Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2942

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Under the watchful eyes of one after another, Yang Xu led Tian Qing Cang and marched towards the golden light building.

People’s expression flashed, and unconsciously, even breathing seemed to be held, and only a single thought flashed in their minds:

Even Ye Jiaolong was shocked by the gold building, can Xu Yang and Tianqing Cang be?

At this moment, Ye Jiaolong’s twisted face was also full of unwillingness and doubt.

Seeing Xu Yang and Tian Qing Cang, either too fast nor too slow approaching this side, it seemed that they were not in a hurry at all, which made Ye Jiaolong’s heart more and more suffocated.

With a lot of unwillingness and anger, Ye Jiaolong broke out a horrible aura wave of long life around him, and the whole person seemed to become a Demon God, bang bang bang!

The void around him even burst into roaring sounds because he could not bear the terror wave:


The ground at the foot of Ye Jiaolong cracked, and the huge anti-seismic force pushed him like a shell into the gold building.

Ye Jiaolong’s twisted face was covered with determination:

“I must enter the emperor’s burial inheritance, and all inheritance is mine! I want strength!”

Seeing that Ye Jiaolong was getting closer and closer to the gold building, there was a trace of exclamation between the expressions of everyone, looking towards Ye Jiaolong’s eyes, also a little more complicated:

I have to say that there is a reason why Ye Jiaolong can be successfully recognized by that big court Eunuch. This is a toughness and perseverance, which is not comparable to ordinary people.

No wonder he can have such amazing cultivation base now.


No matter how strong the strength and innate talent are in front of the gold building, it seems to be in vain. Ye Jiaolong this time, even if the power is fully open, it can’t be connected to the gold building.

Between the golden light shining, a strange power, like a God giant hand, will take Ye Jiaolong’s body and shoot it directly out!

Pu chi !

Ye Jiaolong’s body crashed into a pool of abyss giant demon self destruction, the blood plasma that was mixed with the abyss giant demon’s corpse.

The crowd could not help laughing, shaking their heads regretfully, looking towards the eyes of the gold building, they could not help but dignified more and more:

It is indeed an inheritance of the emperor’s burial level. Formidable power is so powerful, even if it reaches the powerful existence of the longevity, it cannot be resisted without recognition!

Next, it depends on whether they can do it!

One after another scorching and expectant gaze, almost without exception, all converged on Xu Yang.

Even Tian Qing Cang, who followed him, looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes at this moment, full of endless expectations:

“If Xu Brother Yang can get the emperor’s burial inheritance, then it is really good! If he is recognized, then I am willing to quit!”

For Xu Yang, Tian Qing Cang is truly his own person, even if he was betrayed by Ye Jiaolong before, this time he still firmly believes in his own vision.

In the twinkling of thoughts, Tian Qing Cang came to the gold building.

I saw Yang Xu standing in front of the gold building, the brilliant gold radiance reflected his plain and composed face.

Unlike everyone else’s complicated expressions of excitement, expectation, or jealousy, Yang Xu’s expression looked faint, with no change from beginning to end.

This expression made everyone feel strange:

“Why is he not excited at all?”

“It’s a strange feeling, how do I think he seems to have known this emperor’s burial inheritance long ago?”

“Fuck, won’t he really be recognized by the emperor’s burial?”

In the hearts of the people, the thoughts were complicated.

Tian Qing Cang, who is closest to Yang Xu, is eyebrows slightly frowned at this moment. I don’t know if it is an illusion. It was only at that moment that he seemed to see a trace of recollection on Xu Brother Yang’s face.

It seems to be recalling the past.

This change of expression is fleeting. If he hadn’t been paying attention to Xu Brother Yang’s expression, he wouldn’t find it at all.

“Hehe, I can’t think of seeing you again. It would be the way. I used to think that as long as I exiled myself, all the cause and effect would end here, just didn’t expect, even your little fellow, all fell.”

“Emperor burial-level inheritance? I never did’t expect, you bratty hairy brat, there will be Zhenger 8 when doing this kind of consideration, 6 golems at the door, I have seen you Probably want to use this way, tell me what?”

“I know what you mean by brat, rest assured, the lost fairy dynasty is already gone, and I will not force it, let the name of the burial fairy be completely sinking into history. But, you, Panhuang’s enemies , I reported it by must. I betray the emperor and the leader of black liquid. I will not forgive you. You brat should know that the thing I hate the most is betrayal…”

“Ai, there are a lot of Old Friend, and I don’t know where, but the moment they awakened the 7th monument, they should be able to sense my return… Well, no gossip, your brat has always been a chicken thief, I love to play with some kinky tricks, I believe this temporary sleep, you have also done a good job. Well, I brought your emperor’s burial class inheritance, brought a good seedling, it is very brat to you. Right?”

In Yang Xu’s mind, countless thoughts flashed, and pictures of the past flickered in memory.

Then, in the eyes of the people who were shocked to some incredible, Yang Xu said lightly to the golden emperor-grade inheritance of the golden light:

“Still dressing up as God, playing the devil what are you doing? Obediently open the door and let him in.”

Yang Xu said, beckoning to Tian Qing Cang behind him, beckoning him to come over.

All around All Cultivators, looking at the scene in front of them, were completely stunned, especially the sentence by Yang Xu, so that they could open an egg with their mouths open:

“Did I deafly hear it wrong? That young boy… he even asked the emperor’s burial inheritance to open the door?”

“This must be an illusion? What kind of existence can actually open the emperor-grade inheritance in one sentence? Is this brat taking the wrong medicine?”

One after another questioning and taunting eyes, the morning sun gathered in bits and pieces.

Only Tian Qing Cang, seeing Yang Xu waving at this moment, walked towards him without any hesitation.


At that moment, his heart jumped sharply, and a single thought came out of deep in one’s heart:

Xu Brother Yang must be able to!

Since he said so, he will definitely enable emperor-grade inheritance!

This is an instinctive trust!

And the next everything, not at all disappointed him, just the moment he walked to Yang Xu’s side, the emperor-grade inheritance that flew Ye Jiaolong easily, rune flashed, and a portal appeared like this. In front of Tian Qing Cang.

Everyone is sucked in a breath of cold air:

emperor-grade inheritance, was the boy really called to open the door?

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