Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2941

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God and Demon formation?

All Cultivators were hearing this, and they all looked at each other, and they all saw the shock in the other’s eyes:

The terrifying existence from the abyss can actually use the power of Array?

The God and Demon formation sounds very powerful. I’m afraid the boy is already bode ill rather than well?

A few friends of Tian Qing Cang couldn’t help expressing some somberly towards Tian Qing Cang at present, some wanted to comfort a few words, but didn’t know what to say.


Tian Qing Cang coldly smiled, looking at the collapsed mountain, the corner of his mouth raised a radian:

“If anyone else, I would really think he was dead, but if it is Xu Brother Yang, I am afraid it is not that simple to kill him.”

Ye Jiaolong’s heart was coldly snorted, but his twisted face couldn’t help but reveal a hint of contempt:

Xu Yang is so powerful?

Can even the powerful existence of the abyss be confronted?

Before he escaped, he clearly saw that Xu Yang was trapped in the magic circle by the giant demon.

Now I am afraid that bode ill rather than well!

Looking at Ye Jiaolong’s provocative look, Tian Qing Cang coldly smiled, throwing Ye Jiaolong aside as if throwing a doll.

Ye Jiaolong was too late to react, and was hit heavily by the ground, which stirred up a large amount of dust.

Through the dust, Ye Jiaolong’s eyes stared at Tian Qing Cang’s back coldly, and because of his anger, his face looked a little too twisted.

“Did he dare to turn his back on himself?”

Ye Jiaolong had anger in his heart, and at this moment, rumble!

In the collapsed mountains, a loud noise of heaven shaking earth shattering suddenly erupted.

Tian Qing Cang and several friends, eyes immediately shined together.

Tian Qing Cang spits out one mouthful of impure air, screaming in surprise:

“I knew that Xu Brother Yang would not die!”

It seems to confirm his general opinion. At the moment when Tian Qing’s words were not falling, a gold rays of light rose into the sky and changed in the sky, revealing the silhouette of Yang Xu.

He walked through the Golden Divine Fire, and the surging energy was like flames, burning around him.

At this moment, Yang Xu is like a god coming to the world. The pupil light is full of looking down, and the void in front of him is like being squeezed against each other by a pair of invisible palms, bursting out one after another spider-like crack.

The peng sound exploded, the void was squeezed and burst, and a huge silhouette flew out of it, staggering in the void, with a face of loose one’s head out of fear, and green blood on the corners of his mouth.

It is the giant demon of the abyss.

At this moment he stood in the void and looked towards Yang Xu with panic and horror, his tone was full of incredible:

“How can you stop the attack of God and Demon formation? What is your origin?”

Abyssal giant demon A pair of dark green pupils flashed faintly green glow, trying to see through Yang Xu’s disguise.


No matter how he promoted the momentum, he could not find any clues.

This kind of action made all around Cultivator change his face one after another, one after another amazed eyes, could not help casting to Yang Xu:

This young boy, even the demon giant demon, can’t help him?

What a joke!

Didn’t you say that even Immortal would be afraid of Demon Qi of the giant demon? Why did this young man look like he would not invade 10000 methods?

Above the void, Yang Xu looked at the giant demon coldly, and the only surprise the other party brought him was probably the so-called God and Demon formation.

I thought how dare to plot against my little brother, how existed, didn’t expect, so disappointing.

“Have you no master behind the scenes? If so, I will send you off.”

Yang Xu’s palms of light flashed, 7 killing monuments came out.

That abyss giant demon pupils suddenly shrink, looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes are full of unspeakable emotions:

“So that’s how it is… that legend is true… 7 The killing monument is in your hands, it seems that you are the son of the destiny carrying the Power of Space-Time…”

“Power of Space-Time? Son of destiny?”

Yang Xu eyebrows slightly frowned, this is the first time he heard it.

In the past memories, not at all the claims about it, but in Lower Realm, Yang Xu saw fragments about the future.

Is it possible that Yang Xu will come out to stir the wind and rain again in the future?

Just as Yang Xu hesitated, the dark green rays of light flashed in the eyes of the abyss giant demon, and a strange mysterious fluctuation emerged from him.

“Human Race, even if I die, you will always bear the curse of Power of Space-Time. Your future is a void, even with everything around you, it will change your destiny and become a non-existent nothing!”

“I am waiting for the day you are destroyed!”

The abyss giant demon said that his body suddenly swelled like a balloon, and in the eyes of everyone’s surprise, a sudden self destruction.

A surging destructive power, with it as the center, diffused all around, and all the mountains where the energy passed collapsed.

Even some Cultivators have been greatly affected.

But Yang Xu and Tian Qing Cang, but they remained unmoved. When all the pressure rushed in front of Tian Qing Cang, an invisible sword light appeared, tearing it directly.

The golden light of Yang Xu shines all over the body, just like a wall, resisting all energy.

The shocked Cultivators, after finally calming down, looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, full of incredible:

“He’s actually forced the abyss of giant demon self destruction, is this too terrifying?”

“What secrets does this teenager have? The legend of the Power of Space-Time, the son of destiny, how have I never heard of it?”

“Is this legend only circulating in the giant demon?”

One after another, the sound of discussion, one after another, inevitably spread to Yang Xu’s ears.

Yang Xu pupil light flashed, but the silhouette of the future Yang Xu once again passed by in my mind.

The haughty silhouette full of killing, tyranny, and negative emotions makes Yang Xu have a sense of irritability.

He vaguely guessed that the abyss giant demon came out of the ban and got rid of the crackdown of the 7 killing monument. Maybe there is a shadow from the future in it.

“If it were you, let them go, it would be a bit stupid!”

In Yang Xu’s eyes, there was a flash of coldness.

And at this moment, among the collapsed mountains, a ray of bright rays of light suddenly erupted, rumble made a loud noise, and a gold building rose from the ground of self abolish ruins.

Ye Jiaolong’s laughter resounded through the void:

“Ha ha ha! I knew that this emperor’s burial inheritance would definitely be mine! I finally found the power and inheritance left by Shizun, Tianqing Cang, you just got an ordinary Sword Technique, but I got All Absolute Art and wealth of Master! My strength and luck will always be above you!”

In the eyes of envy and wonder, Ye Jiaolong turned into a light and flew into the gold building.

However, the peng sound exploded, and Ye Jiaolong was directly flew out of the golden light enveloped by the building.

Other Cultivators, all of them, rushed to the gold building one after another. As a result, without exception, all were bombed.

Yang Xu smiled towards the sky:

“Go, let’s try.”

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