Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2931

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The desire for emperor-grade inheritance made these Cultivators all forget the danger and rushed towards the beam of light.

When they rushed into the beam of light, their bodies were suddenly wrapped in one after another 5-color rune and disappeared instantly.

Ye Jiaolong the name speaks for itself, the whole person turns into a Flood Dragon, imposing manner violently, squeezing the crowd out, rushing into the beam of light first.

Under the influence of Yang Xu, Tian Qing Cang was not at all anxious, and several friends were unable to bear to grab the first go.

Tian Qing Cang smiled, and entered it together with Yang Xu:

“Xu brother, I really admire you, you are so suffocating.”

Yang Xu smiled, “You are not bad.”

5 colors rays of light flashed, rune wrapped them, 2 people disappeared instantly.

Next second.

They appeared on a huge cliff.

All Cultivators are gathered here, across a 100 meters wide crack, facing the opposite bank.

Yang Xu could not help but raise his eyebrows:

This brat really came back to this set.

Of that many younger brothers, this brat has the most tricks.

But the brain is also the smartest…

“Everyone, let me take a step first!”

After a careful observation, a Cultivator stood up and wanted to jump over the 100 meter crack and go to the other side.


He really took a step first

Just halfway through, Cang lang!

A bright blade light is like a waterfall, soaring from the bottom of the crack, in an instant, the Cultivator will be cut in half.

Blood splashed and 2 corpses fell into the abyss.


Everyone couldn’t help being sucked in a breath of cold air, and they secretly rejoiced, and did not venture forward.

Ye Jiaolong’s expression can’t help but be dignified:

“Is there Blade Cultivator in this abyss? Or is it just a mechanism to release blade glow?”

He came to the edge of the abyss, divine glow flashing in his eyes, trying to look towards the bottom of the valley.

However, a strange mist enveloped him, and even though he activated his eyes, he could not see through.

“I’m afraid this level is not so good…who knows there is nothing else besides blade glow?”

Tian Qing was bitter said with a smile.

Yang Xu shook his head, “Don’t worry about this, if you are sure to escape the ray of blade glow, just go. The 1st test will not be too complicated.”

Tian Qing Cang eyes immediately bright:

“Really? How did Brother Xu learn?”

Yang Xu smiled, “Just guess.”

Somehow, Tian Qing Cang has an inexplicable trust in Yang Xu.

Since he said that, Tian Qing Cang observed it with confidence, and could not help but come out of the crowd and came to the edge of the abyss.

All Cultivator, suddenly exclaimed:

“It’s the genius of Void Jade Sect, Tian Qing Cang! Is he going to break into the abyss?”

“I heard that Tian Qing Cang’s technique of controlling sword is extremely fierce. Should I rush over with it?”

Everyone’s comments made Ye Jiaolong’s face steadily change.

He stared at Tian Qing Cang with cold eyes, but found that the other party didn’t even look at him.

Ye Jiaolong clenched the teeth:

“Never let this brat take the lead! The emperor-grade inheritance is mine!”

Hu long !

Ye Jiaolong body moved, and the whole person unfolded in the void, like a Great Peng bird, even flying up, moved towards the opposite side of the abyss.

Sure enough, as expected.

When he flew halfway, a sharp blade glow resembled a waterfall, swept up, and split Ye Jiaolong into two halves.

Ye Jiaolong was already prepared, a cold glow flashed in his eyes, call!

The whole person was in the void, but he moved half an inch out of thin air, dangerously avoiding the ray of blade glow.


He landed on both feet and successfully reached the opposite bank.

“I have succeeded!”

Ye Jiaolong turned his head, and sneered towards the sky:

“I’m one step ahead of you!”

He rushed forward without looking back:

“This emperor-grade inheritance must be mine!”

Tian Qing looked at Ye Jiaolong to take the lead, but not at all in a hurry.

He glanced at morning sun, and saw Yang Xu nodded towards himself, and he couldn’t help calming down.


A ray of sword glow condensed under his feet, holding Tian Qing Cang’s body and rushing towards the opposite side.

The blazing blade glow swept up from the soles of the feet, trying to cut Tian Qing Cang into two and a half, Tian Qing Cang pointed at his finger:


The long sword behind flashed like lightning, and a sudden burst of sound caused the blade glow to be crushed in an instant.

Tian Qing Cang stepped on the sword glow and instantly went to the opposite bank.

Many people could not help but exclaimed, and repeatedly praised:

“It’s a Void Jade Sect disciple! Beautiful hand!”

“It doesn’t look too difficult, I will come too!”

There are several Cultivators, seeing Tian Qing Cang of the Life Spring Realm, all of them can pass.

How could it be that halfway through, when they confronted blade light, the strength of the blade glow was far beyond their imagination.

Pu chi !

They were torn by blade light in half, blood spattered and fell into the abyss.

“This blade glow is very strong, please don’t underestimate the enemy, be prepared to come over! Brother Yang, you can use your light-wing Movement Art with Vault of Heaven Divine Sword, you can pass.”

Even if Tianqing Cang passed, it did not at all move forward anxiously, but turned its head to point everyone.

He turned his eyes to Yang Xu and wanted to speak.

Yang Xu couldn’t help smiling, call!

With a little pressure under his feet, he rose into the air and flew to the opposite side.

“Another act recklessly!”

“That brat opened up the realm of the palace. How dare you take risks? What a joke!”

“That brat is dead! That sabre light in the abyss, the formidable power is very powerful, the golden Que realm can’t withstand it at all, even more how is the palace realm…”

The people shook their heads one after another, regretting it.

Tian Qing Cang and his friends, all stared at Yang Xu with bright eyes:

Somehow, seeing Yang Xu’s so calm and calm look, they were very sure that Yang Xu could pass it safely!

In the complex eyes of everyone.

Yang Xu flew over the abyss, cang lang!

The bright glow of the blade is like Ray of Death, from the bottom up, the morning sun is torn apart.

“coming soon!”

“Dead or alive, look at this!”

“Can Brat really block the palace?”

Everyone’s gaze focused on Yang Xu.

Yang Xu looked at the blade glow, the expression did not change at all, and his golden light flashed, clang!

He actually stepped on the ray of blade glow.

The bright blade glow, in the void, seemed completely unthinkable. He was actually regarded as a stepping stone.

Regardless of how it cuts and how to release the sharp edge, it still can’t cut the bottom of Yang Xu’s feet, the gold glory.

With the help of this step, Yang Xu neither too fast nor too slow came easily to the opposite side.

Pu chi !

The golden light, the brilliant glow of the blade, broke up in midair.


There was a series of inhaled breaths around:

“That brat… broke the blade glow with one foot?”

“My God, is he a strong bodybuilder? Fleshy body strength can actually resist that ray of blade glow!”

“Too terrifying! It’s no wonder that he opened up the palace realm, and he was able to smash Ye Jiaolong in the Long Life Realm with a punch. It turned out to be the body refining Cultivator!”

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