“Master, I heard that another burial ground appeared in the north, and this time it is probably… the emperor’s burial!”

old man glared:

“Are you able to break into the burial place of the Great Emperor of a generation? Besides, it is ominous for the living to break into the burial ground! Do you want to mix it? Don’t even think about it.”

The old man knows this discipline well.

Tian Qing Cang grinned and stopped talking, but his eyes were spinning, not knowing what to think.

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