Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2947

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The majestic aftermath of energy, centered around Yang Xu, swept all around and blew the Cultivators who were 100 meters away.

The crowd couldn’t help but change one after another, one after another was horrified:

“What’s the matter with Tian Qing Cang? Was a powerhouse occupied the Fleshy body?”

“He just said he was the owner of Spirit Realm, is that true?”

Looking at the gloomy “Tian Qing Cang” and the long-dead Shizun that he summon had released, one after another suspicious in the hearts of everyone.

Shi Zun was attacked and flew by Yang Xu, and his feet were in the void. A ring-shaped ripple appeared in the space. Shi Zun’s hands formed an arc in front of his chest. The space in front of him seemed to be thrown into a stone, and one after another appeared. ripple.

In everyone’s surprised eyes, a huge sarcophagus emerged from the ripples in the space.

Shi Zun gently grabbed that sarcophagus in his hands. The Cultivators who watched couldn’t help but change their faces one after another:

“That turned out to be… a huge bite of Stone Sword!”

The huge sarcophagus showed the shape of a giant sword. Shizun Innate took control of 10000 stones and grabbed that sarcophagus in his hand.

There is a 1000 myriad jun heavy sarcophagus, which is like paper in the hands of Shi Zun.

His figure flashed, appearing above Yang Xu’s head, waving Stone Sword, morning sun Xu fell down.

Suddenly, the void was distorted, making a bang after one another, squeezed and exploded by the huge sarcophagus sword.

One after another sonic boom accompanied by huge pressure, morning sun Xu rolled down.

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows slightly, too lazy to say even half a sentence, moved towards Master, the sarcophagus giant sword that was suppressed, gently flicked.

A loud buzzing sound, the sun Divine Mountain suspended above him, released a ray of gold, this golden light was like a flying arrow, accompanied by Yang Xu’s bomb, and shot towards the sarcophagus giant sword.

It was in the horrified eyes of everyone.

The gold flying arrow collided heavily with the sarcophagus giant sword, and the gold and gray rays of light exploded towards all directions.

Void seems unable to bear this destructive power, making a loud noise, tearing open the void crack of one after another black.

“My God, Xu Yang blocked the man’s attack with just one finger?”

“This Xu Yang is really amazing!”

Not only the audience, but also the powerhouses of Divine Moon Sect, not only stunned.

Along with everyone’s one after another exclaimed, Yang Xu popped a golden glow like a flying arrow off the string, like a hot knife through butter penetrating that sarcophagus giant sword.

With a loud bang, the sarcophagus cracked and exploded into countless pieces, one after another The rock was like rain, bursting towards all around.

Some Cultivators, who had no time to respond, were hit by these stones and were seriously injured.

The expressionless stone statue, with beckoned, all the stones are set in the air, as if there is an invisible force, nailing them in the void.

Shi Zun’s empty gaze, looked towards Yang Xu, waved his hand violently, whoosh whoosh whoosh…

On 1000, the myriad stone was like an arrow, and it shot towards Yang Xu.

At the same time, a Stoneman statue appeared in the broken sarcophagus.

This one statue looks like a terracotta warrior, but a long blade is carried around his waist.

With Shi Zun’s both hands forming seal, a strange rune shot from Shi Zun’s heart towards the Stoneman statue.

The next second, “Shi Zun” burst and burst, at the same time when the burst, the eyes of the Stoneman statue suddenly flashed bright glow, ciii!

A ray of blade light, chopping towards Yang Xu.

“Stoneman is alive!”

“What means is this? Shi Zun’s attack is too weird?”

Seeing Stoneman falling from the sarcophagus, it seemed that he had Life Power, and everyone was surprised.

On the contrary, it was Yang Xu. The expression was always plain and calm and composed. Even in the face of Stoneman’s knife-drawing attack, he did not have any panic and waved easily:


The void seems to be torn apart, with 9 gold Sword Qi, like 9 golden Divine Pillar, standing in front of him.

An expression of Yang Xu, a ray of sword light burst out and collided with the blade glow.

“Dayan Wuliang Sword Qi, go.”

Yang Xu waved his hand, and the 9 god sword light pillars stood in front of him, and he rolled towards the Stoneman rumble directly.

Along with the crowd’s one after another exclaimed, the 9 god sword light pillar will get the Stoneman, which is directly wrapped.

Stoneman held a stone blade, exuding majestic power, and an overbearing aura destroying Heaven and Earth, “cut!”

Stoneman burst into thunderbolt.

In the hand, the stone blade draws a shatter void, forming a white clothes blade glow like an unrolled bolt of white silk. Wherever passed, the void shows a green faintly color, as if petrified, covered with moss.

9 God Sword Light Pillar, at the moment of contact with this white clothes blade glow, ka ka ka exploded, and they were all petrified into 9 stone pillars!

“What is this trick?”

Everyone’s pupils could not help shrinking.

Dead Spirit Realm Lord “Tian Qing Cang”, hidden smile, in his view, Yang Xu has no room for resistance, he is dead.


When that ray of petrified blade glow swept in front of Yang Xu, Yang Xu raised his eyebrows and said lightly:

“Strength is okay, but it’s a pity that after all it is the undead, the dead Shizun has no soul!”


Yang Xu A “san” exit, the sun Divine Mountain and Moon God trees overhead, suddenly turned into the brilliance of gold and silver.

Gold silver shines brightly, condensing into a Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart, like a baggage, directly covering the blade glow, ka ka ka!

Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart baggage is tightened, and the petrified blade glow is collapsed directly, and the shards of dust are like dust, blowing away to all directions.

The Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart did not stay in the slightest, like a light flying out, pu chi made a muffled sound, that Stoneman fell down from the void, gu lu sounded, the stone head slipped off his body and hit the ground.

Yang Xu’s finger lightly ticked, then Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart seemed to have long eyes, moved towards the dead Spirit Realm and flew away:

“Receive my move.”

Too late and fast, Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart exudes the brilliance of gold and silver.


The main pupil of Spirit Realm suddenly collapsed, completely didn’t expect, Yang Xu not only avoided Stoneman’s attack, but also organized a counterattack so quickly.

A group of black Demon Qi, tumbling from behind him, formed a huge Demon Cloud, blocking the void in front of him, with a loud bang, and the Supreme Absolute Chart looming into the Bedevilment cloud.

The brilliance of gold and silver rose into the sky and penetrated the black demon cloud through 2 holes. The black demon cloud wriggled frantically. Behind the main spirit of Spirit Realm, the Demon Qi rolled into the Demon Cloud.

Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart, spinning fast, and stalemate with black demon cloud.

The dead Spirit Realm stared at Yang Xu, and faintly sneered:

“Look at what else you have! Life and death Nirvana!”

Behind the void of Lord Spirit Realm, a Phantom Phantom from Nine Nether condenses out and cuts to Yang Xu!

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