Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2951

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“I will send this demon to hell, how to concoct him then, whatever you want.”

Yang Xu responded to your Immortal puppet.

The movement on his hand was not slow, one after another scarlet The flame was like a giant wave rolling, and the gold armor on the Immortal puppet melted quickly.

One after another divine rune flew out of the gold armor and enveloped the Immortal puppet.

Yang Xu casually punched out, “scatter for me.”


The densely packed rune stood in front of the golden armor Immortal, forming a protective shield. However, when it touched Yang Xu’s fist, it was as fragile as paper and shattered instantly.

Yang Xu snaps a finger, pu chi!

Immortal puppet’s 2 arms were directly cut off.

Yang Xu expression swept across, 2 sword glow shot out, and cut off Immortal puppet’s legs, as well.


Immortal puppet lost his mobility and attack power, fell to the ground, and was burned by flames.

He was expressionless and invested in Yang Xu’s expression, but he was full of apologies and expectations:

“Fellow Daoist, be sure to eradicate this Evil Gate!”

“do not worry.”

At the moment when the word “you” spoke, the silhouette of Yang Xu had already disappeared.

When the word “Fang” was exited, the dead Spirit Realm master was shocked to find that this voice appeared behind him.

When the word “heart” was spoken, Yang Xu fiercely was already in the palm of the head of Spirit Realm.

This palm, imprinted with a gold divine rune, vaguely released incredible power fluctuations, which surprised all the Cultivator onlookers:

“That rune… seems to contain the aura of Five Elements Great Dao…”

“Yes, it is Great Dao Law! This young man really has a complete Great Dao Law!”

Everyone looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, which suddenly became more complicated.

There are marvels, fears, curiosity and expectation.

In the palm of Yang Xu, the golden light, the brilliant Five Elements Great Dao rune, suddenly turned into a verdant color.

The Wood Element rule of Five Elements contains powerful Power of Nature and Power of Life, sealed at the moment of death of Spirit Realm, with a loud bang.

The Spirit Realm Lord’s eyebrows died, one after another black smoke, the next second, Tian Qing Cang’s consciousness reappears.

Two of his eyes, one with autonomous consciousness and the other dark, are still occupied by the deceased Spirit Realm.

A few friends of Tian Qing Cang, seeing this at the moment, could not help opening one after another:

“Qing Cang, come back to consciousness soon, let’s go to drink apricot stuffed together!”

“We also want to ask you the tips of Tianyu Sword Art…”

one after another The most clear memories flashed in Tian Qing’s mind.

His self-consciousness has become stronger and stronger, gradually occupying the dominance of the body.

In the hands of Yang Xu, he no longer struggled, but began to cooperate.

“Oops, I lost my autonomy!”

Spirit Realm Lord Cried out in surprise.

Yang Xu’s joking voice, like a cat play mouse, got into his mind:

“Do you still help roll? If you don’t leave, you will be sealed in my friend’s body forever. I have 100 ways to teach him how to refining you!”


The main expression of Spirit Realm has changed greatly, and the teeth are clenched the fiercely:

“Damn! I will come to you again!”

He used all kinds of incredible methods, and even the precious trump card like Immortal skull came out summon.


It was still beaten by this Human Race teenager.

“Damn it! kill for me!”

The deceased Spirit Realm Lord frantically seized the control of Tian Qing Cang’s body, both hands forming seal.

Immortal puppets, who lost their legs while lying on the ground, have now recondense their legs and are under the control of the deceased Spirit Realm master.

The golden light shone all over his body, releasing a shocking wave of destructive power, “Fellow Daoist hurry, I’m about to self destruction!”

golden armor Immortal smiled apologetically as the morning sun flew over.


A golden palace suddenly wrapped the golden armor Immortal.

The gold palace took the golden armor Immortal, flew into midair, and exploded.

And at this moment, Spirit Realm was turned into a ray of black smoke, flying out of Tian Qing Cang’s within both eyes, escaping into the distance.

Tian Qingcang’s body collapsed directly to the ground and was supported by his friend.

Yang Xu stared at the direction of the departed Spirit Realm, a flash of murderous intention flashed in his eyes:

“It’s all this way and you still want to run? Should you say you are naive or stupid?”

On the side of Spirit Realm, when it turned into black smoke and escaped from Tian Qing Cang’s body, it instantly appeared a few hundred kilometers away.

He was filled with hatred and unwillingness:

“Damn it, I will be able to succeed right away. Tian Qing Cang’s body has been completely controlled by me, and it can be completely refining in just a few days… It’s just a step away! That Human Race brat, I will never let you go!”

Surrounded by the dead Spirit Realm, the dark smoke was like a Demon Cloud, and it was moving forward in the sky.

However, without warning, a huge shadow appeared in front of him, bang!

The deceased Spirit Realm hit his head with one head and was bounced out of more than ten meters.

He widened his eyes and stared angrily at the shadow:

A stone tablet, 100 meters high and 10 meters wide, stood in front of him.

There is no other content on the stone tablet, only 7 blood-red “kill” characters, carved on it.

A wisp of mysterious fluctuations permeated from the huge stone tablet.

The deceased Spirit Realm thinks that this stone tablet, with some expression, looks at it for a while, and suddenly it shrinks:

“7 kill the monument! This is legendary that 7 kill Divine Tablet!”

Reminiscing about the legend of each and everyone about the 7 killing of the monument, the Lord Spirit Realm only felt cold all over the body:

“It’s actually true, and it really appears here! Is that legend true? 7 On the day when Divine Tablet is killed, that terrifying presence will come to Immortal World again?”

“Impossible! How could the Human Race brat of unimposing in appearance be the reincarnation of that?”

The more the Spirit Realm thought, the more he felt shudder, and his whole body shivered:

What kind of existence did you provoke?

Who owns 7 killing Divine Tablet, did he even call him to kill him?

Just when the deceased Spirit Realm Lord regretted it, there was a crack in the void behind him. Yang Xu tore the void and walked out slowly.

The body of the deceased Spirit Realm froze in midair, daring not to look back.

Yang Xu couldn’t help smiling:

“The perception is still very sensitive. There are not so many attentive people like you among the demons.”

His smiling comments made the fear in Lord Spirit Realm’s heart grow almost crazy with a geometric multiple:

“Former … Senior … you …”

The deceased Spirit Realm master was surprised to find that because of too much tension and fear, his voice was hoarse to speechless.

“Send you down.”

For the deceased Spirit Realm owner, Yang Xu didn’t have any idea of ​​communication. He waved at him, rumble exploded, and the great furnace was like a Divine Mountain, suppressed.

The deceased Spirit Realm Lord was directly taken into the flame great furnace, the burning scarlet Divine flame, burning him continuously, refining into nothingness.

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