Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2954

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Yang Hao approached an open coffin.

Dark continent, shrouded in darkness all day long, the only light that is possessed is the rays of light of the moon.

But with Yang Xu’s eyesight, it is still clear to see that the inner wall of the coffin is branded with one after another monster rune.

It seems that it was written by animal blood, and it has dried out and become a dark color.

Yang Xu felt it casually, and the remaining aura in the coffin could not help but slightly wrinkle:

The corpse that once stayed in this coffin has a cultivation base of at least long life.

The dead body of this zombie country with long living environment may have been awakened and become a member of the army of zombie countries.

And coffins like this, all around densely packed, display countless.

Yang Xu couldn’t help but smile bitterly, Cultivator of Long Life is already an extremely powerful expert in the cultivation civilization like Yuxu continent.

And how powerful is an army composed of long-term habitat experts?

The chance that Yuxu continent can resist is less than 1/1000th.

And be aware.

Immortal World 9 Domain ten 3 Luzhong, Yuxu continent can be regarded as ten 3 continent, with medium strength.

Not even it can withstand the army of stalemate.

The latter continent, the fall is almost a foregone conclusion.

“I can’t think of it. Before 10000, the funeral dynasty resisted the attack of the zombie country. After 10000, the zombie country actually had to return in a swirl of dust. It was only this time that the funeral dynasty was not a pioneer. I am afraid that the continent of the country will also fall…”

Thinking of one after another’s past pictures, Yang Xu couldn’t help feeling annoyed.

at this time.

Behind a boulder in the distance, there was a mysterious fluctuation, accompanied by a corpse smell, peng sound, 10 meters high on the top of the boulder, a zombie popped out.

“Well, is a stiff, long-life habitat cultivation base.”

Yang Xu expression flashed slightly. At this time, bang bang bang and 3 generals appeared on the boulder.

Looking at the 4 aura’s impressive stiffness, Yang Xu frowned:

in the past.

The stalemate of the stalemate is still extremely rare, they are powerful, impervious to sword or spear, and can also manipulate the corpse gas to pollute Magic Treasure of Cultivator.

However, although the martial arts is powerful, the cultivation base realm is extremely low, and the martial arts’ stiffness is almost in ten-thousand does not have one.

Like now, the stupidity of the Changsheng Realm jumped out of four casually.

This made Yang Xu feel the seriousness of the matter.

The stupidity that first appeared, lingering around the rotten corpse, a pair of rotten eyes stared at Yang Xu:

“Offend my stalemate territory, take it!”

With a hoarse voice in his mouth, cang lang sounded, and he pulled out the sword from his waist.

As a result, the sword has already decayed in the long years, and upon contact with the air, it instantly turned into powder and dissipated in the void.

Behind them, the other three heads were stiff, and they all pulled out their swords, and the ending was no exception, all decayed.

Yang Xu smiled:

“It seems that your plan only strengthened yourself, not strengthened the sword.”

He shook his head ridiculously. In this way, it would take some time for the stalemate to attack.


The four martial artists were irritated by the smile on Yang Xu’s face.

It turned into 4 foul winds and swept to Yanghao.

at this time.

Above the sky, the high-hanging moon flashed a little blue halo.

This change was extremely rapid and was not noticed by anyone at all.

In the Great Hall of the Zombie, a light curtain is presented in front of 6 powerhouses through an array of Moon Eyes.

Yang Xu’s unspeakable face appeared on the light curtain.

6 powerhouses, looked at each other in blank dismay:

“This is that Human Race teenager?”

“Is this too young? He didn’t change his face through cultivation base. This should be his true age.”

“Four martial arts have surrounded him, let’s see what he can do.”

Six powerhouses, with sneers on their faces:

The plans of Wang He and his generals made the strength of the soldiers of the zombie country almost all have a leapfrog promotion.

Randomly came out 4 corpses, all reached the level of martial arts, and cultivation base reached heaven longevity by heaven defying!

“The brat is estimated to be torn to pieces soon!”

Looking at the picture in the light curtain, 6 powerhouse secretly thought.

However, in the next scene, 6 people were dumbfounded.

As you can see in the light curtain, those 4 martial arts were transformed into 4 yellow evil winds, wrapped in corpses and rushed towards the teenager.

Faced with their offensive, the look on the teenager’s face was calm and calm, not at all in the slightest fear.

more importantly.

He didn’t step back, and looked at the zombie with five heads curiously.

bang bang bang 嘣……

Those 4 heads were sturdy, they were coming violently, and they looked like they were boiling, but they couldn’t do it even when they touched within 10 meters of Yang Xu.

Around Yang Xu, there seems to be an invisible wall that directly blocks the four stiff people.

Regardless of how the four heads are stiff, how to strike, how to attack, you can never break through that layer of invisible barrier.

In the view of these six powerhouses in the great hall, it is such a picture:

The four martial arts in a fierce and imposing manner faced the young boy baring fangs and brandishing claws across 4 meters, but they refused to move forward.

This made them all dumbfounded:

“This boy actually has field protection?”

“So young, cultivation base impossible to reach a mixed cave?”

The Level 1 mixed cave environment, which is higher than the long life environment, has touched the know-how of Space Law and can condense a Primal Chaos Paradise.

But it is not something that ordinary people can do to cross from the longevity to the mixed cave.

Six of them have now reached the mixed cave, but this was achieved by consuming a large amount of resources and spending a full 6 years and planning.

How could this young man be so young?

For a time.

All six of them fell silent, with a bit of bitterness in the corners of their mouths:

What have we done for these 1000 years of sleep?

“If the boy really reached the mixed cave realm, there must be secrets hidden in his body. We have to catch him and seize his secrets and opportunities!”

The six of them looked at each other, and simultaneously saw the greed in each other’s eyes.

Yang Xu naturally didn’t know that his performance of “Sea God Realm” would cause so complicated psychology for the six snoopers.

After freely experimenting with formidable power in the field of Sea God, he was nodded with satisfaction:

“It seems that the Sea God field is more than enough to deal with these inflexibility.”

After letting go of his heart, Yang Xu no longer wasted time. After the Sea God realm was cancelled, all the four martial arts rushed towards him frantically.

Yang Xu waved freely, 4 gold Sword Qi rushed out, just like 4 thunderbolt, flashed from the stiff body.

Four heads flew directly into the air, and the headless corpse landed on the ground.

Yang Xu listened to the system cue in his mind and had a chance to respond in the future. A voice appeared above his head:

“Well, I haven’t seen Sword Technique in such a sharp Human Race for a long time.”

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