Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2936

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After the waterfall of law.

As soon as he entered this cave, Yang Xu felt the difference in atmosphere.

He was frowned, and the speculation in his mind came back again:

I am afraid that the death of brat is not so simple. The reason why he chose this place as the emperor’s burial, is it in this way to remind us, old fellows, what?

“Xu Brother Yang, did you feel the atmosphere inside, especially surprised? It seems to be the aura of the Great Monster?”

Tian Qing Cang also felt something was wrong.

Yang Xu nodded, did not speak.

2 in the dead cave, all the way along the stealth, suddenly a silhouette jumped out in front of him, pounced on Tian Qing Cang:

“Save me! Save me!”

Ye Jiaolong was covered in blood, with black tentacles and thick thighs, like a python wrapped around him.

The tentacles have been severed, and the wound squirmed out of green blood.

The strange and pungent smell made Yang Xu eyes immediately blink:

This is the Demon Aura!

9 The eye of the heart also began to tremble to warn Yang Xu:

7 There is a trace of fluctuation in the killing monument!

There is an abyss Great Demon in front of you!

“Qing Cang, don’t waste time with him, let’s go.”

Yang Xu’s pace accelerated, and Tian Qing Cang followed.

The blood-stained Ye Jiaolong suddenly shouted:

“You don’t care about me, I won’t make you happy! No one wants to get the emperor’s burial inheritance!”

Ye Jiaolong rushed towards the sky madly.

Yang Xu pupil light shot coldly with a palm towards his back. Suddenly, a wave of terrifying power moved towards Ye Jiaolong and ran away.

Ye Jiaolong just felt like he was hit by a head of Ominous Beast and fiercely. Internal organs were twitching madly. The whole person’s face was twisted and was directly hit and flew out:


He directly flew out of the waterfall of law, and fell into a pile of shocked people.

The Cultivators immediately swarmed up:

“It’s Ye Jiaolong!”

“Why did he look so miserable? What happened inside?”

Ye Jiaolong’s face twisted, his body twitched frantically:

“help me……”

The tentacles were wrapped around him, constantly taking his Life Power.

“Ye Jiaolong, if you answer our questions, I will save you!”

Several Cultivators stepped forward, sneaked and said.

When Ye Jiaolong was strong, they were not qualified to talk to Ye Jiaolong at all, but now, they think they have a chance.

“I said! I said everything you asked… There is a powerful Monster Beast in it. It will be dead inside. Xu Yang and Tian Qing Cang are dead…”

Ye Jiaolong’s this remark made everyone’s face suddenly change:

In the emperor’s burial, there is such a powerful monster?

Even the existence of Ye Jiaolong and Xu Yang are not opponents

“What monster is that? Hurry up!”

Cultivator asked anxiously.

Ye Jiaolong smiled bitterly, “Save me first… I can’t hold it anymore… This tentacle…”


The tentacles were torn by Cultivator and cut into pieces.

A Cultivator gave Ye Jiaolong the healing medicine.

After 3 minutes.

Ye Jiaolong’s pale face began to recover, and the fragile aura gradually returned to Peak.


He broke out a thunderbolt loud noise within the body, Spirit Qi all around, moved towards him and came together frantically.

“Ha ha ha, I am back to Peak! You foolish people want to profiting from somebody’s misfortune me? courting death!”


In the cave.

Yang Xu went all the way, the brows became tighter and tighter, and the cold murderous intention on his face slowly gathered.

Tian Qing Cang followed him, and felt more and more that Yang Xu was wrong:

“Xu brother, you… what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I suddenly found a younger brother who was bullied by another Sir. Hehe, what any cat any dog ​​really jumped out of.”

A portal appeared in front of it, with black holes in it and no rays of light at all.

Even with Tian Qing Cang’s sword pupil, he couldn’t see the existence inside clearly.

Yang Xu flashed a touch of coldness, step one stopped:

“There is danger ahead, you can wait here, Qing Cang. The record on the stone wall is a set of cultivation techniques. You can comprehend it.”

Yang Xu pointed to the stone wall of the cave.

Tianqing Cang looked down at it, suddenly eyes shined:

Sure enough, a cultivation technique is recorded on the stone wall of the cave, which looks profound and obscure.

“That Xu brother you…”

“I’m going to look ahead, you will come in later.”

Yang Xu said nothing, and entered the cave only expressionlessly.

Out of trust in Xu Yang, Tianqing Cang sat there immediately and began comprehend the cultivation technique.

This cultivation technique is a Sword Technique, the more compenhend the skyrocket, the more obsessed, and soon immersed in.

The moment when Yang Xu entered the dark portal.

The space in front of him was distorted and fluctuated, and a strange voice sounded in his ear:

“Brat…it’s so bold…to dare to be alone…”

Yang Xu pupil light is indifferent, with a wave of his hand, Five Elements Great Dao soars out like a five-color Divine Mountain, distorting the void in front of it directly and distorting it.

A cobweb-like silver crack, tearing the dark void, “ah!”

A scream came out and the dark space was restored to light.

A Banshee with blood on the corner of his mouth appeared in front of Yang Xu.

Her body is hot, her hands and feet are slender, and charming eyes were like silk, but there are 8 thick tentacles on her head.

The color of one of the tentacles is a little light, and it seems to have just grown out.

It should be the tentacle cut by Ye Jiaolong.

She was looking at Yang Xu in horror now:

“How could you see through my dark space?”

Yang Xu expressionless:

“This kind of effort of jack of all trades was disdained when I was a child.”

That Banshee suddenly looked gloomy, ruthlessly said:

“You trifling a palace, believe or not I immediately killed you?”

A horrible wave broke out in her, enough to compare with the expert of Changshengjing.

A long-lived Cultivator like Ye Jiaolong is not her opponent at all.


She was tone barely fell, a horrible aura of mountains and mountains, suddenly suppressed from above her head, as if the thousand thousand Immemorial Divine Mountain, moved towards fell down.


That Banshee was directly suppressed to the ground.

Yang Xu hooked his finger gently, the magic stone suspended above his head, releasing incredible power.

He expressed lightly, looking down at Banshee:

“Your destiny is destined to perish, but I’m too lazy to do it now and obediently tell the master behind you to come out. You are not qualified to talk to me yet.”

Banshee was crushed to the ground, and the charming face was twisted:

“Human Race…you are in courting death…you will die miserably!”


Yang Xu eyebrows slightly frowned.

pu! Banshee spouted a spit of blood, only to feel that the pressure had skyrocketed ten times, and the internal organs would be crushed and twisted.

“I can crush you into a patty with an expression. How dare you even talk to me like that? Are the Demon Races like you stupid?”

Yang Xu said this.

Banshee complexion greatly changed:

“How could you know my Demon Race? Even Shizun didn’t know our existence, how could you see through?”

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