Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2929

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“Ye Jiaolong! Don’t go too far!”

Several friends of Tian Qing Cang stared at the young people in the brocade clothes.

brocade clothes youth pupil light cold, expression like a sword swept across these people’s faces:

“What kind of things do you deserve to teach me to do things?”


A terrifying majesty, several people moved towards Tian Qing Cang, suddenly came under pressure.

“Changsheng Realm! You are not the Shoujiang Realm, but you have reached a stronger Changsheng Realm! How is this possible?”

These people were sent by Ye Jiao Dragon Aura, forced deng deng deng to retreat several times in a row, his face full of horror.

It was Tian Qing Cang, who was also forced to look pale with this aura.

Only Yang Xu, expression is as usual, expression stands there indifferently, like a rock, completely motionless.


Ye Jiaolong stared at Yang Xu, and the pupil light flashed slightly, “It’s kind of interesting.”

He scornfully pointed at Tian Qing Cang:

“It’s rare that you have made a friend who is quite good with innate talent, but it’s a pity… I don’t like you!

Ye Jiao’s dragon body twisted, like a Flood Dragon, suddenly the morning sun Xu rushed over, heavy single fist smashed out:

“Give me a sigh!”

Yang Xu expression suddenly became cold:

This Ye Jiaolong had a grudge against Tian Qing Cang, he could naturally see it.

But didn’t expect, that guy’s friend who’s angry with Tian Qing Cang is that’s all, and he is actually going to himself!

Ka ka !

Yang Xu within the body, a burst of energy burst.

The aura that broke the palace broke out.

Several friends of Tian Qing Cang couldn’t help changing their faces:

“This guy is only able to break through the palace? What a joke!”

He and Tianqing Cang are already a few Great Realm apart, even more how is it compared with Ye Jiaolong?

But to their surprise, obviously realm is so low, how can this brat stop Ye Jiaolong’s terrible coercion?

When they were puzzled, Ye Jiaolong already had morning sun Xu hit with a punch.

Sensing aura on the other person, he was also surprised:

“Is there only a palace? How is this possible?”

What makes Ye Jiaolong even more strange is that he is completely blind to the opponent’s details.

It was as if the boy who stood in front of him was not a teenager, but a sea that never looked down.

this moment.

Ye Jiaolong had a bad hunch in his heart, and the fist he smashed heavily couldn’t help but stagnate.

“Get lost!”

Yang Xu coldly shouted, single fist smashed out:


A mountain of illusory shadow shining with 5 colors of light, condensed on his fist face, and punched with Ye Jiaolong, hitting him hard together.

Ka cha !

Ye Jiaolong’s wrist was directly broken.

The whole person as if was struck by lightning, flew out a few meters away, rumble!

Fiercely collapsed a restaurant wall.


all around, all the Cultivators who saw this scene are all simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air:

“This… how is this possible?”

There was no lack of visionary generations on the scene. They clearly found that Yang Xu was only the cultivation base of the palace. However, with one punch, the genius of Changsheng Realm was directly flew away!

This is incredible!

There is a gap of 3 Great Realm from the Palace Realm to the Golden Que Realm, Wheel Sea Realm and Life Spring Realm.

Promoting from life fountain to Shoujiang territory requires a lot of energy accumulation. As for reaching longevity, it requires massive resources to fill.

It can be said that after entering the long life, the power of Cultivator has almost changed in shedding body, exchanging bones, comparable to God!


Ye Jiaolong, Heaven’s Chosen Child, was unable to withstand a single blow in front of Yang Xu!

“Unbelievable! It’s unbelievable. What on earth did that teenager come from?”

“He came with the Void Jade Sect discipline, is it related to Void Jade Sect?”

this moment.

Tian Qing Cang’s friends were all stunned.

They didn’t expect at all, and Yang Xu was able to block Ye Jiaolong’s blow.

And not only blocked, but also punched the other party!

That’s the existence of longevity ah!

For a time.

Tian Qing Cang’s friends have seen Yang Xu’s gaze completely changed.

It was Tian Qing Cang, who had long expected Yang Xu’s power and means. At this moment, he couldn’t help but cred out in surprise.

Then, he looked at Yang Xu’s hand with concern:

“Xu Yang, are you okay? Have you been injured?”

Yang Xu shook his hand casually, “It’s okay, just a punch, what’s wrong?”

His gaze flew to Ye Jiaolong not far away:

“Do you still want to fight? With another punch, I can kill you.”


Ye Jiaolong’s pupils suddenly shrink, looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, full of horror.

But for Yang Xu’s provocation, he no longer responded:

“I don’t need to meet him with meet force with force now! I have my own fortuitous encounter. When I refining all the resources and completely consolidating the realm, you will wait for me!”

“I must kill you, and then dig out all your secrets and chances!”

Ye Jiaolong can have the realm now, which is inseparable from his luck.

But the most important thing is his very ruthless and forbearance!

“let’s go!”

Ye Jiaolong clutched his broken wrist and looked away ugly.

The little brothers around me asked, puzzled:

“Big Brother Ye, that brat clearly has a low realm, why is it so powerful?”

Ye Jiaolong coldly snorted:

“I looked away, this brat is an expert for body refining, and the Fist Art used is also very simple…hmph, if I am right, this brat should have a complete Great Dao Law!”

“What? The complete Great Dao Law?”

A few little brothers flashed shock and greed in their eyes.

Ye Jiaolong’s heart is sneaked:

“Xu Yang, right? I remember you. Your arrival is a gift from Heaven! It is also a test for me!”

Only if I keep improving myself, refining all resources, and raising the cultivation base to the strongest, can I kill you.

And beheaded you, I can get new fortuitous encounters and challenges.

After Ye Jiaolong’s destiny, it is indeed invincible!

You Xu Yang, but a Sending Treasure Boy…

Yang Xu here.

With Ye Jiaolong’s retreat, everyone looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, full of wonder:

“Xu Yang big brother, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful. I punched Ye Jiao Long Zhenfei with a punch, very awesome!”

“Xu big brother, before we had no eyes, offended Xu big brother, and hope Xu big brother forgive me!”

Several friends of Tian Qing Cang completely changed their attitude towards Yang Xu.

The powerful force is respected everywhere, especially when the character is not bad.

Yang Xu casually dealt with several of them, saying that the previous things were not taking seriously.

But in my heart, I didn’t even bother to remember these last names:

These characters are so much worse than Tianqing Canglai, Yang Xu is too lazy to spend that thought to make friends.

“What kind of grudges do you have with Ye Jiaolong?”

Yang Xu asked Tian Qing Cang.

On Tian Qing Cang’s face, a hint of wry smile emerged.

His involvement with Ye Jiaolong is complicated, and it can be said that without Ye Jiaolong’s betrayal.

Now that he has reached the longevity, I am afraid that he is heavenly!

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