Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2952

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It was the moment when Yang Xu refining died Lord Spirit Realm.

Immortal World 9 Domain ten 3 land, a continent all covered in darkness, Demon Qi 4 overflows.

There was a dead silence everywhere, and there were no people there. There were only one bite of lacquered Black Coffin material on the ground, densely packed, row upon row.

In the center of the continent, there is a sea of ​​blood, and in the center of the endless blood sea, there is a black palace, floating ups and downs.

The palace is still dead, in the middle of the great hall, 9 dark coffins, surrounded by a gold coffin are displayed.

Suddenly, one of the 9 coffins made a loud noise:

“Waste, I failed again! I was planning a 10000-year plan, and 1st Step was obstructed! Who did it?”

There was a loud bang, that the lid of the coffin burst, and the black wood chips exploded into all directions like bullets, hitting the palace walls one after another.

A bandaged mummy flew out of the coffin, suspended in midair.

It was shriveled, and it seemed to be blown away like a gust of wind.

However, it sucked open, all around rolled Demon Qi, and suddenly gathered towards it.

Its shriveled and emaciated body swelled at the speed visible with naked eyes.

The bandages wrapped around him seemed to be broken like silkworm cocoons, and they were torn apart one after another with a chirping sound.

A tall and muscular body appeared in midair, only a slight shock, chi chi chi!

The broken piece of cloth on his body shot like Sword Qi towards all directions and penetrated deeply into the wall of all around.

His head is full of black hair, no wind, automatic, just like the Flood Dragon dances, in the dark eyes, the expression is as sharp as the sword edge.

Indifferent eyes, swept the 8 black coffin below, and the gold coffin in the center.

His expressionless punch, Pu Chi!

An invisible force compresses the void, forming an air hammer, and smashes it down.

That gold’s coffin was directly hammered and smashed into a piece of gold foil.

There was a sneer in the corner of his mouth, loudly shouts:

“Wake me up!”

Bang bang bang ……

The 8 black coffin, urged by an invisible force, exploded in succession.

8 The corpse, also wrapped in bandages, was blown out of the coffin.

“General! You dare to tease me, courting death!”

A corpse, suspended in mid-air, a vague voice came out from under the bandage.

A cloud of smoke appeared on the side of it, and a large black hand came out of the smoke, grabbing the head of the corpse:

Pu chi !

The head of the corpse was instantly pinched by the big black hand.

The general walked out of the smoke and glanced coldly at the remaining 7 corpses:

“Wang, I have been ruined by me. This guy who didn’t open his eyes was also killed by me. How do you guys plan?”

7 The corpse was suspended in the air, swaying gently.

Facing the cold expression of the general, for a long time, the sound of 7 in a low, muffled voice sounded:

“I’m willing to follow General Sir to open up the territory for my stalemate!”

“it is good!”

The general laughed in the sky, Demon Qi 4 overflowed all over his body, his head covered with black hair like a dragon

“Then wake up.”


Demon Qi vortex of 6 black appeared on the top of the 6 mummy’s head, rolling Demon Qi into their within the body frantically.

Oh, oh…

The strips of cloth wrapped around them were torn one after another, and 6 powerful silhouettes were suspended in the void.

Simultaneously, they turned towards the general and cast their eyes on the search.

“En? Not convinced?”

Picking the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth reveals a playful sneer:

“If you don’t agree, you can ask me to single out, but if you lose, I will kill you directly!”

As soon as this statement came out, the 6 silhouette simultaneously stiffened.

Then they kneel in the void one knee:

“May you play 9 Death Power for General Sir!”

“Okay, wake up my army of stalemate and prepare to fight.”

Demon Qi, which surrounded the subjects, suddenly turned into one after another tentacle, bang bang torn the void and drilled into it.

Soon, a black lotus was dragged from the void by him.


A black jar, a black thigh bone, a black panlong spear, a black streamer, a black Yin-Yang milestone, and a black chain, all surrounded by black mist, were also dragged from the void.

“Reward to you.”

6 treasure turned into 6 strands of black light and flew to 6 subordinates.

With their appearance.

The whole dark continent, all Demon Qi began to move towards the center to gather.

This great hall floating in the blood sea gradually turned into a dense black cloud, just like a black hole, constantly grabbing the rolling Demon Qi.

This seems to be a signal that the densely packed coffins displayed throughout the continent have successively issued the sound of bang bang bang bang.

The coffin cover cracked, one after another skinny silhouette, probing into the void, plundering Demon Qi…

[Ding! 】

[Congratulations to player Yang Xu, beheading Demon Lord x1, player gains life source +100,000 points! 】

[Congratulations to player Yang Xu, who has been continuously upgraded to Level 10, the current level, and the 2nd Layer of Golden Que Realm! 】

[Congratulations to the player Yang Xu for obtaining x1 Abyssal Demons! use or not? 】

Yang Xu’s palm flickered, a fist sized, appeared all around Demon Qi’s seed.

It trembled wildly, constantly rushing in a certain direction, and seemed to be robbing its way.

Yang Xu pupil light flashed, looked towards the direction where the abyss demons want to break free, the endless pupil light seems to have crossed over the space barrier, one after another memory picture, flashing in his mind:

“There is… the direction of dark continent?”

He asked the Cultivator around him:

“Who knows, what is the situation with the dark continent now? There is no unified continent in the stalemate?”

The faces of the Cultivators could not help changing, as if the dark continent was a taboo.


Yang Xu frowned, looked towards Divine Moon Sect, those powerhouses, “You said.”

Several powerhouses shook their heads bitterly and said helplessly:

“Dark continent has been unified by a dead country 9000 years ago, but…”

“But what? Say!”

A few powerhouses. Look at me. I look at you. Say a word:

“There was an Angel who fell into a zombie country, the holy clan was furious, and launched an indiscriminate attack on the zombie country and the dark continent. The entire darkness continent, all the zombie people lost their lives, and the entire dark continent also became the Demon Domain. Dare to come without a Cultivator.”

Yang Xu brows slightly wrinkle, “Is there no one to go to the dark continent? What about the saints, haven’t they?”

“Dark continent has been completely abandoned. Only some Demon Race powerhouses dare to go there to fight the autumn wind. It is said that there are a lot of Demon Objects breeding, which is very helpful for cultivation Demon Art.”

“Is this the case?”

Yang Xu looked at the palm of his hand, the crazy struggling abyss demons, lightly said:

“Dark continent has been awakened. If I guessed right, the people of the zombies are not at all dead, I am afraid they have become stronger than before.

“The holy clan group of birds created a group of powerful enemies for you…”

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