Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2927

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The Elders in the Yuxu Hall reported for a while, and left with a wry smile.

The shock that Yang Xu brought to them is really not small, and it will be difficult to digest in 1:1.

Tian Qing Cang’s eyes rolled round and chased out of the great hall.

“Ai, Qing Cang, I hope you don’t blame yourself as a teacher. This crisis can only be resolved by yourself. You can’t have a little reminder for the teacher, otherwise it is heaven defying…

The old man of white hair and youthful face, looking at Tian Qing Cang’s back, in the turbid eyes, suddenly the vision of the stars falling to the earth flashed.

“Several uncles!”

Tian Qing Cang stopped Elder in the Jade Deficiency Hall.

Regarding the title of Tian Qing Cang, the Yuxu Hall was bitterly grinning. When they were in the Yuxu Hall, everyone awed them like gods.

Now here, it is called “uncle”.

It’s no wonder that their idea of ​​cultivation base in Jinque Realm is indeed not enough to see here.

Especially this young man in front of him, so young has a cultivation base of Life Spring Realm, which is comparable to their senior coach Senior Brother.

What is even more rare is that he also mastered the Sword Immortal ability of Major Perfection, and his attack power is extremely powerful!

“What do you need to know? A few of us know nothing.”

A few Elder saw at a glance that Tian Qing Cang wanted to know something.

“Several, may you tell me, the young man named Yang Xu, is he really that powerful, can he be alone and kill the wild beast?”

at this time.

It is 3000 kilometers north of Yuxu Mountain.

With a ray of rays of light shining, a teenager appeared on the ground.

A pair of huge wings behind him, haunting densely packed rune, there is a deep aura of the sea.

Needless to say, the teenager is Yang Xu.

He has the Divine Sword hanging around his waist. The cultivation world where the Sword Cultivator is walking around is not too surprising.

“Is this the jade Xu continent that is full of cultivation civilization? I don’t know if the Yuxu Temple has any connection with this piece of continent…”

Yang Xu sighed at random.

“If you remember correctly, should the tomb be in that direction?”

Yang Xu looked at the north, a flash of thought flashed in his eyes.

“Hey, brat, haven’t learned to control the sword to fly yet? Would you like to buy me a Spirit Beast mount?”

Behind him was a sneaky man, looking up and down Yang Xu, the expression flashing.

Yang Xu smiled quietly and asked with a smile:

“Do I look like someone who needs Spirit Beast?”

The man smiled:

“Young Master, don’t pretend, but when you cultivate to a realm that can control the flying of the sword, you won’t hang the sword around your waist anymore. Look at the young master, the controlling sword, it’s so handsome!”

The man pointed to a young man in white clothes who had just landed, said with a smile.

Yang Xu shook the head, “Maybe, but I don’t need the Spirit Beast mount. You can find someone else.”

He turned and wanted to go.

The sleeve was caught by the sneaky man:

“Stop! Young Master has given you such a big tongue, do you want to leave without buying?”

Yang Xu pupil light flashes slightly:

“Do you still want to force buy and sell?”

The man sneered:

“Yes! You have to buy it today, and you have to buy it if you don’t! Choose one!”

He took out a stack of paper and painted portraits of Ancient Ominous Beast such as Taotie, Winged Tiger, Nine-tailed Fox, etc.

Yang Xu smiled:

“Isn’t Spirit Beast? You are all fake.”

The man glared:

“Fake and real price! If you don’t buy it, leave the sword on your waist!”

He has long seen that the sword on Yang Xu’s waist is not ordinary.

Yang Xu faintly smiled, just about to speak.


The man was kicked and flew out, cold glow flashed, and a flying sword was suspended 3 feet from his throat.

A young man in white clothes, pupil light cold:

“Dare you say one more word, my flying sword will cut off your head!”

The man’s face was disappointed and he didn’t dare to say more.

Pu chi !

The sword light flashed, one ear of the man was chopped to the ground, blood splashed.

“This time spare you a dog’s life, and then hit you to do this kind of hook dang, you will definitely not spare! Get out!”

The man picked up his broken ear and fled in embarrassment.

white clothes The young man was just the morning sun Xu smiled, “Let Xiongtai laugh, there are always some evildoer generations, black me continent Yuxu.”

Yang Xu hearing this, can’t help but raise a brow:

“You know I am not a continent?”

Tian Qing Cang couldn’t help smiling, pointing to the sword at Yang Xu’s waist:

“I have a cultivation base instead of a controlling sword, but I want to have a sword around my waist. I don’t really have a few continent jade.”

With that, Tian Qing Cang grinned:

“However, Xiongtai’s sword is indeed not ordinary. I don’t know if I can see it?”

Yang Xu has a good impression of this white clothes young man. He took off Divine Sword and threw it to him:

“Just look at it, but you have to ask me to drink.”


With a word cry, a touch of Qiuhong reflected Tian Qing’s surprised face:

“This… turned out to be a Dao Artifact! Xiongtai, you just do it casually, carry Dao Artifact around your waist?”

He looked at Yang Xu in surprise.

Yang Xu faintly smiled, drink all the wine from the glass:

“A Dao Artifact only, why not?”

“well said!”

Tian Qing banged the table heavily, and took a drink from the glass:

“Teached! The younger brother’s name is Tian Qing Cang. I don’t know what Xitai calls?”

“Tianqing Cang?”

Yang Xu expression flashes slightly, with a surname of Tian Guanlan?

“A real man can’t change the name, sit or change the surname, my name is Xu Yang.”

“Brother Xu, respect you a cup!”

Tian Qing Cang has a very cheerful personality, and talks with Yang Xu very happy.

I learned from the talks that the destination of the two people was the same, and they all had to go to the emperor’s burial to the north to join in the fun.

2 Meet each other and go together.

At the moment, on the first floor of the restaurant, a horny corner leans against a ragged beggar.

Looking closely, there was a faint ray of Black Qi between his breaths, drilling in his nose.

The sound of the 2nd floor was also heard in his ear by the word:

“Actually it is the discipline of Yuxu Mountain, the cultivation base is not low, at least it is life spring…hehe, this time I can avenge the Second Senior Brother! Void Jade Sect cut me Senior Brother last time, cut you one this time. Outstanding discipline, is it a good deal?”

The beggar’s eyes flickered and ran out of the door.

Yang Xu glanced out of the window and asked inadvertently:

“Brother Qing Cang, Yuxu continent and other cultivation places, is there a beggar?”

Tianqing smiled contemptuously:

“This kind of delicious lazy waste, what to do without beggar? But it is not ruled out, it is a kind of cultivator… Brother Xu, you have an idea, it is better to avoid beggar when you encounter it. A few years ago, Yuxu continent came in a batch Xie Xiu, who specializes in beggar, kills cultivation, and commits numerous crimes!”

Tianqing Cangyi filled with indignation:

“This kind of evil monstrous people should be rid of evil and do their utmost to completely wipe out!”

Yang Xu nodded said he understood.

There was a trace of funny in the eyes:

This Tian Qing Cang, is really young and cute.

Even this edge is too rich, but without this edge, Tian Qing Cang may not have the current cultivation base.

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