Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2944

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Divine Moon Sect 5 powerhouses of long life, looking at this young man who had broken through the palace realm, his face could not help flashing a slight contempt.

But they were pushed back step by step by Ye Jiaolong of Bedevilment and felt a huge pressure.

With the mentality of giving medicine to a dead horse, they asked casually:

“What method? Hurry!”

deep in one’s heart, but it is completely disapproving, a hairy brat, can you have any good ideas?

If they followed Yang Xu into the emperor’s burial inheritance and had seen the means of Yang Xu, they would not think so.

At this time, Yang Xu, with a smile on his face, was not annoyed even if he was despised by these guys, but shook his head with a smile:

“This is one of the shortcomings of you old school Cultivators. If you encounter any problems, you are accustomed to using cultivation base realm and battle strength to measure the problem. You don’t know knowledge and experience. It is also a very important part. Just like the Bedevilment in front of you. Monster, believe or not, I am far easier to deal with him than you?”

Yang Xu’s words made 5 powerhouse look ugly:

Where did brat come out, so not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, how dare they teach them?

If it were not for Ye Yelong who couldn’t resist the Bedevilment, they would have given this brat a lesson.

Looking at the implied anger of the 5 people, Yang Xu’s eyes flashed lightly:

It seems that Divine Moon Sect has gone back more and more in recent years. The older generation’s powerhouse is still this kind of virtue. Even the cultivating Ye Jiaolong and other younger generations are so supercilious.

“Since the Divine Moon Sect brought the Moon God tree, didn’t the Divine Mountain bring the sun together?”

Yang Xu’s light and fluttering sentence made the powerhouse of 5 Divine Moon Sect suddenly change his complexion:

“How do you know the sun Divine Mountain?”

They stared at Yang Hao.

You know, the Sacred Object like Moon God tree is the Sect Protecting Treasure of Divine Moon Sect, and many people know it.

But the existence of Sun Divine Mountain is a big secret that Divine Moon Sect has always kept.

Even geniuses like Ye Jiaolong did not know.

If they are not old enough, they have been guarding Divine Moon Sect for 5 years.

I’m afraid I don’t have the qualification to know this secret.

The young man in front of him was so relaxed and casual, he revealed one of Divine Moon Sect’s greatest secrets. How could he not be surprised?

“Cover the Heavens Hand !”

One of the 5 people tried to extend the hand to go to the void, and suddenly a mysterious force enveloped this space.

Let their conversation not be heard by outsiders.

5 people imposing manner staring at Yang Xu fiercely, with a murderous intention flashing in their eyes:

“How do you know the sun Divine Mountain?”

“Speak your source, otherwise, kill you!”

Looking at the murderous aura of 5 people, Yang Xu is completely speechless:

The threat in front of you has not been resolved. Who gave you the courage to provoke me?

I don’t have any brains at all. Have you lived to the dog at such a great age?

If it was not for the cause and effect of Divine Moon Sect, Yang Xu was really too lazy to care about the life and death of these 5 idiots.

“Less nonsense, if you want to solve this Bedevilment’s monster, you must cooperate with Sun Divine Mountain and Moon God tree, otherwise, if you spend another 100 years, you can’t help this thing.”

Yang Xu’s talking effort saw Ye Jiaolong, who turned into a giant demon, his body energy suddenly became berserk, and a pair of dark eyes pupils locked in a Divine Moon Sect powerhouse:


In his eyes, he even shot a black sword light and beheaded the other side.

“Tain Divine Sword! He still retains the tricks of his life!”

5 people were shocked.

Some were stunned to escape the sword of Ye Jiaolong, and they were shocked to find that the opponent’s various tricks began to be used endlessly.

And the formable power becomes more and more powerful under the increase of the giant demon flesh.

Five people gradually couldn’t resist.

“Don’t wait, take out the sun Divine Mountain first, suppress this thing!”

Holding the powerhouse of the Moon God tree, bite the tip of the tongue and spray a blood essence on the Moon God tree. After a while, the Moon God tree blooms the Immeasurable Light Flower, attacking the Demon Qi of that leaf arrogant dragon for a moment.

Another powerhouse, clenched the teeth, stomped, “Sun Divine Mountain, out!”

Punched hard on the chest, pu’ sound, a thing the size of a peanut, splendid, spouted from his mouth.

When it appeared in the moment of the void, Immesurable Light was like a sun coming, and it was released instantly.

Just a ray of rays of light shielded the screen of the previous “Cover the Heavens Hand” and shattered instantly.

The powerhouse stretched out his hand, and the sun Divine Mountain was spinning in his palm.

However, before waiting for him to speak, Yang Xu beckoned with a smile:

“Little fellow, meet again, come here.”

He seemed to be teasing a pet, randomly hooked his finger at the sun Divine Mountain, a scene that shocked 5 people appeared:

Divine Moon Sect’s Supreme treasure Sun Divine Mountain, actually dribbled round and round and flew into Yang Xu’s hands with great joy.

Not only that, but it was like a small pet separated from its owner for a long time, and finally met again, floating up and down with great excitement, rubbing against Yang Xu’s palm.

This makes the powerhouse of 5 Divine Moon Sect, each and everyone have their mouths wide open, with a stunned expression:

I’m going, are we looking at the tricks?

Dao Artifact of Artifact Spirit was born in this mouth, when was it so cute?

Fuck, in Divine Moon Sect, you are the cold Goddess of aloof and remote. Everyone gives you 3 kneels and 9 knocks to burn incense every day.

If you encounter something, you have to offer you sacrifices, and pray for prayer to get a little power.

It’s like this time, in order to bring the sun Divine Mountain out, in case of 5, it took a whole month for 10000 people to kneel in front of the sun Divine Mountain and burn incense!


Why did you meet a teenager who came out of nowhere and went to lick others like a dog?

This holy woman who has been kneeling and licking for many years has been easily manipulated in front of other men with a sense of drop like a posture, giving the powerhouse of 8 long lives, almost breathless.

But the huge pressure of Bedevilment Ye Jiaolong, the only reason and IQ that still exists, let them stop the urge to break the curse:

This boy…not simple!

If it weren’t for an unusual experience, how could it be so recognized by Sun Divine Mountain?

You know, even Divine Moon Sect’s current Supreme, has to be obedient and small to the sun Divine Mountain, recognized as Junior.

Like this brat, looking at the sun Divine Mountain is almost like looking at a puppy?

“What the hell is this boy?”

The same doubt appeared in the heart of 5 powerhouse.

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