Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2933

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“Really okay? That boy disarmed the mechanism? What a joke!”

All Cultivators looked at the square stone in Yang Xu’s hand.

Just because of a square stone, this corridor has been transformed into Danger Land?

What a joke!

Many Cultivator’s eyes flashed with suspicion, and some were not trusting.

Tian Qing Cang, without the slightest hesitation, walked towards the long corridor.

Yang Xu couldn’t help smiling.

Ye Jiaolong was still screaming at the moment:

“Impossible! This brat must be lying to you, he…”

Before the words were finished, Ye Jiaolong suddenly felt that the horror pressure on him was constantly dissipating.

In the horrified eyes of everyone, the sword light flashed at the foot of Tian Qing Cang, dragging him across the distance instantly.

His body flashed lightly over Ye Jiaolong.


Ye Jiaolong screamed and climbed up from the ground. He paid that many, rubbed away his skin and flesh, and finally climbed to the front.

As a result, Tian Qing Cang exceeded him with no difficulty!

This makes him unbearable!

Ye Jiaolong looked at Tian Qingcang’s back, a glimmer of coldness flashed in his eyes:

“die for me !”

With a big grasp of his hand, an air column condensed in an instant, like a sword, and shot towards the heart of the sky.

“courting death !”

The square stone in Yang Xu’s hand was thrown away by him. Suddenly, a huge pressure swept over to Ye Jiaolong:

Pu chi !

Ye Jiaolong’s whole person, as if was struck by lightning, seemed like a thousand thousand seater to subdue and kill him at the same time. The majestic pressure crushed his whole person on the ground.


His internal organs were violently stunned, and a big spit of blood spurted directly.

Behind him, the Cultivators were all stunned, watching Tianqing Cang’s so relaxed, crossed over the long corridor, and Yang Xu waved the effort to easily suppress Ye Jiaolong.

Where else is there any doubt?

Didn’t see Ye Jiaolong, even a long-lived man, who was beaten down by the boy who was in the palace?

“That boy really has 2 sons! It seems that what he said is true.”

Everyone secretly said in one’s heart.


Ye Jiaolong probably won’t let him go…

At this moment, Ye Jiaolong, the pupil light is blazing, flashing anger and resentment, staring at Yang Xu’s direction.

Yang Xu about this, sneaked:

“Don’t you seem to be convinced yet? Believing or not I will use the town of magic stones to squeeze you into meatloaf?”

Yang Xu lightly hooked his finger, suspended the magic stone in front of him, releasing a more majestic force.


Ye Jiaolong’s high head was also hit by heavy pressure on the ground.

“I served, I served, please spare me!”

Ye Jiaolong shouted repeatedly in the air.

Tian Qing shook his head contemptuously, and was a little bit despised of Ye Jiaolong.

Yang Xu was too lazy to waste time with him, waved it with ease, the Zhenmo Stone flew back to his hands, and disappeared.

Ye Jiaolong stood up, his body shining brightly, his fleshy body shattered, and he recovered instantly.

But with his eyes, he dare not go to see Yang Xu again:

He is afraid that if he cannot to bear and release the resentment qi, he will be picked up by Yang Xu again.

“Tsk tsk, Ye Jiaolong was just picked up?”

“Fake, he must be thinking about finding a chance to break out of that boy…”

“But the young man had the seduce stone in his hand, and the seduce stone was in his hand.

The crowd suddenly discovered that the teenager who had not been put in their eyes now became extremely powerful and arrogant.

Many people looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, full of eagerness.

“If it weren’t for him, we might not have walked this long corridor so easily…”

Everyone said with a smile while advancing.

And the ones who didn’t believe in Yang Xu in the past, now look ugly, and the momentum is slowly recovering from the injury on their body—

Their cultivation base, unlike Ye Jiaolong, did not reach longevity and could be restored instantly.

“Xu Brother Yang, how do you know this town… the town is the culprit?”

Tian Qing Cang feels that Yang Xu seems very mysterious and is familiar with everything here.

“Simple, this emperor’s burial, I once knew.”

Yang Xu said something at random, so he didn’t explain more.

Tian Qing Cang saw this, and no longer asked, followed Yang Xu all the way forward.

Yang Xu’s footsteps stopped suddenly, looking at a square ground in front, and the pupil light flashed:

“How did this Array… appear here? That brat it shouldn’t be interested in this kind of stuff…”

Yang Xu suddenly discovered that this emperor’s burial is not that simple!

I am afraid it is not just the tomb of that brat… Someone has been here and moved their hands and feet!

“The Array in front is weird, please don’t move forward…”

Yang Xu’s words did not fall, Ye Jiao’s dragon body flashed, and he surpassed him to go forward.

The burning rays of light flashed in his eyes:

“Opportunity! This is my opportunity! Ha ha, fortunately, before I came, I had prepared for the defense of Array. As long as there was a heavenly umbrella, all Array would not threaten me!”

At the top of Ye Jiao’s faucet, a treasure light flickered, the heavenly umbrella rose up, and dropped one after another dragon-shaped rune, winding him all over.

Suddenly, an aura that isolates everything surrounds Ye Jiaolong’s body, and he rushes towards the array.

Behind him, the eyes of everyone gathered on Yang Xu. Unconsciously, what Yang Xu did seems to have become the benchmark for everyone.

They were approaching, and Yang Xu looked at Ye Jiaolong’s back with contempt:


Yang Xu casually sneaked and said nothing, quietly watching Ye Jiaolong, rushing towards the array.

“I don’t believe in mysteriousness, so I can penetrate my defense no matter how powerful the array is!”

“Yes! We can’t fall behind Ye Jiaolong too much, go!”

Several Cultivators, who couldn’t resist it, believed that they had the means to defend against Array, and they also activated treasure light, followed Ye Jiaolong, and rushed towards that array.

“One, two, three, four, five, it’s just right.”

Yang Xu sighed and watched the 5 guys rush into the array.

Suddenly, mutation suddenly emerged:

yin ang!

Since the dragon roar suddenly burst out in that array, 5 rune giant dragons suddenly emerged from the void, and will get Ye Jiaolong’s 5 people, bound and bound.

“Impossible! My heavenly umbrella can defend against all arrays!”

There is an incredible expression on Ye Jiaolong’s face, and his heavenly umbrella can’t completely stop these dragon-shaped runes.

The four Cultivators behind him have also been entangled by rune successively, showing panic on their faces:

“If I knew this, I should listen to Yang Xu, now we have bad luck!”

Yang Xu sneered:

Bad luck ?

You may not have this chance. 5 ghosts and 7 demons are not triggered. Once triggered, at least 5 lives are required to fill it!

In short, these 5 people will definitely die!

pu pu ……

It seems to confirm Yang Xu’s words. Except for Ye Jiaolong, the Cultivator, which was entangled by the dragon-shaped rune, has been torn apart, and the flesh and blood are scattered on the ground. The ground flashes million rune and instantly absorbs it cleanly!

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