Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2932

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Many people looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, full of wonder.

But more Cultivator, but a little sorry, sneer in my heart:

“Unfortunately, the future of body refining Cultivator is dark. The higher the cultivation base realm, the harder it is for body refining Cultivator to break through!”

“Body refining, there is no future!”

This is almost the consensus view of Cultivation World.

Therefore, even Yang Xu passed the cliff in such a stunning way.

Apart from a little praise, everyone did not feel that there was anything at worst.


Under Tianqing Cang’s enthusiastic guidance, many Cultivators passed the cliff.

Several friends of Tian Qing Cang are persuading Tian Qing Cang to move on.

Tian Qing Cang was not in a hurry.

“Qing Cang, almost, we should move forward.”

Yang Xu said.

People are forgotten animals, especially when facing huge temptations.

So even if Tianqing Cang helped you at this time, when faced with emperor-grade inheritance, everyone might not give you more face.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Tianqing Cangdao.

A few friends of Tian Qing Cang couldn’t help smiling at Yang Xu for a while:

“Some of our Old Friend, wearing their mouths, are not as good as you.”

Yang Xu faintly smiled, but said in his heart:

“That’s because he knows that I’m right. Which is like you, just let Tian Qing Cang go forward and persuade people will not persuade.”

Yang Xu took the crowd and moved all the way forward. From afar, he saw an interesting scene:

I saw a long corridor, all the Cultivators who came here first, all lying on the ground.

They bleed at the corners of their mouths, and their skins are worn away on the ground.

The person at the front is Ye Jiaolong, and he is also the most funny. The clothes on his body are worn out.

A piece of dough, pressed to the side of the ground, was rubbing away to reveal bones.

He crawled all the way and shed traces of blood.

“The gravity of this long corridor is at least a few hundred times stronger than the outside!”

Tian Qing Cang instantly understood.

Yang Xu looked at the embarrassed Ye Jiaolong and couldn’t help but feel funny:

“You came here first, but the result was so miserable.”

Ye Jiaolong sneered:

“You… will be the same… want to go through the long corridor… must be under great pressure… I will always be ahead of you…”

After only saying such a sentence, he felt gasping for breath, some could not bear it.

Ye Jiaolong took a breath, but Yang Yang said with a smile at the moment:

“This is not necessarily true. I want to pass this long corridor, which is definitely easier than you.”


In the eyes of everyone surprised, Yang Xu stepped forward.

Tian Qing Cang’s face couldn’t help changing:

“Xu Brother Yang, don’t take risks! We haven’t figured out where the mechanism is…”

Before the words fell, I saw Yang Xu, the rays of light flashed and buzzed.

His cultivation base of the 2nd Layer was completely sealed, a huge pressure, and suddenly moved towards him, he wanted to suppress him to the ground.

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows, looking towards long corridor up ahead:

Sure enough, there was a square stone, facing the long corridor side.

“That brat, even the town magic stone is willing to take it out, great generosity.”

Yang Xu thought about it, but fleshy body shook suddenly:

Ka ka ka !

The eye of the 9 hearts in Lingfu immediately began to run calculations, and his body burst into a bright golden glow.

There are faintly 9 phantoms of Divine Stone flashing behind him.

“what is that?”

“This young man condensed Fleshy body to such a terrifying realm! Even this long corridor can’t trap him!”

“Too terrifying! Even the long-lived Cultivator can’t resist the pressure, this young boy actually supported…”

Everyone watched Yang Xu, under the suppression of that huge pressure, step by step, expression calmly and calmly moved forward.

Soon, he and Ye Jiaolong crawling on the ground go hand in hand.

Ye Jiao’s dragon eye pearls are almost staring out of their eyes, there is humiliation in their eyes, and some are unwilling:

Laozi took the lead in so many steps, and suffered so much, and finally took the lead. Was it just overtaken?

I am not willing to!

I want to explode!


Ye Jiaolong madly urged within the body cultivation base, trying to resist the pressure and speed up his progress.


As soon as he urged the cultivation base, there was an even greater pressure, moving towards the mountains and mountains as he rolled down:

Ka cha !


One of Ye Jiaolong’s ribs was directly crushed, his organs were squeezed, and a big spit of blood spurted.

Yang Xu looked at him with a smile and shook his head, “tsk tsk, you are still too young. I will take a step first.”

Ka ka.

Yang Xu expression walked forward calmly.

It is easy to surpass Ye Jiaolong, leaving all Cultivators far behind.

Those Cultivators who haven’t entered the long corridor yet, seeing that Yang Xu can resist such terrible pressure only by the power of Fleshy body.

They couldn’t help but sigh:

“I just thought that body refining has no future. Now I see it. It’s a big mistake! ah”

“This is the real use of body refining! I am afraid the future of this young man is boundless!”

In the eyes of the envy and wonder of the people.

Yang Xu took the lead out of the long corridor and came across.

“Qing Cang, don’t you come here first. I look at the mechanism here, maybe it can turn off the horror pressure of long corridor.”

Yang Xu smiled.

Tian Qing Cang suddenly dispelled the idea of ​​going forward.

Many Cultivators who entered the long corridor and crawled on the ground couldn’t help but stop crawling, looking at Yang Xu expectantly.

Ye Jiaolong clenched the teeth, a sneer flashed in his eyes:

“Let’s take a look first? hmph, you are clearly deliberately asking for time!”

He said to several Cultivators behind him:

“Don’t listen to that brat! He clearly delayed his time deliberately, wanting us to fall behind him more! Everyone climbs quickly, using their best efforts, and first pass the long corridor!”

Cultivators who are 4 5 meters behind him, hearing this cannot help blinking:

That’s right, it’s finally leading everyone, how can you give up?


Even if you crush your bones and grind the dough, you have to crawl forward!

Ye Jiaolong and these Cultivators continued to crawl forward, leaving blood-stained traces on the ground.

The following ones stopped and couldn’t help laughing:

Why bother?

10000 Can a teenager really close the mechanism?

“Qing Cang, Xu Yang He…should I really be able to turn off the mechanism? Or we would be too far behind others.”

A few friends of Tian Qing Cang don’t believe Yang Xu very much.

Tian Qing Cang rolled his eyes:

“I don’t believe Xu Yang, then you go to crawl, nothing more than your skin is worn away and exhausted!”

A few friends watched the tragic looks of the people under the long corridor and couldn’t help but fight a cold war

“We believe Xu Brother Yang! He is deep and unmeasurable, he can!”

Seeing that Ye Jiaolong had already climbed 90% of the long corridor, it was only 2 3 meters, and it was about to climb to the end.

His eyes flashed with excitement:

“I finally caught up! Xu Yang, I must exceed you later!”

At this moment, Yang Xu suddenly smiled:

“Okay, the mechanism is lifted, everyone come.”

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