Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2950

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The moment that that Immortal skull appeared, a cluster of crystal clear and near-transparent rays of light, centered on the Immortal skull, diffused to the surrounding like ripples.

The Cultivators who penetrated the body through this glow of light were all blessed to the heart, and there was a lot more understanding of the Great Dao and the law in the heart.

Yang Xu also came into contact with this ray of ray of glowing light, and a trace of astonished flashed in his eyes:

This is a real Immortal skull!

At the time in Lower Realm, Yang Xu had also touched an Immortal skull, but that was incomplete and not infiltrated by immortal spirit.

The Immortal skull in the hands of the deceased Spirit Realm is obviously the Immortal of Divine Spark. The immortal spirit perception is integrated into every part of the body, so that even his skull can release his understanding of Heaven and Earth Great Dao. .

If this skull is taken by the right path, you can use this medium to increase the speed of your cultivation Great Dao and the realization of Heaven and Earth several times.

It’s a treasure for the cultivators yearn for something even in dreams!


Once it falls into the hands of a demon like Spirit Realm, the consequences will be serious.

heretical path of the devils not only can obtain all the information of Immortal’s life through some special means.

What is even more incredible is that you can also use some ancient promotion methods to bring out Immortal’s strongest state summon during his lifetime. He has a certain consciousness, but his actions are all subject to the order and dispatch of the operator!

and so.

Immortal often regard their death as extremely important, and even design a lot of mechanism traps and places of death to prevent the evildoer from stealing their own bones.

“That’s the real Immortal skull, from which I sensed the aura of the Great Dao Law…”

Some perceptive Cultivators opened their eyes wide and stared at the white bone.

At the same time horrified in his heart, his eyes were all gleaming with unshakable desire:

If you can get that Immortal skull, you will get a treasure, and you won’t have to worry about future cultivation.

Don’t talk about these Cultivators.

Even the powerhouse of Divine Moon Sect’s 5 long-lived habitats could not help but swallow secretly, and his breath became a little bit short.

Only Yang Xu, expression is always calm and calm.

Facing the Immortal skull, he looked towards the pupil light of Spirit Realm, with a hint of coldness:

For such blasphemous behavior, Yang Xu is very disliked.

The deceased Spirit Realm can ignore these. In the eyes of everyone, the deceased Spirit Realm releases the Immortal skull. It flashes the glow and automatically floats in front of him.

The Spirit Realm master’s hands quickly seal, one after another black rune, like a Flood Dragon black snake, constantly drilling into the Immortal skull.

Ka cha !

On the white and flawless Immortal skull, a dark crack cracked open, and a ray of Demon Qi was like black Small Snake, drilled from the crack.

The Black Small Snake drilled out of Immortal’s skull, one snake mouth, one after the other, formed a portal. Inside the portal was a black smoke billowing out of the portal, which seemed to be connected to an unknown world.

“That’s…Nether World?”

“That portal communicates the undead Immortal World?”

“Is it my illusion, I sensed a powerful aura of Immortal…”

When all Cultivators were surprised, ka la la!

A strong arm, grabbed from the black smoke, the next moment, bang!

A huge immortal world energy burst out from the black portal, just like a torrent of floods, and the black Small Snake linked portal will directly break down.

A dazzling light group, divine shine 10,000 zhang, with coercive force, appeared in front of Spirit Realm.

Yang Xu saw it and raised his brow slightly:

“Is the summon really out? Is the Immortal World version of the dirt reincarnated?”

Seeing the bright light group, the brilliance gradually converged, and a tall and strong silhouette slowly walked out from the center of the light group.

He was wearing armor of immortal spirit, holding a golden war blade, and his eyes instantly locked the Lord Spirit Realm:

“Did you disturb my sleep after death and summon me out?”

Death Realm Master expression faintly flashed, nodded, but did not respond.

The tall Great Immortal’s pupil light was cold, and the gloomy expression was about to die. Spirit Realm looked from head to toe, as if to remember his appearance in the heart:

“Although you occupy the body of Human Race and try to hide your aura, in my eyes, everything about you is nothing to hide! heretical path of the devils to disturb the deceased’s tactics. After you die, I will Liquidated with you!”

Death Realm Lord hearing this, frowned, Lengyou uttered:

“Since I dare to summon you out, I won’t be afraid of your revenge. Even if you have 100 reluctance, now you have to obey my orders!”

Lord Spirit Realm said, both hands forming seal, a black chain appeared in his hand instantly, the other end of the iron chain extended to the golden armor Immortal, and fell into the heart of golden armor Immortal.

“Listen to my orders and kill this child cut for me!”

While the Lord Spirit Realm spoke out, the black chain hua la la shuddered, and the golden armor Immortal tried to break free, but there was nothing he could do.

The main hand seal of Spirit Realm is about to die, and the eyes of golden armor Immortal suddenly turn into a dark and hollow color.


His body disappeared in an instant, and the next moment, a cluster of gold above Yang Xu’s head suddenly condensed.

A golden armor silhouette flew out of it, with a golden waring blade teaching void in his hand, moved towards Yang Xu fiercely.

In the pupil of golden armor Immortal black, there was a trace of struggling and unbearable:

“Fellow Daoist, sorry, I can’t control myself…”

Obviously expression and expression are full of intolerance, but his sword is a very ruthless berserk beheaded to the teenager in front of him.

Such a weird situation makes all the Cultivators all around sucked in a breath of cold air:

“Is this the legendary taboo method? It is unheard-of to transform the lost Immortal into a puppet. Such a weird method!”

“This method is just the heretical path of the devils, so I dare to use it, because the fruit involved is too large, and it hurts…”

Many Cultivator sighed.

Seeing that golden armor Immortal, involuntarily beheaded to Yang Xu, but instead apologized repeatedly.

Yang Xu slightly smiled, “It’s okay, it won’t hurt me.”

The voice did not fall, the gold war blade had already torn Yang Xu’s body directly, and there was a muffled noise. “Yang Xu” was like a paper man, and was torn into two and a half.


Eyes shrank of Lord Spirit Realm, instantly perceive dang, the next moment, a cloud of smoke appeared in front of Lord Spirit Realm.

A blaze of flames spewed out of the smoke, and the void was burned and collapsed.

The dead Spirit Realm master’s hands quickly seal, and there is a sneer in the corner of his mouth:

“Useless, your strategy is seen through by me!”

“Block for me!”

peng sound, the void explosion in front of Lord Spirit Realm shattered, and a tall golden armor silhouette blocked him.

It was that Immortal puppet.

Yang Xu urged the flame released by the great furnace to spray on the golden armor Immortal, and there was still a sorry expression on his face:

“I’m sorry Fellow Daoist, I didn’t think I would cause trouble after death… Despite killing it, I can’t feel the pain now.”

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