Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2953

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in the great hall of black.

Make the minister high above the Hei Yao stone throne, and the six zombies powerhouses below, bow their heads and be respectful.

“The plan has failed. The continent plans have been laid out and failed completely, and our stalemate is likely to have been exposed.”

The general on the throne, a glimmer of coldness flashed in his eyes:

“I’m going to continent in Xian Kingdom to find out.”

“What? The king is going to bury the Yuxian Dynasty? I am afraid there will be danger. The Yuxian Dynasty is one of the ten or three continent. The deepest and unmeasurable one. My stalemate Origin Qi has not yet recovered. If the king is going now , I am afraid there will be a life crisis!”

The 6 powerhouses, all of which have changed expressions, faced worries, and advised:

“Wang, even if you want to attack the burial of the immortal dynasty, you need to be fully prepared. The zombie country has just begun to wake up, and 10000 will be abandoned…”

“No need to say more, I have decided.”

The general’s big hand waved, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth:

“You don’t know yet, the celestial continent’s burial celestial dynasty has been annihilated, because of the fall of the celestial kingdom Great Emperor, the burial celestial dynasty goes up and down, falls apart, a group of experts walk away, die dead.”

After the general’s remarks, 6 powerhouses changed their faces one after another:

“How is this possible! The celestial dynasty dominates the continent, casts 9 Divine Cauldron, suppresses all directions, and the Great Emperor of the Immortal has Heaven Warping Genius, how can it fall?”

The Cultivator of the stalemate country has always been the most admired powerhouse, even if it was once the enemy of the burial of the immortal dynasty.

But now.

The fall of the Great Emperor of the Immortals made them completely unprepared.

It seems that they had expected such a reaction long ago, and the general did not mind, even he couldn’t help but sigh:

“There are rumors that the Great Emperor of the Immortal Kingdom has discovered a secret that cannot reverse the situation. After laying down countless backers, it condenses the reincarnation of the road tires…”

“But there are also rumors that the Great Emperor of the Immortal Kingdom was betrayed by the 2 hands of his men, completely sealed into the bottom of the samsara prison, and suppressed into the Demon Domain!”

The general’s remarks made the six powerhouses suddenly move their hearts:

“King, we just killed a few Demon Race Cultivator. We got the news: The Abyss Demon Domain has indeed been in turmoil for 100 years. The 7 killing monuments used by the Great Emperor of the Immortal Kingdom to suppress the Demon Domain. The bizarre disappeared 100 years ago. In this world, to the world…”

“Ha ha, I had expected this to be the case. So I had to go to the continent of the fairyland.”

The general sneered:

“This trip, I am going to meet some old people. In the beginning, the Great Emperor of the Immortal Kingdom was strong and invincible. The old people were forced by his obscene power to dare to resist. But now, my country returns in a swirl of dust, and After 2 years of accumulation, even the holy clan group of birds have been used by us, and the zombies have risen again to seize the continent, which is bound to be won!”

The general rose from the Hei Yao stone throne, and his tall body resembled a black mountain, standing tall:

“While I am away, you must refining the Dao Artifact I gave you. When I return, counterattack the fairyland continent and avenge the hatred in one fell swoop!”

Before 10000, the humiliation brought by the burial of the immortal dynasty to the zombie country must be washed

“Wang assuredly go, we will definitely guard the zombie country!”

6 powerhouses bow down.

The general looked at the six subordinates who were kneeling on the ground, nodded with satisfaction, full of ambition, and waved his hand, scorn!

A ray of black lightning, condensed from his hand, pumped into the void like a whip.

A dark green rays of light, pi pa was pumped into the void, and a crack was drawn in the space.

The general pointed a finger, the crack was torn open a huge mouth, there is a mysterious space spiral slowly rotating.

In the respectful eyes of 6 powerhouses, Chen Chen stepped into the space spiral and disappeared.

6 powerhouse, still long kneeling cannot rise.

After ten minutes.

They looked at each other and climbed up from the ground.

“Unexpectedly, Wang actually was ruined by the fellow General.”

“General Wolfman’s ambition, even wanting to seize the stalemate, stealing authority, do I really want to succumb to him?”

“Ai, unyielding from him, what can he do? The king of the talented man has been ruined, awakening can’t, 6 of us, who has the confidence to lead the zombie country down?”


6 people fell silent.

On strategy and means, the ruler is the most prominent of the seven.

Even before the stalemate fell into a deep sleep, the generals were the king’s left and right arms and dedicated many strategies.


The 9000 years of slumber in this stalemate, as well as the plot against the saints, were all discussed by Wang and his generals.

“I can’t think of a seemingly loyal fellow like Generals who would betray the King.”

6 powerhouse, fell into silence.

It is at this time.

A stalemate, corpse entangled, waving rotten wings, rushed into the report:

“There is a boy with a strange origin who has entered a stalemate. Many stalemate powerhouses are not opponents of this person!”

“He also said in his mouth, to see our king!”

6 powerhouses are sneakered:

“Trifling Demon Race, unless it is their Old Ancestor, otherwise they are not eligible to meet the king of my zombie country!”

“Eeee…… Reporting to the leader, that young man doesn’t seem to be a Demon Race, there is no Demon Qi on his body, it seems to be a Human Race.”

As soon as this statement came out, six people changed their faces simultaneously:

“Human Race? Impossible! Non-Demon Race can’t walk in my stalemate! General Cultivator, as long as it touches the corpse on the continent, it has no power and is no different from mortals…”

Looking at the tangled expression of his subordinates, 6 powerhouses waved their hands:

“Go down and tell them to observe carefully and report any new discoveries immediately.”

After sending his men away, a trace of dignity appeared on the faces of 6 people:

“I’m afraid that the young man is not a small player. Human Race, who can walk in a stalemate, has almost no one except the few who buried the immortal dynasty since the time. You guys, shall we open the eye of the moon?”

“The Eye of the Moon can strengthen the strength of my stalemate, and can control the whereabouts of the boy at any time!”

“But without the general’s order, can we make a decision privately?”

“Hmph, even if the general is here, will open the eye of the moon, because of the reason of the Great Emperor of the Immortal Kingdom, he has always been the most feared and hated the Human Race!”

Dark continent edge.

Yang Xu converged Sea God Wings, the Sea God field unfolded all around, and the light green corpse floating in the sky could not touch Yang Xu at all.

He looked around and saw the black coffin on the ground.

every coffin is opened from the inside, this expected scene makes Yang Xu speechless:

“Is the holy clan’s fools all using their brains to strengthen the feathers on their wings? Didn’t you even see such obvious plot against?”

If it weren’t for his own coincidence, he bumped into the dead Spirit Realm owner. I am afraid that the zombies’ plan would really succeed.

when the time comes.

Not to mention trifling a saint, I am afraid that Peak’s burial of the immortal dynasty and the launch of the army of the immortal country may not be the opponents of the stalemate!

Immortal World 9 domain ten 3 land, Li Min 100 surname loss of life, will be a foregone conclusion!

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