Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2938

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The spiral of gold, which boils above the town of magic stones, is like a gold sun born from the town of magic stones.

With the emergence of that round of the golden sun, the silhouettes of one after another All Gods and the demons kept falling, wrapping the Devil Stone.

At this moment, the Town Demon Stone seems to be the Overlord who commands the heroes, and all God and Demon all obey its commands.

The overbearing unmatched aura made the whole cave into a dead silence.


The dark giant Spirit God phantom, wielding a giant hammer and hit the town magic stone, but has not touched the town magic stone main body, it has been directly blocked by the phantom of one after another God and Demon:

Chi chi chi!

Those God and Demon phantoms, transformed into a bright golden blade-sword with a handle of golden light, cutting towards the Spirit God.

At the same time, the Town Demon Stone leaped into the sky and instantly merged with that round of gold’s small sun.

All of a sudden, gold’s rays of light are like heavy waves, moved towards that black robe silhouette, sweeping past.


black robe silhouette coldly snorted in his mouth, “You still have some means, but unfortunately, if you want to fight against my unreal Great Dao, you still don’t see enough!”

The moment the voice didn’t fall, the black robe silhouette stretched out the right hand, and the finger gently ticked:


The piercing tinkle of torn gold foil swept through, and a golden wings Great Peng bird covered with Golden Feather rushed out of the unreal Great Dao.

It is more than ten meters long, a pair of huge wings spread out, covering the sky and the sun, and the whole cave will be rumbled and oscillated, seeming to collapse.

The wings of the golden-winged Golden Peng bird flicked lightly, forming a gold Divine Feather of 1000 on myriad, like raindrops, hiding the sky and covering the earth and shooting towards Yang Xu.

The crowd onlookers fell into a silence at the moment, and everyone’s face was filled with shock.

They can’t imagine what kind of person can perform such a horrible method?

That illusory Great Dao, there is such a terrible formidable power?

“It’s dead, that Xu Yang is dead, ha ha ha!”

Ye Jiaolong’s eyes were scarlet red at the moment, staring at Yang Xu with anger and jealousy. The appearance of the gnashing teeth could not but tear Yang Xu into pieces:

If it wasn’t for this brat, he had already stepped Tianqing Cang fiercely under his feet, and the inheritance of this tomb was also his!

As a result, everything changed because of the existence of Xu Yang. He was almost killed by the weird Banshee, while Tian Qing Cang robbed him in front and got the inheritance of mysterious Sword Art!

This made Ye Jiaolong want to kill Yang Xu immediately!

“Brother Xu Yang will not be in danger?”

Several friends of Tian Qing Cang, all looked at Yang Xu with concern at this moment.

Up to now, Xu Yang has become the center of several people through his various magical methods. They are very dependent on Yang Xu’s ability and decision-making methods.

“Ready to shoot at any time, 10000 Yi Xu Brother Yang is in danger, we must save him if we die!”

Tian Qing Cang almost gritted his teeth and muttered this remark.

A few friends look at me, I look at you, nodded one after another:

“It’s okay, just spell this one! Xu Brother Yang helped us that many times anyway! We…”


A sharp sword cry sounded, and Tian Qing Cang didn’t wait for several friends to finish. The whole person transformed into a Divine Sword, killing the battlefield of Yang Xu and black robe silhouette.

At the same time, Tian Qing Cang sacrificed the swords of several decades, and also turned into a stream of light, killing the golden wings Great Peng bird.

“Xu Brother Yang, I will help you!”

Tian Qing Cang incarnation flying sword, suspended in front of Yang Xu.

Yang Xu couldn’t help smiling, although with his ability, there was no slight danger to the black robe silhouette, but Tian Qing Cang’s kindness made him warm.

With a slight finger tick, Dao Artifact splits Divine Sword out of the sheath and flies towards Tianqing Cang:

“My sword is for your use, and be careful with the golden wings Great Peng bird.”

“pass it to me!”

Tianqing Cangshi exhibited the cultivation technique learned from the stone wall, and transformed into a fusion with the Divine Sword.

He and Divine Sword, unite two as one, turned into a dazzling divine light and rushed to the golden wings Great Peng bird.

The sword shook, clang clang clang…

The densely packed sword shadow is 1000, and myriad hiding the sky and covering the earth shoots out, and the Golden Divine Feather shot by the golden wings Great Peng bird will be cut off piece by piece!

Ye Jiaolong’s face looked as if he were black:

“How is it possible! How can he block the Divine Bird?”

The power shown by the golden wings Great Peng bird is the Ye Jiaolong in the long-lived environment, and there is no confidence to confront it.

But Tian Qing Cang even casually blocked the golden wings Great Peng bird’s angry blow.

“It must be Xu Yang’s sword! The aura of that sword is extraordinary!”

Exclaimed Cultivator.

Ye Jiaolong’s pupil flashed suddenly, a bright glow flashed in his eyes:

“Wouldn’t that sword be a Dao Artifact? If you can grab it, this emperor’s burial will not come in vain…”

When he changed his mind, the situation on Yang Xu’s side changed dramatically.

Unreal Great Dao The condensed golden wings Great Peng bird, after being blocked by Tianqing Cang, a black robe silhouette flashed a shadow in the eyes, big hand caught, Unreal Great Dao rays of light masterpiece, flashing 5 colors divine The glowing mountains condense from the void above Yang Xu’s head.

A majestic power suddenly moved towards him and rolled down.

Yang Xu saw the five colors of Divine Mountain and couldn’t help but smile:

“This is… Five Elements Mountain?”

all around Cultivator, seeing the 5-color Divine Mountain at this moment is also a strange look. Especially Tianqing Cang’s friends, they know that Yang Xu owns a Great Dao Law:

“How do you think this scene seems familiar?”

Sensing on the Five Elements Divine Mountain, lingering around the Power of Five Elements wave, Yang Xu looked at the black robe silhouette without a word:

This guy is deliberate, right?

Doesn’t he know that I own the real Five Elements Great Dao?

Seeing the Five Elements mountain wrapped around the densely packed Five Elements law, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth energy boiling, toward the subdue and kill.

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows slightly, his hand scratching towards the void, clang clang clang!

The Five Elements mountain suddenly solidified in the void, as if there was an invisible Divine Power, which enveloped it in general, making it impossible to move even a little bit.

In the surprised eyes of the black robe silhouette, Yang Xu flicked his hand, bang.

The Five Elements mountain is like the accumulation of sand grains, and it is easy to break up.

Black robe silhouette eyes shrank, in his horrified eyes, Yang Xu’s hands shone with 5 colors of divine glow, Ling Kong shot towards him and slapped him with a slap:

“Show you the real Five Elements Mountain!”

A huge palm-shaped mountain, all around wrapped with a ray of Five Elements Law Rune, shattered the void, moved towards black robe silhouette, suppressed down.

black robe silhouette complexion greatly changed, and wanted to move his body, but was shocked to find that, no matter how he moved, the shadow of Five Elements Mountain always shrouded above his head…

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