Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2930

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Tian Qing Cang and Ye Jiaolong were the best friends. Tian Qing Cang belonged to Void Jade Sect and Ye Jiaolong belonged to Divine Moon Sect.

Ten years ago, two people also participated in a tomb, but it was not the emperor’s burial, but a lower-level king’s burial. The two people did not take it seriously at all, and had the right to play.

Unexpectedly, in this seemingly ordinary king’s burial, an inheritance of emperor-grade was opened.

This emperor-grade inheritance was originally selected as the strongest spirit engine of Spirit Power.

Who knew Ye Jiaolong had seriously injured Tian Qingcang suddenly, causing Spirit Power to suffer greatly.

Ye Jiaolong, as the powerful genius of Spirit Power 2nd, won this emperor-grade inheritance.

Tian Qing Cang, completely missed this opportunity.

Since then, Ye Jiaolong has completely turned his face with him, relying on that emperor-grade resource, soaring up and cultivation successive breakthroughs.

Tian Qing Cang has no accumulation, and is far behind Ye Jiaolong getting angry everywhere, but can’t help it.

In this regard, Yang Xu can only express sympathy.

“As long as you are conscientious, there will always be your chance on the cultivation road.”

Yang Xu patted Tian Qing Cang’s shoulder.

Tian Qing Cang smiled freely, “It’s okay, it must be mine, it should be mine, it shouldn’t be mine, maybe it’s because my Good Fortune hasn’t arrived yet. What’s more… inherited that emperor-grade resource, and did not taste anything good. .”

“Oh? Why?”

Yang Xu asked.

This time it was Tian Qing Cang’s friend, rushing to replied:

“Ha ha, it’s interesting. I heard that the emperor-grade resource inherited by Ye Jiaolong is a method of Ouchi’s general manager. If you want to inherit his Legacy, you have to take the lead…”

Yang Xu’s complexion suddenly became weird:

“If you want to practice this art, you must go to the palace first? Ye Jiaolong is actually a Court Eunuch?”

Several people nodded with a smile.

“Ye Jiaolong is really open-minded, probably thinking about cultivation to the 9th Layer Peak in Changsheng Realm, can he recondense that part…”

Yang Xu is very speechless.

Waited for about a day in the town.

Suddenly, there were shocking energy fluctuations, and they skyrocketed.

“The emperor’s burial is on!”

“Go and grab resources ah!”

Countless Cultivator, crazy moved towards the entrance of the emperor’s burial.

Yang Xu and Tian Qing Cang, they saw a beam of energy in front of them, rising up into the sky, shining 5 colors divine glow.

Several people were dazzled:

“There must be peerless treasure and high level inheritance! Let’s try try one’s luck too!”

They searched towards the sky.

Tian Qing Cang looked towards Yang Xu.

“This brat, after so many years, is still so fond of making superficial articles.”

Yang Xu took the eyes of didn’t know whether to cry or laugh back from that 5-color rainbow column, smiled and nodded:

“It’s okay to touch try one’s luck.”

That brat had bad luck, and cultivation had no major breakthroughs in his life, but he only liked gorgeousness and wealth throughout his life.

After the death, it should have been a great funeral, but in the end, he chose the unremarkable place of Yuxu continent as a cemetery.

What should be the purpose?

Check it out!

Yang Xu and Tian Qing Cang came to the foot of a mountain.

The emperor’s burial place was buried in the hillside and underground, and a rainbow of energy of 5 colors stood at the entrance of the valley.

It also happens to be the entrance to the emperor’s burial.

A large number of Cultivators, all surrounded by the energy column, waited anxiously.

Among them is Ye Jiaolong.

When he saw Yang Xu who were arrive slowly, there was a sneer from the corner of his mouth:

“Lazy and casual, no wonder it’s not a big weapon. This time I must first grab the strongest inheritance!”

Ye Jiaolong firmly believed that there must be a strong inheritance in this emperor-grade tomb.

If it is more powerful than the one he inherited before, he will change the court, not cultivation the inheritance of the chief executive of Laozizi.

The feeling of being empty below is really too special…

Unlike everyone’s anxious and expectant expression, Yang Xu’s expression is always calm and calm, without any anxiety.

This made Tian Qing Cang and a few friends wondering in their eyes:

“This Xu Yang, don’t value emperor-grade inheritance at all?”

“How do you think he is here to join in the excitement, and don’t pay much attention to the result?”

Several people were thinking, and they saw Yang Xu suddenly over the crowd and walked over to the side of the mountain.

“What are you doing he wants?”

Tianqing Cang wondered.

Ye Jiaolong’s eyes could not help being attracted by Yang Xu, and he looked at it suspiciously and alertly.

Many people, waiting a little bit boring, could not help but also looked at Yang Xu.

Under the eyes of everyone, Yang Xu was uninhabited, and came to the entrance of the emperor’s burial, in front of a huge Stoneman statue.

“Unexpectedly, I can still see you here.”

Yang Xu stood in front of the stone statue with a height of 100 meters, his expression full of nostalgia.

Gently stroking the stoneman statue, the one after another knife and ax, the memories flash in his eyes:

6 Golem, has made Immortal World and Demon Race, become terror-stricken at the news of the powerful existence.

At the beginning, Yang Xu was the Xian Dynasty’s southward war and he used 6 golems as weapons to kill Wushuang. How many immortals were killed at the feet of this golem.

Later, Yang Xu established the Immortal Dynasty with one hand and achieved Immortal Emperor Wangye Batu. Then he gave these 6 golems to a younger brother under his command.

Things are changeable, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, the younger brother, has already become the emperor’s cause, and has become a dead bone in the mound.

The existence of 6 golems was put at the entrance of the tomb as a gatekeeper.

“This kind of reckless waste of natural resources, except me, can be done by brat.”

Yang Xu thought in his heart 10000 1000, leapt forward, and in the eyes of everyone’s doubts, he actually jumped on top of the Stoneman statue.

“It’s okay to be idle, talk to you.”

A few 10,000 years ago, Yang Xu did the same. Sitting casually on top of the stone elephant, with an expression and a subtle movement, there might be an Immortal Emperor, a Demon Ancestor, and fell under his feet.

But at this moment.

In the eyes of many Cultivators, Yang Xu is like a lunatic, and actually talked to a stone sculpture.

“Then brat is crazy, actually talking to the stone?”

“It’s just a broken sculpture. Brat didn’t want to go to the emperor’s burial earlier. He even talked to Stone, a fool!”

“Don’t look at that fool, pay attention to the rainbow column, the rays of light are getting more and more blazing, and the entrance should be opened immediately!”

Everyone’s attention, from Yang Xu, soon noticed the entrance of the emperor’s burial.

Ye Jiaolong frowns, after seeing the stone statue for a while, and after not discovering any peculiarities, he returned his eyes to the entrance of the emperor’s burial.

Tianqing Cangpupil light is flashing, always feel that Yang Xu’s move is a bit unusual.

“Qing Cang, give you a gift.”

Yang Xu returned with a smile, holding a table tennis-sized bead in his hand and handed it to Tian Qing Cang.

Tian Qing Cang looked puzzled.

“No need to ask, take it with you. At the critical moment, it may help you.”

Yang Xu smiled meaningfully.


5 color rainbow column, suddenly the rays of light masterpiece, dragon-shaped rune flew out from inside.

“The entrance is completely open! Everyone rushes to ah!”

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