Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2946

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Spirit Sense wakes up two mouths of Dao Artifact, Sun Divine Mountain and Moon God tree, one after the other, suspended above Yang Xu’s head, gold and silver rays of light drop like a waterfall, releasing incredible power.

At this time, Yang Xu, Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Divine Power are surrounded, as if Fighting God is added, the eyes are sacred.

The powerhouses of 5 long-lived habitats all looked silly:

“How do I think he is stronger than us? Obviously he is just a brat that breaks the realm?”

“Unbelievable, this young boy must have hidden the big secrets of the sky, don’t think about it, let’s seize the crackdown on Ye Jiaolong!”

5 Powerhouse is not stubborn. After realizing Yang Xu’s mysterious and powerful, they all accepted their fate.

What if you do not admit your fate?

Even their strongest 2 Sect Protecting Treasure, Divine Moon Sect, was fooled by others with no difficulty.

As for all the other Cultivators who are all around, it is even more needless to say how shocked the heart should be.

Especially the friends of Tian Qing Cang, seeing Yang Xu’s divine might, each and everyone expression flickered quickly:

“Unexpectedly, Qing Cang actually made such a strange person.”

“If he wants to subdue and kill Ye Jiaolong, should he be so easy?”

Watching Yang Xu easily control the sun Divine Mountain and Moon God trees, their eyes flashed with wonder and envy.

And at this time.


The Shizun inheritance behind them was suddenly torn by a stream of Black Qi.

Tian Qing Cang stepped out of the inheritance, and the black rune in the pupil shone, gradually converging to hide.

He came over expressionlessly, and several friends asked in surprise:

“How about Qing Cang, is it a great harvest this time? How much benefit did you get?”

Tian Qing Cang glanced at them expressionlessly, without answering.

A pair of indifferent and cold eyes, but looked at the morning sun Xu, completely ignoring Ye Jiaolong of baring fangs and brandishing claws, the cold expression instantly locked on Yang Xu.


Yang Xu 9 The eye of the heart is softly trembled, a danger warning, and he immediately sensed the expression cast by “Tianqing Cang”.

“problem occurs.”

Just glancing at Tian Qing Cang’s direction, Yang Xu knew that something went wrong with this brat.

“Junior, let’s fight together to suppress this evil barrier!”

Divine Moon Sect’s 5 powerhouse, toward Yang Xu said.

Yang Xu faintly smiled, holding the Divine Mountain and Moon God trees forward, weng weng!

Gold Sun Divine Power and Silver Taivine Divine Power blend together to form a Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart.

The Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart spins, releasing incredible mysterious fluctuations, and a whizzing fly into the air, like a huge Divine Chart, spinning on top of Ye Jiao’s faucet.

A Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute beam of light suddenly shone down towards Ye Jiaolong, and at this moment, oh!

The giant demon flesh attached to Ye Jiao’s dragon body made a melting sound, and Ye Jiaolong also made a wave of miserable waves.

He struggled frantically in the Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute beam, trying to break free.

It didn’t work.

The Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart condensed by the Divine Mountain and Moon God trees is too powerful. There are densely packed Law Rune winding, and the endless divine splendor flows on it, which is unmatched.

In the horrified eyes of 5 powerhouse, the giant demon flesh on Ye Jiao’s dragon body was all stripped.

His violent expression gradually turned into indifference, nothingness, and sluggishness, and finally wa’ed, spouting a big black blood.

The whole person fell to the ground weakly.

“Is this done? Is this too simple?”

All Cultivator looked dumbfounded, completely didn’t expect, Yang Xu could suppress Ye Jiaolong so easily.

5 The expert of Changsheng Habit, but I feel that what suppresses Ye Jiaolong can’t be considered what is really exquisite is the means by which Yang Xu condenses the Sun Divine Mountain and Moon God tree into a Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart!

In the eyes of 5 of them admiring.

Yang Xu beckoned, and the Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart flew back into his hands, dribbled around, and turned into the sun Divine Mountain and Moon God trees again, suspended above his head, and dropped 2 Divine Power waterfalls.

Yang Xu holy light goes around the body, the sun Divine Power and Taiyin Divine Power surround the body, a pair of cold eyes, looked towards the expressionless Tian Qing Cang.

The expression of “Tianqing Cang” was stiff, and his eyes seemed to be dull dead, and he looked at Yang Xu faintly.

“I expected that there are other secret masterminds, but didn’t expect, you not only used the abyss giant demon, but even the inheritance of Shi Zun’s tomb.”

Yang Xu looked at “Tianqing Cang” and spoke coolly:

“The methods of you people are too dirty, disrespectful to the dead, and ruthless to the living, that is, I want to show mercy to you, and there is no reason.”

Yang Xu shook his head helplessly, looking very sorry.

In the eyes of “Tianqing Cang”, a ray of black glow flashed, slowly releasing a ray of black gas from his body, like 8 claw fish tentacles, all around him.

In contrast to Yang Xu’s gold and silver Divine Power, it is in sharp contrast.

“You are a Human Race, but you can master Supreme Yin and Supreme Yang Divine Power, which shows that your innate talent out of the ordinary, is it also a person who has been rehabilitated?”

“Tian Qing Cang” voice was stiff and hoarse, asked such a sentence.

Yang Xu did not answer, but looked at the black 8-claw fish tentacles, and the pupil light flashed slightly.

In one corner of the memory, there were several pictures about to be forgotten. He could not help glancing at the corner of his mouth, and said contemptuously:

“I said that the means are so dirty, it turned out to be your trash.”

“En? Do you dare to disrespect me? I know I am the Lord Spirit Realm, with one hand controlling death and one hand controlling samsara…”

Tian Qing Cang, who was surrounded by Demon Qi, said faintly coldly, but was not interrupted by Yang Xu:

“As far as I know, have you been deported from samsara? It is certain to bring death, but in front of me, you can only bring death to yourself!”

“I disrespect the true body, die!”

“Tianqing Cang” has been able to be sure that the boy in front of him is similar to himself, and he has the other end.

In this case, kill grabbing memory over there!

“Tian Qing Cang” waved a big hand, and a large black crack appeared in the back of the sky, and a tall and strong silhouette came out of the black crack.

All Cultivator saw this, his face could not be changed simultaneously:

“It’s Shizun!”

“Isn’t he dead? How could he be here again?”

One after another horrified glance, to the sky Qing Cang that Black Qi lingers:

“What the hell did he get, can he summon the dead to help him?”

Tian Qing Cang was surrounded by black Demon Qi, his eyes were dark, moved towards Yang Xu a little.

With a loud bang, Shi Zun’s tall body instantly appeared 100 meters away, a punch with explosive power, morning sun Xu faced fiercely.

Yang Xu expression did not change at all, only the fist hit by Shi Zun, gently, the gold’s sun Divine Power was like a wave, swept toward him.

Shi Zun was directly blasted out!

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