Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2948

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Nine Nether Pluto, slowly walked out of the black mist behind the dead Spirit Realm master.

A black halo floated above his head. The black halo hung down a ray of black Death Qi and gathered in the hands of Nine Nether Pluto, condensing into a black death hook sickle.

Nine Nether Pluto waved black hook sickle, morning sun Xu beheaded, a black crescent-shaped light blade, teaching void, flew in front of Yang Xu.

To everyone’s surprise, this black crescent blade not at all directly attacked Yang Xu.

Instead, he circled around him quickly.

Where the black crescent blade passes, the space is as fragile as tofu, and it is cut directly, the incision is smooth like a mirror surface, and the black void is like blood, spouting out.

Almost in the blink of an eye.

The space around Yang Xu was cut apart by this cut.

Yang Xu clearly felt that the space he was in seemed to be isolated, so much so that the Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart, which is stalemate with the deceased Spirit Realm master, seemed to become sluggish with him. stand up.

As if the communication signal suddenly became worse, intermittently.

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows slightly, and said with a smile, “The means are not bad, but this tone is too big.”

Trifling a black hook and sickle, would you like to enter Nirvana?

too naive.

In the somewhat surprised eyes of Spirit Realm, the space-isolated Yang Xu, moved towards the black crescent blade, gently stretched out 2 fingers.

The surrounding Cultivators, seeing this, couldn’t help but change their face simultaneously, unable to bear cry out in surprise:

“What are you doing he wants?”

“No, would he stop the black moonblade with his hand?”

That’s the cutting edge like cutting tofu, and there are still black dead aura wrapped on it.

If these Cultivators are exposed to a little Qi of Death, they may have an inestimable impact on the future cultivation.

Is this Xu Yang not afraid at all?

People opened their eyes wide and stared at the young boy who always calmly expressed.

Seeing him as if there was no one else, extend the hand, 2 fingers, like a leaf, pinched his hand toward the black moon blade.

Some people couldn’t bear to watch the next scene, they couldn’t help closing their eyes, and imagined the picture of a teenager’s finger directly cut by Moon Blade in his mind.

However, they soon heard a series of exclamations in their ears.

He kept busy opening his eyes, and suddenly saw that in front of the teenager, the pointy black crescent blade seemed to stand still in the sky.

The juvenile’s 2 slender fingers, as if God had grabbed a Flood Dragon, no matter how the black moon blade trembles and struggles, he can’t get rid of the juvenile’s 2 slender fingers.

“This… is incredible!”

Almost everyone’s heart came up with such an idea.

Their morning sun is over there, and they all cast their eyes in incredible surprise, even more surprised than seeing someone grab their hair and lift themselves up.

At the moment of the death of Spirit Realm, Yang Xu was also shocked.

The rolling Demon Cloud in front of him, the Yin-Yang Supreme Absolute Chart that has been madly rotated, left little torn by the crumbling.

The eyebrows of the deceased Spirit Realm twitched slightly, a flash of anger flashed in his heart:

“Damn, how could this Human Race teenager be so powerful? Which powerhouse is his reincarnation?”

The look on the main face of Spirit Realm was suddenly distorted. The eyes in both pairs were originally dark in color. Suddenly, there was a black eyeball and black Demon Qi disappeared.

This is the consciousness of Tian Qing Cang’s main body, competing with him for control.

“suppress for me !”

In the palm of the Lord’s Spirit Realm, a green black rune flashed, and he slammed his forehead. With a touch, Tian Qing Cang’s main body consciousness was held in a corner of his mind.

Death Realm’s main eyes flashed gloomy cold light, and faintly locked Yang Xu:

“Human Race, you don’t even know what kind of existence you are fighting against. Since you act recklessly, then I will send you off!”

“Nine Nether, Pluto, Nirvana on the other side, amulet of life and death, samsara Demon Abyss!”


The Lord Spirit Realm shouted, a circle of black aura burst from his mouth, like a sound wave, pervading all around.


The ground suddenly cracked open, and a pallid skull paw, drilled from the ground, crawled out of the ground and crawled out of a pallid skeleton.

They are haunted by the dead aura, but it is too late to show their power, then Nine Nether is already reaching out:

Pu chi !

These pale skeletons, just like the gravel, were instantly shattered into powder.

The bone powder of white clothes fluttered in the void, accompanied by the palm of Nine Nether, and the bone powder of white clothes quickly gathered towards the black hook sickle in his hand.

Seeing the black hook sickle, one after another mysterious weird rune appeared. They creeped slowly, like tadpoles in white clothes, moving on the black hook sickle.


On Nine Nether, there was a peculiar fluctuation in the Pluto, which made all the space resonate. He morning sun Xu, shot again:

“The big crack of the dead soul!”

black and white Hook sickle, only one wave, rumble!

A huge crack in the space, with the hook sickle as the starting point, moved towards Yang Xu quickly torn over. The scenes underneath and the space in front of him were all torn into two and a half, and a huge crack with a width of more than ten meters appeared.

All Cultivators were stunned by the scene before them.

Looking at the big crack of the black void, the bottom of the black hole is bottomless. I can hear the howling of evil spirits and the sound of 10000 ghosts crying together.

There was a shock in their hearts, and their faces were pale:

“Under that crack, is it connected to Nine Nether Nether World?”

“This means of killing Spirit Realm, too terrifying, is just a Pluto from summon, there is such a means.”

They couldn’t help shaking their heads, and they didn’t like that powerful young man so much:

“Isn’t it easy to block Nine Nether from Pluto?”

A few friends of Tian Qing Cang, you look at me at this moment, I look at you, all saw the anxiety in the other person’s eyes.

They want to go forward to help, but they are very clear that, with their own strength, rushing up is just adding chaos to Yang Xu.

“Let’s find a way to help Qing Cang regain the fleshy body.”

“Yes! I heard that by shouting something familiar with the main body, his consciousness and soul can regain the fleshy body…”

A few friends of Tianqing Cang, quickly recalling what Tianqing Cang is most familiar with, ready to help friends.

On the side of Yang Xu, facing the big crack of the soul that is quickly spreading to his feet and tearing the ground and space together, Yang Xu expression has not changed at all, and is still so calm and comfortable.

He stood there, letting that huge crack spread to his feet, and the black crack that he saw was black, just like the big mouth opened by Ominous Beast, he would devour Yang Xu.

A little golden light suddenly bloomed from under his feet, and suddenly, turned into a palace of golden light 10,000 zhang…

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