Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2937

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Banshee tone barely fell, flew upside down, embedded in the cracked void.

“You have too much nonsense.”

Yang Xu said coldly, “Call your master!”

“Ha ha ha, I can’t think of Yuxu continent and you like this, but it’s a bit excessive to deal with a Junior in this way?”

A sound of found mystery seemed to sound at the same time all around.

Yang Xu sneered, “You plot against my little brother, it’s even more excessive.”

At this moment, outside of the passage, the one that blocked Ye Jiaolong’s waterfall of their laws suddenly burst into infinite amounts of rays of light.

The next second, the waterfall of law suddenly turned into a magical rune and flew into the cave behind.

The entrance suddenly appeared in front of the Cultivator.

“Appeared! Let’s go in!”

Cultivator’s eyes were bright and excited.

Under Ye Jiaolong’s feet, there were several corpses lying, just the ones that threatened him.

But he did not rush into it like other Cultivators—

The Banshee he encountered was too terrifying. It was not something he could resist.

These wastes broke into it, it was just dead!

Ye Jiao’s dragon’s mouth horn sneered.

However, after a while, he expected the scream not at all to appear, and with his powerful perception, he heard the sound of admiration faintly.


How is this going?

Ye Jiaolong turned into a stream of light, quickly rushed into the cave, rushed all the way forward, and suddenly saw that everyone was sitting around Tian Qing Cang sitting on the ground.

Tian Qing Cang seems to be settled, within 10 meters of his body, there is a Sword Qi illusory shadow flashing continuously after one after another.

profound mystery The obscure Sword Qi wave, haunting all around, will reflect the entire stone wall brightly.

“That’s… a Sword Technique cultivation technique?”

Ye Jiaolong saw the trace of one after another cultivation technique on the stone wall.

However, strangely, with the constant comprehend of Tian Qing Cang, the cultivation technique on the stone wall is gradually disappearing.

“Good mysterious Sword Art, Tian Qing Cang encountered a great fortuitous encounter ah!”

“Quickly record the following parts of the cultivation technique. Can you understand 10000?”

Everyone quickly looked at the second half of the cultivation technique.

A trace of annoyance flashed in Ye Jiao’s dragon eye:

I obviously came in first, why didn’t I find out before?

Instead, this guy Tian Qing Cang took advantage!

He was reluctant to write down the cultivation technique on the stone wall. He knew that every sentence flashed through his mind and then all disappeared.

Just like those cultivation techniques, there is no general.

He couldn’t remember it at all!

The same is true of other Cultivators, clearly remembered in my mind, and I think about it again, but there is no word left!

“Damn! I can’t learn, and don’t think of gains! Wake me up!”

Ye Jiaolong stepped hard on his feet, and the ground suddenly burst into a crack, just like blade light sitting on the sky, facing Qing Qing Cang, rushing past.


A sword light shone, blocking this crack.

Tian Qing Cang was completely awakened from the comprehend:

“Damn it! Just a little bit, just a little bit, I will be able to sudden enlightenment cultivation technique the most essential part!”

Tian Qing Cang looked towards Ye Jiaolong, a strong hatred flashed in his eyes:

“Ye Jiaolong, you are courting death!”

Ye Jiaolong sneered:

“You trifling a life fountain, and dare to fight against my longevity? You are really boast shamelessly!”

Tian Qing Cang didn’t speak, reaching for the stone wall, and the cultivation technique recorded on the stone wall suddenly disappeared.

one after another Words and images, like a painting, were unveiled by Tian Qing Cang and all printed into my mind.


Along with Tian Qing Cang’s pupil light flashed, an unrolled bolt of white silk-like horror Sword Qi appeared suddenly at 2 meters in front of Ye Jiaolong.

In less than a second, it was already at Yejiao Longmen’s gate:


The fire star burst on Ye Jiaolong’s face, with a golden glow shining, which could block the sword light.

But Ye Jiaolong’s whole person was also hit and flew out a few meters away, and fiercely hit the stone wall of the cave.

“Xu Brother Yang is in trouble…”

Tian Qing Cang suddenly moved his heart and felt inside the cave, and there seemed to be a fight.

He rushed in quickly, and the eyes of the Cultivator flashed behind him, and followed along suddenly.

“Damn! I must not fall behind you!”

Ye Jiaolong’s pupil light flashed and immediately rushed up.

But when he rushed in with the crowd and saw the scene in front of him, he couldn’t help but stunned:

How can this be!

I saw the Banshee who had almost killed him. At this moment, he was suppressed in the void, as if there were invisible nails, and she was nailed there, unable to move even a little bit.

On her side, a black robe silhouette appeared, shrouded in darkness, unable to see his face clearly.

But there was a fierce Great Demon aura that pervaded from all around him.

a ray of magnificent light The dazzling Law Rune dances around his body like a fantasy, which is very similar to the fluctuation of the regular waterfall.

“Is this black robed man the leader of Banshee?”

Ye Jiaolong had such doubts in his heart.

“Are you sure you want to fight against true body?”

black robed man cold faintly authentic, the sound changes mysteriously, as if it sounds all around at the same time.

Yang Xu is too lazy to talk nonsense, the Zhenmo Stone soars directly, and suppresses the black robed man:

“My child’s tombs are all tossed by you. You still have a face to say this? Today, no matter what, you can’t escape.”

Let me see if you guys from the abyss have any means to grow.


The town of magic stone releases the terrifying waves of thunderbolt ocean, huge pressure, such as Divine Mountain overturning, moved towards black robed man rolling over.

Law Rune in front of the black robed man, the rays of light flickered suddenly, a castle rumble stood up, the rune circled around, the law circled, trying to resist the power of the town’s magic stone.

“Fake is fake, even if you take the illusory Great Dao tempering to the point where it looks like real, it will be embarrassing.”

Yang Xu Leng Bingbing’s words made the black robed man stunned:

“You actually recognized the Unreal Great Dao?”

black robed man’s words were not falling, and the condensed castle of the Unreal Great Dao collapsed.

The pressure of the town of the magic stone was like a mountain, and the moved towards black robed man fell down.

“Phantom 7 Magic, Ning!”

The black robed man waved his big hand, and the unreal Great Dao rune was divided into 7 into 7 silhouettes exactly like him.

But these 7 phantoms are surrounded by a ruined aura, which will get Yang Xu’s town demon stone and wrap it directly.


7 The phantom rotates like a black hole, moved towards the squeeze of the magic stone:

Clang clang clang ……

The rotating black hole was cut like a sawtooth on the demon stone, one after another stone chip was cut down and instantly sucked into the black hole.

The crack of one after another was also cut on the town demon stone.

“break for me !”

black robed man loudly shouted, 7 phantom instant unite two as one, in front of the town magic stone, turned into a black giant Spirit God, holding a black giant hammer, moved towards town magic stone fiercely fell down.

“Let him smash it.”

Yang Xu sneered in the corner of his mouth, and his finger moved, the divine glow masterpiece of Zhen Mo Shi!

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