Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2943

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At this moment, all people are taking a deep breath, as if they can shock them and completely swallow them.

However, because they were so shocked, they almost all forgot to exhale.

So much so that when everyone opened their mouths and stared at Yang Xu, they suddenly coughed up and felt coughing uncomfortably:

Yang Xu’s shock to everyone is just so amazing.

In the blood of the giant demon corpse, Ye Jiaolong was covered with blood all over his body, a pair of staring eyes, staring deadly at Yang Xu.

Seeing that I had exhausted the Power of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers, the inheritance of the emperor’s burial, which failed to break in, the brat named Xu Yang, just casually said a word, and even let the emperor’s burial open.

Moreover, the recipient of the emperor’s burial inheritance was still Tian Qing Cang, who had never been put in his eyes and had been stepped on the soles of his feet!

Such a huge drop made Ye Jiaolong’s pupils bloody, and the bloodshot burst like a cobweb:

Just before, he was already unable to follow Heaven Qing Cang’s strength, and was picked up by his neck.

It’s just that the other party learned the unknown Sword Technique in the tomb.

If he really inherited the inheritance of the emperor’s burial, how powerful is it? How can I turn over?

Don’t forget, it’s Shizun ah!

The powerhouse that really won the title of Emperor Zun!

It’s much stronger than the inherited inheritance of Court Eunuch!

“Why, why is the person who is recognized not me? Why didn’t I know Xu Yang earlier?”

“Why! Why doesn’t he need to do anything, he just picked up an inheritance of the emperor level? I am not willing to!”

Because of being too jealous and angry, Ye Jiaolong already twisted his dirty face, and it looked even more terrible. In a pair of gloomy eyes, the cold light of the yawning bird flashed.

What he didn’t notice is that as these negative emotions burned and exploded in his heart.

The blood and flesh of the giant demon wrapped around him gathered towards him gurglingly and got into his within the body.


Ye Jiaolong’s body suddenly soared at an alarming rate, blinking to 3 meters high.

The more filthy the demon is, the more uncontrollable Ye Jiaolong’s emotions and thoughts are, and the more irritable, angry, and jealous.

So much so much.

All around, all the blood and corpses left by the giant demon self destruction were attracted to Ye Jiaolong and gathered towards him.

“What’s going on? What happened to Ye Jiaolong?”

“How can those flesh and blood of the abyss demon still move?”

All Cultivators could not help being complexion changed, and they all showed their horrified and fearful expressions.

And just 3 kilometers away from here, a group of Cultivator eyes flashed with doubt:

“What’s wrong with Jiaolong? Is it the signal to us?”

“Right, Ye Jiao Long Mingming said that when he was threatened by the emperor’s burial inheritance or someone snatched it, we would try to help, but now not at all people go against him?”

“Something wrong! I feel that Ye Jiaolong’s life aura is getting weaker… his fleshy body is occupied by unknown existence!

The words of these people have not fallen, all turned into one after another light, and rushed towards Ye Jiaolong.

All Cultivator saw these people, all complexion changed:

“Cultivator of a long life again!”

“Divine Moon Sect actually arranged a backhand!”

“Are they aware of Ye Jiaolong’s accident?”

Everyone was suspicious, watching the five long-lived Divine Moon Sect powerhouse, moved towards Ye Jiaolong and rushed over.

There was a moment of wonder on the people’s faces, unable to understand what happened.

“Brother Xu Yang, what happened to Ye Jiaolong?”

Several friends of Tian Qing Cang looked at Ye Jiaolong’s situation and looked puzzled.

Yang Xu didn’t even frown, smiled and said:

“What can happen is nothing more than a giant demon parasitic nourishment. Just blame Ye Jiaolong himself for disappointing.”

The abyss giant demon eats with filth and anger. Ye Jiaolong’s emotions are probably very unstable, so he is only left by the giant demon.


Now I want to defeat the eroded “Ye Jiaolong”, I am afraid it is not so simple.

Yang Xu smiled at the entrance of the emperor’s burial inheritance.

Tian Qing Cang has already entered the inheritance, the rays of light are shining, the energy is faintly diffused, and no one knows what is happening inside.

Yang Xu watched Divine Moon Sect’s 5 long-term habitat experts, which surrounded Ye Jiaolong’s regiment.

Their faces were full of surprises and doubts, not at all shot immediately.

Seeing Ye Jiaolong’s eyes, the blood red color gradually turned into a dark, as if Bedevilment.

Yang Xu shook his head regretfully:

“They missed the best mobile phone meeting. You guys, be careful not to be affected by the battle over there.”

He casually reminded Tian Qing Cang’s friends.

These people suddenly nodded their chicks pecking rice. Nowadays, for Yang Xu, they are completely convinced and take their words.

“Something wrong! Can’t drag on anymore, do it!”

The five powerhouses surrounding Ye Jiaolong finally realized that something was wrong and led the black clothes man. With a big grasp, the void like a curtain was directly torn by him.

He entered his hand in the sky, and when he came out again, there was a silver tree in his palm.

“It turned out to be Sacred Object of Divine Moon Sect, Moon God Tree!”

“Divine Moon Sect even brought such a treasure to them. How much do they value Ye Jiaolong?”

Everyone lamented again and again, turning pale with fright.

Yang Xu raised a corner of his mouth, showing a sneer:

It is not always right to say that you value Ye Jiaolong. If you really value him, you will have to help each other.

What they really care about should be the inheritance of Shi Zun’s burial.

It’s a pity that I was kicked by myself and setback.

Thinking of this, Yang Xu could not help but looked up behind his eyes, the huge stone sculpture standing at the entrance:

“6 Golem, when I casted you, it seemed that I had borrowed from the Divine Mountain of the sun. I don’t know how your stone Venerable Lord has anything to do with Divine Moon Sect?”

Yang Xu felt keenly that Shi Zun’s brat might have something to do with Divine Moon Sect.

Not to mention, idleness is also idleness, give them some advice, soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed abyss giant demon, always annoying!

In the surprised eyes of everyone, Yang Xu neither too fast nor too slow walked towards Ye Jiaolong.

Several friends of Tianqing Cang couldn’t help but change expression:

“Brother Xu Yang, are we not guarding here?”

Yang Xu didn’t look back:

“Don’t you see that the rays of light of the inheritance of the emperor’s burial have become weak? Tian Qing Cang’s brat has already been recognized.”

Now it is estimated that the power left by Shi Zun’s brat is being refining.

At this time, Divine Moon Sect 5 expert was caught in an embarrassing battle.

Because they found that the Moon God tree of omnipotent failed at this time and could not suppress Ye Jiaolong of Berserk!

“Several, your Method of Suppression is wrong, why not try another method?”

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