Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2945

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With the 5 Changshengjing powerhouse, the attitude towards Yang Xu changed.

The eyes of other Cultivators, looked towards Yang Xu, also changed completely.

Although they have seen the powerful means of Yang Xu before, they lack the endorsement of the powerhouse. They always have such a luck in their hearts that Yang Xu is just a coincidence.

But now, even the five powerhouses of Divine Moon Sect have recognized the power and mysteriousness of Yang Xu.

What else do they doubt?

“I knew that Xu Brother Yang’s origins are definitely not simple! He might be an ancient reincarnation…”

A few friends of Tian Qing Cang, with their eyes glittering at the moment, looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, just like watching a senior expert who retired from the world.

Sensing the change in the sights cast by all around, Yang Xu didn’t feel anything at all, just looked at the Divine Mountain in his hand, and some of them couldn’t help but remember it in his mind again:

“I don’t know what happened to the Little Missy of Divine Moon Sect, now? With that temperament that Little Missy can toss, it is estimated that he has already freed himself from the shackles of the gods, has he gone freely?

“There is also Wang Zhen, the stupid big fellow, I wonder if Form Transformation succeeded? The demon form Transformation is often the bigger the volume, the higher the difficulty. …”

At this moment, the cry of 5 Divine Moon Sect powerhouse interrupted Yang Xu’s thoughts:

“Senior, hurry up, this Bedevilment guy is getting stronger!”

Holding the powerhouse of the Moon God tree, morning sun Xu shouted.

As soon as Yang Xu expression flashed, I saw that the powerhouse urged the Moon God tree, brushing out the rays of light of one after another silver, blocking the attack of the Bedevilment Ye Jiaolong.

However, Ye Jiaolong’s eyes were scarlet red. With the support of giant demon’s flesh and blood, all kinds of offensive tricks of all kinds and sorts broke out frantically.

I have to say that this brat has also suffered a bit of effort in order to improve his strength. He has comprehend all the attack tricks of Divine Moon Sect.

Therefore, the offensive methods are also endless, and as the integration becomes more and more thorough, his strength has become more and more powerful!

“You have found the wrong way. Since he has Bedevilment, there is no need to keep it. He will be directly killed.”

Yang Xu said, waiting for the five people to agree, he already threw the sun Divine Mountain in his hand to the sky.

Suddenly, the golden-bright and dazzling sun Divine Mountain rises in the wind, turning into a round of golden Great Sun, blooming infinite divine glow.

At the same time, Yang Xu took a hit, and the powerhouse holding the Moon God tree only felt that the Moon God tree in his hand was struggling frantically, even getting rid of his control, morning sun Xu Fei went.

This Divine Moon Sect powerhouse can’t help but look horrified:

“How is this possible? This brat can actually control my 2 Sacred Objects of Divine Moon Sect?”

Divine Moon Sect’s 2 most powerful Magic Treasures are all used by this brat like a finger, this is still good?

If he is hostile to Divine Moon Sect, wouldn’t it be easy to destroy Divine Moon Sect?

The powerhouse expression flashed, and looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, in addition to being amazed, also had a trace of strong fear.

All around, all the powerhouses watching this scene, can’t help but reveal horror and fear.

Yang Xu’s mysterious and incredible means really gave them too much shock.

Even the Divect Moon Sect’s Sect Protecting Treasure, this brat can have the words at hand, take it and use it, then the Dao Artifact that gave birth to Artifact Spirit has no desire to resist.

If this brat has nothing to do with Divine Moon Sect, they will not believe ah!

“This teenager must not provoke, otherwise I don’t know how he died!”

“You must warn the doorman when you go back. This brat is a fierce person…”

at this time.

In the inheritance of Shi Zun’s emperor’s burial, Tian Qing sat on the ground, surrounded by densely packed ancient text, flying around him continuously.

His progress in refining Shizun’s inheritance is nearing completion.

Tian Ao Cang’s aura, almost sitting on a rocket, ascended quickly, and has now reached the longevity.


Compared with Ye Jiaolong’s long-lived environment, Tian Qing Cang’s long-lived environment is obviously different, aura should be more solid and deep.

And in this, there is a sharp pointy aura, which is the original power of Tianqing Cang.

Even if he inherited Shi Zun’s inheritance, he did not lose himself. This is another difference from Ye Jiaolong, who did not recognizing one’s family and changed his temperament after obtaining inheritance.

However, when he was about to come to an end.

From the inheritance of that Shizun, a black glow suddenly appeared.

This ray of black glow was like a cold poisonous snake. It had been lurking before. When Tianqing Cang was at the end and exhausted, its fangs suddenly showed:


Black glow is like rain, covering Tian Qing Cang’s whole body in an instant, his pupils widened, and an angry roar:

“Who dares to invade my Spirit Consciousness? Want to take my Fleshy body, courting death!”

all around Void suddenly twisted, accompanied by Tian Qing Cang’s pop light flashing, one after another Sword Qi condensed out of the sky, moved towards Tian Qing Cang’s mind, and then shot away.

Sword light was like electricity, rushed into Tian Qing’s head, and wrestled with that sudden consciousness.

inside the Void, but a cold voice sounded:

“Trifling ants, but also want to get rid of the fate of puppets? The old man planned for 1000 years, and even Shizun became my chess piece, but you can’t stop it…”

Inheritance Rune wrapped around Tian Qing Cang, black glow exploded, and the light of Tian Qing Cang was seen. It instantly dimmed, and all consciousness was stripped from his body and sealed into a deep corner of consciousness.

In his pupils, flashes of black rune flashed, and the next moment, he stood up:

“It’s very busy outside, Xu Yang? Hehe, this brat is very interesting, even the giant demon I subdued can kill with no difficulty.”

“Let’s see if he is like me…”

“Sky Qing Cang” flashed black light in his eyes, got up and walked out of Shizun inheritance.

On Yang Xu’s side, the Moon God tree was easily recruited, and both hands forming seal were punched into it.

Suddenly, the Moon God tree, which was already aura tyrannical, suddenly had a light of 10,000 zhang, a terrifying aura that threatened 10000 ancient traverses Heaven and Earth, and diffused away.

“This is… Awaken Spirit Sense? That brat forcibly awakened the Artifact Spirit of the Moon God tree!”

5 The powerhouse of Divine Moon Sect, complexion greatly changed:

After so many years, although the Moon God tree has strong formidable power, it has made great contributions to protecting Divine Moon Sect.

But in fact its real formidable power has not been brought into play, because the Artifact Spirit of the Moon God tree has been sleeping.

Sun Divine Mountain, too.

2 Artifact Spirit, which respects Dao Artifact, falls into a deep sleep, and even if they exhaust all the means, they cannot wake it up.

It can be said that there is absolutely no way to take them.

Now, Yang Xu can easily do what they can’t do with Divine Moon Sect!

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