Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2935

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Just when Yang Xu spoke.

That 5 ghost shadow, has already killed several Cultivator, they were lingering one after another blood-reeking qi, suddenly, unite two as one, turned into a group of blood cells that wriggled continuously.

Yang Xu’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly:

“Let’s go, 5 ghosts are going to become 7 demons, and it will be more difficult to follow.”

He took Tian Qing Cang and several friends and walked forward.

Behind the blood cells are divided into 7, blood light is shining, and it turns into 7 bloody demon heads, just like a giant Spirit God, 4 places to fight and capture Cultivator.

“There is still a powerhouse ahead of us, one step late.”

Tian Qing Cang’s friend sighed.

Yang Xu didn’t speak, only looked at the long corridor all around.

Tian Qing Cang sighed:

“We can have the speed now, thanks to Brother Xu Yang. Without him, I’m afraid we can’t get in at all.”

Not only that.

I’m afraid that this emperor’s burial inheritance was really taken away by Ye Jiaolong.

Now he has at least a chance to compete.

“Look, what is that!”

Suddenly, the front was bright and seemed to be the end of the long corridor.

The crowd came quickly, and could not help but stunned:

The tomb is in the belly of a large mountain, and in front of a huge space, the top of the mountain wall has been hollowed out, forming a vertical passage, with rays of light hanging down from the outside.

But this has not surprised everyone.

What really changed their expression is that there are 1000 myriad rules that converge into a waterfall that falls with the rays of light.

In addition to this rule waterfall, not at all road ahead.

This reminds Yang Xu of Water Curtain Cave, saying:

“Which of your pupils can see through the scene behind this waterfall of law?”

Everyone tried it one after another, and could not help shaking his head with a wry smile, “These laws are so powerful that I cannot see through them.”

“I can’t see through…”

Tianqing Cang cleared the teeth, “I’ll try it!”

He with both eyes flashed a sword-shaped rune, and two pupils oozed a trace of blood.

His eyes shot like a flying sword, and he instantly penetrated the waterfall of the law. Suddenly, the scene behind the waterfall fell into his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I can’t see clearly either.”

Tian Qing Cang said regretfully to everyone, but at the same time quickly followed Yang Xu sound transmission:

“Xu Brother Yang, I see it clearly. Behind that waterfall is a cave. I don’t know where it leads, but there is a strong power fluctuation!”

“I’m afraid that Ye Jiaolong has already entered, and has fought against the unknown existence…”

Tianqing Cang is not a good old man, and the news in exchange for his own price will not be shared with others for free.

But Yang Xu is not here.

“It seems that I have to find a way to pass this law waterfall.”

Yang Xu took out the town demon stone, a mystery aura of found mystery, suddenly all around Cultivator, all changed:

“Xu Yang, what do you want to do?”

They were worried that Yang Xu would shoot them.

Yang Xu was too lazy to take care of them, and stepped closer to the Fa waterfall.

Suddenly, a surging force of surging force squeezed out from the morning sun, and there were traces of temptation, destruction, and fallen aura.

The laws of Immortal World are all born from the inheritance of Heaven and Earth, which is the most powerful existence. There is no comparability with the laws of Lower Realm.

“This law waterfall contains all negative energy, but it takes a lot of energy to collect so many negative laws. With my understanding of the brat, his temperament is disdain to do such trivial things.”

Yang Xu secretly said in one’s heart.

Even the treasure like 6 golems, who can throw out the goalkeeper, how can they be stingy with power and arrange such a time-consuming obstacle?

“go with.”

Yang Xu threw the town magic stone at the waterfall of law, and a mass of translucent energy suddenly wrapped the town magic stone and rushed towards the waterfall of law.

Everyone’s eyes looked forward to the town of magic stones.

However, just as the Town Devil Stone was about to come into contact with the waterfall of law, a gold rays of light flashed, Eyah!

Accompanied by a piercing eagle cry, a golden wings Great Peng bird condensed in the void, and the claws of steel casting grabbed the town’s magic stone.

Everyone’s expression can’t be changed:

“Oops, the Town Devil Stone can’t come near!”

“That Law Falls can actually condense the golden wings Great Peng bird to attack!”

Their expression was bleak:

It was difficult enough to break the law waterfall originally, but now I can’t even get close to it.

How do you play?

Talking about the monster Ye Yelong, how did it pass the waterfall?

Many people wonder.

On Yang Xu’s side, he saw the golden wings Great Peng bird appear, but he seemed to have expected it, and his face was not at all a little surprised.

A wave of your hand, scorn!

A sharp Sword Qi slashed towards the golden wings Great Peng bird.

Tian Qing Cang’s eyes suddenly light up:

“Very powerful Sword Qi!”

Only this move shows Yang Xu’s mastery of Sword Art.

Tian Qing looked at Yang Xu’s waist sword with emotion:

“I don’t know what horror it should be to use that Dao Artifact Divine Sword, Brother Xu Yang’s Sword Art!”

The sword light was like electricity, and it was instantly cut on the golden wings Great Peng bird. The golden wings Great Peng bird uttered a scream, and the captured devil stone suddenly fell off.

What made everyone else change color again was that after Yang Xu’s sword light hit the golden wings Great Peng bird, the path rushed into the waterfall of law.


A touch of almost the same word light, rushed out of the waterfall of law and cut to the place where Yang Xu is.

“This waterfall of laws can actually absorb conversion attacks?”

Everyone could not help but be surprised.

Yang Xu couldn’t help smiling:

“Well done, I’m afraid you won’t shoot!”

His silhouette suddenly disappeared, and the next second, it appeared in front of the sword light cut by Law Falls.


Yang Xu ran out and pinched the ray of sword light directly in his hand.

No matter how struggling the word light is, we can’t get rid of it.

“Tianqing Cang, come!”

Yang Xu pinched the rule of word intent and chopped up to the rule of law waterfall. A crack appeared suddenly.

Tian Qing Cang, who had been prepared for a long time, flew the flying sword under his feet, turned into a light of escape, and rushed to the crack:

whoosh whoosh!

Together with Yang Xu, he entered the waterfall of the law, and the devil stone turned into a stream of light, and followed.

Seeing the cracks of the waterfall fall together, everyone outside was stunned:

I went, so the two went in like this?

This is too easy, right?

A lot of Sword Dao Cultivator was present, there was a lot of learning, and also moved towards the rule of law waterfall to cut out a sword light.

Sure enough, there was a sword light from the waterfall of law, and they came back to kill them.


They didn’t have the means like Yang Xu at all, blood light flashed, these people were directly cut into 2 segments by the rule sword light!


The people took a deep breath and looked at the waterfall of law with envy and jealousy:

They didn’t see how Ye Jiaolong went in, so they had no idea.

However, Yang Xu seemed to enter so easily and freely, which made everyone admired and a lot of exclamation.

In particular, along the way, the incredible means displayed by this young boy all show his extraordinary origins.

“The only one who can fight Ye Jiaolong is probably this young man?”

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