Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2939

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In the horrified eyes of everyone, the condensed five-color mountain of black robe silhouette, as soon as it touched Five Elements Mountain of Yang Xu, it was like a soap bubble, bang, and instantly collapsed.

A huge shadow of death, moved towards black robe silhouette, rolling down, unable to do even dodge:


The earth shook and the mountain quivered!

The whole burial mountain was trembling in rumble, and it seemed to collapse at any time.

The Cultivators in the cave are all complexion greatly changed:

If the mountains collapse, they will be buried in ah!


The black robe powerhouse that mastered the Unreal Great Dao, was it suppressed by the young Xu Yang?

Everyone took a deep breath, one after another horrified glance, suddenly gathered to Yang Xu.

Even a person as proud as Ye Jiaolong can’t help but take a deep breath, looking towards Yang Xu’s eyes, with a little more dignity:

Do you really want to offend such an enemy? If he took away his sword, I am afraid it is the end of irreconcilable!

Strange to say.

Ye Jiaolong has never been like this. He has feared an opponent, not to mention the opponent’s cultivation base realm, which is obviously lower than himself.

When facing him.

Ye Jiaolong always has a feeling of being invisible and very afraid.

On Tian Qing Cang, after the fusion with Divine Sword, Dao Artifact’s horrible formidable power, coupled with the fierceness of his controlling sword technique, almost with no difficulty, suppressed the Golden Wings Great Peng bird.

With the howling sword light roaring, the golden wings Great Peng bird uttered a whimper in the void and was torn into pieces by the sword light, turning into a little golden light and dissipating in the void.


Tian Qing Cang shook his body, original size appear, and took Divine Sword in his hand.

All his friends cast their gazes on him, each and everyone pupil light flickered, full of worship and burning of the powerhouse:

“It’s really unexpected that Brother Qing Cang’s control sword technique would be so powerful! All he lacked was a handy weapon ah! “

“That Xu Yang is really not an ordinary person, so he gave a Dao Artifact to Tian Qing Cang so casually…”

To know.

It was just before they saw that Yang Xu handed the Sky Divine Divine Sword to Tian Qing Cang, and even couldn’t help it in their hearts, and the idea of ​​taking the Sky Divine Divine Sword as their own was born.

After all, that’s a Dao Artifact!

It’s just that Yang Xu is so powerful that they have to dispel this idea:

A person who owns Dao Artifact and a complete Great Dao Law can tell how powerful his background is.

Offending such a person is obviously courting death’s behavior!

Look, that black robe powerhouse dressing up as God, playing the devil, thinks he is awesome, hasn’t it been smashed by Xu Yang?

Five Elements Great Dao The condensed Five Elements mountain directly suppressed the black robe powerhouse, Yang Xu lightly put out a breath, a smile flashed in his eyes:

Is this done?

Won’t it be so weak? After all, it is a Great Demon in the abyss. It has been so ridiculous to plan for so long and be crushed so easily.

Just when Yang Xu thought like this.


The Five Elements mountain that suppressed the black robe silhouette suddenly cracked and cracked.

All the powerhouse hearts suddenly fell:

Still not dead!

That black robe powerhouse is not so easy to kill!

One after another’s looking eyes, like a blazing flame, suddenly gathered back to Yang Xu.

Facing the expression of everyone’s hope, Yang Xu faintly smiled, looking at the cracked Five Elements mountain, a hint of admiration appeared in his eyes:

“That’s what makes sense.”

It would be ridiculous to dare to plan the tomb of my younger brother without beating.

“The next battle may be difficult to control, Qing Cang, please take everyone out.”

Yang Xu said.

“Okay! Everyone follow me!”

Tian Qing Cang without the slightest hesitation authentic.

Regarding Xu Yang’s orders, he had executed without the slightest hesitation at this moment, and several brothers of Tianqing Cang followed him directly out.

On the contrary, there are so many Cultivators, sneering at the neck at the moment:

“Want to lie to you, do you eat the emperor’s inheritance alone? Are we so stupid?”

“Let’s not go! I want to see how terrifying your fight is… maybe I can find clues about the emperor’s burial inheritance…”

This kind of confusing statement suddenly made a lot of Cultivator, and there was a bit of hesitation in the pace.

Even Ye Jiaolong’s eyes flashed a bit of hesitation:

Is it leaving or staying to try one’s luck?

Just leave like this, really unwilling ah!

He looked suspiciously at Yang Xu, and happened to see a sneer in the corner of Yang Xu’s mouth.

“There must be a problem! I can’t just leave. Danger lurks within the riches and honour, without risking the mortal danger, how can I get the real emperor’s burial inheritance?”

Ye Jiaolong’s heart is certain, dismissing the idea of ​​leaving.

Tian Qing Cang left most of the people and left a small part, still searching in 4 places. He wanted to find a cultivation technique inheritance like Tian Qing Cang.

However, not at all the slightest harvest.

Yang Xu, too lazy to talk nonsense with this group of people, the cracked Five Elements Mountain suddenly broke out a series of roars, bang!

A loud noise, sound waves like ripples on the surface of the water, permeated the entire cave. Many ears of the Cultivator were directly shattered, and the nostrils flowed after one after another.

A blood of red rays of light rises from the broken Five Elements mountain like a fountain of flesh and blood.

A thunderous voice sounded in the hearts of the remaining Cultivator:

“Damn Human Race! You are all going to die today!”

Puff, pu…

Many Cultivators couldn’t bear this surging roar, and they were directly shaken out of the blood essence, and internal organs were hit hard.

They face deathly pale, struggling to run out.

However, it is already late.


With the cracked Five Elements mountain as the center, a wave of blood red swept across the cave, bang bang bang!

Those Cultivators, all of their bodies exploded, rolling blood and flesh, swallowed by the blood red ripples, and transported to the center of the position.

Yang Xu saw this scene, the glasses flashed slightly, and a sneering arc appeared in the corner of his mouth:

Altar of flesh and blood?

Is this old-fashioned trick, only the mice that dare to hide underground, finally showing the main body?

“Oh my god, what is that? too terrifying!”

A few survivors, with a powerful cultivation base, resisted the attack of the bloody sound wave, and together with Ye Jiaolong, looked at the gurgling Blood and Flesh Deep Pool in horror.

See one after another blood red rune, drilled from the Blood and Flesh Deep Pool, like tentacles, drilled into the sky.

Banshee, who had tentacles, flashed a frenzy in his eyes at the moment, growling:

“My master, the altar of flesh and blood has been formed. Come to this World and destroy everything!”


She turned into a blood light and merged into the altar of flesh and blood.


The void is like a glass, suddenly broken by a strange force.

A huge arm protruded from the blood red altar.

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