Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2955

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The moment when that voice sounded.

Yang Xu’s pupils shrank suddenly and turned back suddenly:

He didn’t even notice it, another aura approached.

He looked towards that silhouette:

On the boulder in the distance, stood a tall and slender silhouette.

A white clothes, long hair like snow, hanging down the waist.

A sword in white clothes hung around his waist.

The white-haired man’s face, without any trace of blood, looked pale.

A pair of eyes, there is a circle of dark eyeshadow, and the pupil is nothing but white clothes, no focal length.

“Is it blind?”

Yang Xu asked.

The white-haired man, slightly smiled, in white clothes hunts in the wind:

“Luo Sire is bothered. Blind eyes are the reason for the cultivation technique I have cultivated, but it has no effect on my strength.”

The white-haired man turned his head slightly and locked Yang Xu’s position precisely.

A pair of empty eyes, looking at Yang Xu said:

“Sire came to my dead country, why?”

In the great hall.

Six powerhouses used the eyes of the moon to see the white-haired man confronting Yang Xu.

Their faces are all puzzled:

“Who is this white-haired man?”

“It seems that there is some strength, how do we never know?”

They looked at the white-haired man without any impression.

But the strange thing is.

I always feel that the white-haired man has a familiar temperament.

Where did it come from?

6 powerhouses, lost in thought.

Yang Xu here.

Looking at the white-haired man, he could not help but smile slightly, saying:

“I’m not at all for zombie country for any purpose. If I had to say one, I would probably just come here and take a look at the strength of zombie country.”

white-haired man slightly turned his head:

“Then Sire is satisfied with the strength of my country?”

Yang Xu smiled, slowly looking at the head with a calm expression:

“It surprised me a little, but not at all surprises.”

“Oh? Is that less satisfying?”

white-haired man lightly said, holding the sword to his waist with his left hand.

Yang Xu raised a brow:

“Left-handed sword? Rarely.”

white-haired man nodded, the sound comes with a sword light:

“Sire is not far from 10,000 li. Naturally, Sire should be satisfied. Receive my sword.”

While he was speaking, the sword light seemed to be fast and slow, and already fluttered to Yang Xu.

Great hall.

6 big shots of zombie nation, seeing this scene can not help but pouting:

“Is this white hair sick? Who can hit with such a slow sword?”

“Huh, slow, how do I feel fast as lightning?”

“How fast, this sword has no sense of strength in its lightness, I am afraid that it can’t break the youth’s defense!”

“Light fluttering? What a joke, this sword clearly momentum is big, power is deep, berserk like thunderbolt, okay?”


6 big shots opened.

Suddenly realized that their perception of the white-haired man was completely different.

The same sword, different people seem to have different feelings.

“Who the hell is this white-haired man? Why has such a strange Sword Art never been heard?”

Sword Cultivator would have been this long ago.

Shouldn’t it be an unknown person?

6 powerhouses, looked at each other, simultaneously saw the doubt in the other’s eyes.

Yang Xu here.

Seeing the ray of sword light, it seemed to be slow and fast, and it seemed to be fast and slow, and beheaded towards itself with a strange rhythm.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and sighed:

“For so long, I finally met a decent Sword Cultivator.”

“You are very good.”

Along with Yang Xu’s praise, he extended the hand at will toward the cut word light.

Just a flick.

Just listen to it.

That sword light was actually shattered by Yang Xu 2 fingers.

The collapsed sword light, like starlight, ejected towards all directions.

Hitting the boulder, a thin mouth fell out directly.

This shows the power of this sword!

White-haired man brows slightly trembled, a pair of pupils without focus, locked in the direction of Yang Xu:

“You really are a Sword Cultivator.”

Yang Xu shook his head:

“No, I can’t be considered Sword Cultivator, at least, not a dedicated Sword Cultivator.”

Although he understands Sword Technique.

But not specializing in swords.

There are too many trump cards and tricks in Yang Xu all kinds and sorts.

“Even if you don’t specialize in swords, it is much better than many Sword Cultivator. You are qualified to fight me.”

The white-haired man said, slowly pulling out the sword from his waist.

With a sword in his left, a piety appeared on his face:

“I am a blunt person with aptitude. I have no innate talent with Sword Technique.”

Yang Xu said with a smile:

“Really, doesn’t it look like?”

white-haired man wry smile:

“If I tell you that I am in Sword Dao, I have been struggling to seek 8,000 900 years, can you believe it?”


Yang Xu eyes slightly shrink.

8,000 900 years?

It’s interesting at this time. The stalemate fell into a deep sleep for 9000 years. The white-haired man actually practiced Sword Technique of 8,000 900 years. Didn’t he fall asleep?

Great hall.

The 6 powerhouses of the Zombie Power are also cred out in surprise:

“Impossible! 9000 years ago, Wang and his generals made plans that all people in the dark continent would fall asleep.”

“No one can escape the baptism of the Moon Eye!”

at this time.

A discordant voice sounded:

“No! The baptism of the Eye of the Moon, there is a kind of bloodline that can be rid of, not affected.”


The other 5 people’s faces suddenly changed:

“Is it…”

shua shua shua.

They simultaneously looked towards the center of the great hall, the gold coffin that had been smashed into gold foil by the generals.

“Is the king’s bloodline? Or is it that the white-haired man is the king?”

“The king… is not in the golden coffin, does that mean that the plan of the general’s thief will not be realized?”

this moment.

The 6 powerhouses all felt a burst of excitement.

In the light curtain, the battle between Yang Xu and the white-haired man kicked off without warning.

See Mantian sword light, Sword Qi 4 overflows.

Rolling sword glow rushed to the sky, the earth was cut by unhindered, and one after another was cut.

White-haired man, foot on the void, like snow-white hair dancing with the wind, eyes without focal length, seems to penetrate the void, locking Yang Xu’s body firmly.

Yang Xu was surrounded by thunderbolt, 9 rays of light. Divine Sword, like 9 raising heaven giant pillars, stood behind him.

He is like a Fighting God, the expression flashes, 9 Divine Sword suddenly shocked.

The sword light roared, and the edge was like electricity, tearing the void, and immediately beheaded to the white clothes man.

white clothes Man with a sword.

One word at a time, across the void.

Sword Qi, which chopped off Yang Xu, shattered.

“Good Sword Art.”

Yang Xu eyes shined, white clothes Whether it is the angle of the sword, or the timing, the man is extremely delicate.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit slow or a point fast.

Can not achieve the effect of white clothes men’s sword.

If you use a word to describe the Sword Art of a white clothes man, it would be:


Extremely precise!

Not more than half a point, many half an inch.

At the most appropriate timing and the most appropriate distance, the most peakable formable power of this sword broke out!

at this point.

Yang Xu is worse than him!

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