Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2949

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Gold’s palace, divine shine myriad, lucky color 1000, holding Yang Xu’s body, slowly rose from the big crack of the black soul.

It is “Immemorial Visualization Divine Law”!

Everyone, all stared wide-eyed, looked at the scene in front of me with incredible imagination.

They were completely shocked by the temple conceived by Yang Xu, especially the sacred aura released by the temple, even if they were as strong as them, they could not help feeling awe from the depth of one’s soul .

It can be said that it is the nemesis of the Innate demon.

If anyone in Yuxu Hall sees the existence that Yang Xu imagines now, he will be absolutely amazed.

Because the temple that Yang Xu visualized was the Yuxu Temple.

However, this aura that visualizes the temple is more powerful than the real jade virtual hall.

“This young man’s method is simply incredible. He is either a real genius or a reincarnation of a mysterious powerhouse…”

“From his knowledge of Moon God tree and Sun Divine Mountain, the latter’s probability is greater. This teenager is definitely related to our Divine Moon Sect.”

The powerhouses of Divine Moon Sect stared at Yang Xu’s side, and the surprised expression on their faces couldn’t hide it.

They were shocked by Yang Xu’s magical means.

Seeing the big crack of the dead soul, suppressed by the gold palace, it seemed to feel provoked. The big crack of the dead soul rumbled and torn the earth again.

It turned into a bottomless rift of the undead, and the black Demon Qi spewed out of the rift.

The dark Demon Qi exudes evil and sneaky negative aura, rumble rolls over like Demon Cloud is born, morning sun and swept away there.

In a flash, the black Demon Cloud covered the sky and surrounded Yang Xu directly.

The Cultivators all around, especially the experts of Divine Moon Sect, all changed their faces suddenly, exclaimed:


“If they are contaminated by those Demon Qi, the young man’s mind may be tainted by Demon Qi, and even a cultivation base will be scattered…”

“It depends on how the teenager will respond…”

One after another worried eyes, morning sun came together.

Unlike what they imagined, Yang Xu expression was calm and calm in the face of the rolling Demon Qi.

He is like a noble God, standing above the gold palace, let Demon Qi swept in.

Seeing Demon Qi rolling, turning into one after another Devil’s Claw, will tear Yang Xu into pieces, weng!

A strand of gold’s rune condenses from the void in front of Yang Xu, and then, 2nd rune, 3rd rune…

In a flash, there are a few 10000000, a few 100000000 rune, flashing golden light emerged, densely packed, turned into a rune waterfall, hang down from Yang Xu all around.

These gold runes radiate bright holy light, shining around the darkness.

All Demon Qi is isolated, and when I run into the gold rune waterfall, it is like Snowflake encounters lava, and the la la disappears!

“It’s a good trick to dissolve ice and snow, this young man really has incredible means.”

“This teenager’s level is bottomless. We were worried about him in vain.”

The powerhouses of Divine Moon Sect glanced at each other, and all smiled.

And the Cultivators all around, could not help being sighed in relief, curious eyes, once again converged towards the Lord Spirit Realm:

What other means does he have?

The teenager is so powerful, will the Spirit Realm Lord give up?

Seeing his own tricks, he was once again blocked by the Human Race teenager and died in the dark eyes of Spirit Realm, a flame of anger was burning.

His cold pupil light stared at Yang Xu, desperate to turn this teenager directly into nothing:

“You really have some means, congratulations, success has angered me! You…”

At this time, Yang Xu did not let the Spirit Realm Lord finish his speech.

He was too lazy to talk to this guy again, wasting time.

A cloud of gold smoke suddenly appeared in front of the deceased Spirit Realm, and a ray of gold smoke converged towards the center, condensing into Yang Xu’s body.

Yang Xu walked out of the gold smoke and stood in front of the dead Spirit Realm, slightly smiled:

“I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry. You have occupied my friend’s Fleshy body for a long time, and it’s not very good for his future cultivation. So…”

“Please die.”

While Yang Xu was speaking, the right hand was deep in the front, with 5 fingers hooked up to seem to grab something, and palms were aimed at the space above Spirit Realm’s head:



A burst of heaven shaking earth shattering, all the Cultivators face changed, only felt that the void in front of them was trembling with shock.


The space above the main head of Spirit Realm suddenly burst into a black crack.

The black crack quickly spread to all around like a cobweb, and with a bang, the space above the main head of Spirit Realm collapsed like glass.

A golden light shining great furnace, with golden flames burning all around, like a flame full of lava Divine Mountain, from the top of the dead Spirit Realm, the town fell down.

It was Yang Xu’s Magic Treasure, the great furnace of flames.

The great furnace of flames descended, suppressing the void to chi chi.

It is like a round of gold sun, burning energy, so that within a radius of a few hundred miles, all fell into a fiery heat.

Almost all Cultivators were shocked by the flame great furnace, each and everyone opened their mouths and murmured:

“And a Dao Artifact… How many methods does this teenager have no use?”

“It’s unbelievable, a little Human Race teenager, there are so many powerful trump cards!”

Even the powerhouses from Divine Moon Sect were shocked by Yang Xu’s methods:

“A Dao Artifact again! The sword he gave to Tian Qing Cang seems to be a Dao Artifact, right?”

“The Moon God tree of Divine Moon Sect and the Divine Mountain of the sun all listen to this young boy…how much Dao Artifact has this boy ever been in contact with?”

They have morning sun, and cast a shocked and curious expression.

At the moment, Lord Spirit Realm, the top of his head was suppressed by the flame great furnace. The huge weight and the scorching temperature made his back bend.

As if there were a thousand thousand Divine Mountain, the town was down, and the huge pressure made him skeleton, clanging.

“Damn, Human Race’s body is really fragile…”

The deceased Spirit Realm Lord regretted that he occupied the skystory’s Fleshy body.

If it was replaced before, when he owns fleshy body, why is he so vulnerable?

The dead Spirit Realm’s eyes widened, his eyes full of unwillingness, and his big hands slammed into the void in front of him:

“Human Race, if you only have this means, it is not enough to suppress me!”

“Immortal skull, come out for me!”

Dead Spirit Realm’s palm gathers a black Demon Qi. Black Demon Qi keeps rolling, gradually becoming transparent. A white clothes skull with crystal clear and near-transparent appears in the hands of Dead Spirit Realm.

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