Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2928

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“It’s okay, anyway, it’s okay to be idle, let’s see what’s going on.”

Yang Xu glanced towards fagly in the direction of the departure of beggar.

Not expected by Yang Xu.

When he and Tian Qing Cang walked to a valley, the rune was shining in front of him, and an array directly enveloped 2 people.

Tianqing Cangpu light flashed:

“Xu brother said that someone really stared at us. Since the other party dared to start, there must be a lot of assurance. Brother Xu paid attention to the danger.”

He reminded Yang Xu very carefully.

Yang Xu faintly smiled, a flash of funny expression flashed in his eyes:

This Tian Qing Cang got along, it is really good, and the people in the Yuxu Palace, the difference is not small.

At this moment, a black shadow appeared in front of me, one after another array mark flashed under my feet, and it was the beggar that Yang Xu saw.

“You think to kill me?”

Tian Qing Cang pupil light flashed, “I have a grudge with you, it is my Void Jade Sect. It has nothing to do with this friend next to me. How about letting him go?”

beggar sneered:

“Let him go? hmph, now that this Killing Array is activated, don’t kill you all, no one wants to leave.”

Tian Qing Cang’s face suddenly sank:

“Absolutely Killing Array? My Tianqing Cang is really worth you to deal with Absolute Killing Array? It is really an honor.”

He apologized morning sun Xu bitterly smiled:

“I’m afraid it’s troublesome this time, absolutely Killing Array is simply not something we can fight against. It’s almost the same if I use my Master.”

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows slightly:

“They must have killed you and demonstrated to Void Jade Sect.”

Tian Qing Cang was nodded, without warning, a word of light flew out of his palm, and immediately cut towards the shadow.

Pu chi !

Black Shadow was temporarily unprotected and was directly cut into two and a half.

However, the torn black shadow still sneered:

“Ha ha ha, fortunately this is not my main body…I have long been guarding against your sneak attack…”

He didn’t stop speaking.

As you can see in the palm of Yang Xu, the 5-color divine light flashes and turns into 5 Small Snake, directly into the sky.

The next moment.

“Ah… what is this? Let me go!”


Beggar’s main body, entangled with Five Elements Great Technique, was thrown directly at Tianqing’s feet.

Tian Qing Cang looked at Yang Xu in surprise:

“Xu brother you…”

“Some tricks, solve this brat early, let’s hurry.”

The beggar wanted to say something, and there was bitterness in his eyes.

Tianqing Cang was too lazy to ask, sword light flashed, beggar’s head flew directly.

“Let’s go.”

Tianqing Cangdao.

As soon as beggar died, the Spirit Array was gone.

Yang Xu looked at the body, slightly smiled:

“Not in a hurry, this beggar is kind of doorway, almost I even concealed it.”

If he had an eye of 9 hearts, he wouldn’t find this clue:

This beggar was decapitated, but he was still not dead.


Yang Xu waved his hands and Five Elements Great Dao turned into gold flames, wrapping the corpse and head directly.

The other party could no longer pretend to cry, screaming with a broken heart.

“He actually pretended to be dead? He was cut off and still alive?”

Tian Qing Cang was surprised.

Seeing the corpse and head, it was gradually burned to ashes by Five Elements Divine Fire.

Tian Qing Cang looked towards Yang Xu’s gaze, a little more admiration:

“Xu brother, your experience of walking in rivers and lakes is really much richer than mine.”

Yang Xu said with a smile:

“Not too much, I just just noticed it.”

Originally, Tian Qing Cang also believed that he was comparable to Yang Xu. The only difference was that this one had a Dao Artifact Divine Sword, but he didn’t have it for the time being.

Now this matter made him realize that this Xu brother may not be so simple!

“Brother Qing Cang, do you know the tomb that was born?”

2 people talking while walking.

Tianqing Cangdao:

“The tomb is said to be of the emperor’s burial level, and it was buried in a Great Emperor where the cultivation base reached Space-Time!”

In Immortal World, cultivation base breakthrough can be called Great Emperor after reaching the cave.

Unlike Lower Realm’s “mixed cave environment”, Immortal World’s mixed cave environment really controls the power of creation and can create a mixed cave world.

The power of Great Emperor is more deep and unmeasurable. Only by raising the cultivation base to a very powerful level can it stand out and become an emperor without falling down.

The Great Emperor in the tomb, strictly speaking, was not qualified enough. After claiming that the emperor was under siege, struggling on whilst at death’s door fell for a few hundred years.

“Just didn’t expect, this Great Emperor’s tomb, will actually be selected in Yuxu continent.”

Tian Qing Cang felt some emotion.

Yang Xu did not find it strange:

The weak, naturally choose the least dangerous place.

However, by coincidence, he knew a little about the one in the tomb, and he would never choose the unnamed Yuxu continent with his character.

But in the end, the tomb is still here.

“Hope don’t let me down, after all, your fall, and part of my reason.”

Yang Xu secretly said in one’s heart.

The birth of an emperor’s burial caused a lot of sensation in the Yuxu continent.

Countless Cultivators, for the sake of chance, all moved towards the emperor’s burial place, so that when Yang Xu and Tian Qing Cang came to this border town.

There are bustling crowds everywhere, dragon snake mixed, more lively than big cities.

“Brother Qing Cang, you are here too!”

Several young disciples, who are also good at Aura, greeted Tianqing Cang.

But for Yang Xu next to them, they were curious:

“Who is this……”

“Oh, this is a friend I met on the road, Xu Yang Xu big brother.”

“Xu Yang? Never heard of it.”

Several youngsters looked up and down at Xu Yang, “Which Sect is Xu Brother?”

Yang Xu shook his head with a smile, “No Sect.”

“It turned out to be Loose Cultivator.”

The smiles on the faces of several youngsters faded a little, “Which mountain gate is Xu Brother?”

Yang Xu still shook his head, “There is no mountain gate.”

The smiles on the faces of several youngsters disappeared completely.

looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, a little cold:

“Not even a mountain gate, would you come from other continent?”

Yang Xu nodded.

The faces of these youngsters have completely changed, pulling Tianqing Cang aside:

“Brother Qing Cang, how did you meet a foreigner? Even his roots are unclear, don’t you worry about being plot against him?”

“That is, an outside Loose Cultivator, without roots, dare to join the emperor’s burial here, and it must have come to the tomb digging treasure. Brother Qing Cang, you must be careful not to be used by him.”

Tianqing smiled:

“Relax, this Xu brother’s character is very reliable. You…”

“Hmph, you know people but you don’t know! You have forgotten Ye Jiaolong’s lesson? If he had robbed you of your chance, why would you be trapped in a life fountain and hard to break through?”

“As far as I know, Ye Jiaolong has broken through Shoujiang territory a few days ago…”

The voice has not fallen.

A cold voice came over here:

“Tianqing Cang Senior Brother, long time no see, how are you doing lately?”

Tian Qing Cang’s original relaxed expression suddenly froze.

Yang Xu looked at the old man curiously, and saw a man in brocade clothes, who was sharper than Tian Qing Cang, looking at him with cold eyes.

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