Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2956

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A swordsman in white clothes changed his face slightly, and was surprised that Yang Xu’s sword was powerful.

Especially when I saw that behind Yang Xu, those 9 are like Divine Sword like raising heaven giant pillar.

He smiled:

“Unexpectedly, there is such a Sword Technique in the world.”

Yang Xu eyebrow raised:

“It’s called Dayan Wuliang Sword Qi, and I came to Immortal World and merged it.”

white clothes The swordsman couldn’t help but smile:

“Oh? It seems that you are from Lower Realm?”

Yang Xu nodded, with a giant sword standing behind 9, reflects the cold glow of the Moon Eye.

Great hall.

6 powerhouses, looking at Yang Xu of Divine Sword protecting body, cred out in surprise:

“Impossible, if he came from Lower Realm, how could he have such a strong strength?”

“Although his cultivation base realm does not seem to be high, his battle strength is not under us!”

To know.

A few of them, but only one line away, can be promoted to a mixed cave.

But even them.

I was not confident enough to suppress the teenager in the light curtain.

This young man made them completely blind!

“If he is really king, I hope he can suppress the boy…”

6 powerhouse, simultaneously looked at the white clothes swordsman.

“You are strong, so for the next sword, I will use all my strength.”

white clothes The swordsman stood in the void, looking at the opposite Yang Xu said:

“Take this sword and do whatever you want. It’s up to you. If you can’t, you will die.”

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows:

“So exciting? I like it. Come on.”

Comparing Sword Technique, he has never been afraid of anyone.


His voice did not fall, and a loud laughter flew from far and near, and quickly swept:

“Ha ha ha, such an interesting thing, how can I be less?”

The person comes in black clothes, and the whole body is surrounded by a strong aura wave. His body flashes, and he appears between Yang Xu and the white clothes swordsman.

“It’s you.”

Looking at the silhouette of the black clothes, Yang Xu not at all felt surprised.

Wang Chunyi grinned:

“Nature is me! Yang Xu, thanks to you, I finally comprehend some key points in the cultivation, 36th layer shackles, I recently finally unlocked again!”

Wang Chunyi, who is a black robe, is like a human-shaped bat, surrounded by black mysterious aura.

white clothes The swordsman looked at the black aura, eyebrows slightly frowned:

From it, he sensed signs of danger.

This man is very strong!

white clothes Mistress of the swordsman, not at all escaped Wang Chunyi’s perception and turned his head towards him:

“Do you want to fight against Yang Xu? Oh yes, you are Sword Cultivator, okay, you fight first, when you are done, I will have fun with Yang Xu again!”

Great hall.

6 powerhouses looked at Wang Chunyi, and suddenly felt that they were out of anger:

“Where is this guy, so arrogant? How dare you talk to the king like that!”

“Listening to what he meant, it seems that Wang is not the opponent of that young Yang Xu?”

white clothes The swordsman is also frowned at this moment, staring at Wang Chunyi:

“You think I am not his opponent?”

Wang Chunyi grinned:

“You are not my opponent, and even if I am not sure of suppressing this brat, you are naturally not his opponent at all. This is very logical, isn’t it?”


Regardless of the 6 powerhouses in the great hall.

Still white clothes swordsman myself, can’t help being frowned.

white clothes The swordsman’s wrist shook, and a ray of sword light still shot at Wang Chunyi.

white clothes The cold voice of the swordsman came:

“Since that is the case, let’s take a stand against you first and see who is eligible to fight against Yang Xu.”

“Okay, I’m itching.”

When Wang Chunyi spoke, the sharp sword light had rushed to him in an instant.

Sharp Sword Qi roared, splitting the void and unleashing incredible power.


Wang Chun waved one hand freely, and in the black aura that surrounded him, there was a black bat flying out.

Peng sound, black bat collided with sword light, produced an explosion.

Wang Chun stood there without moving.

With a grin at the white clothes swordsman, he said:

“Take your strongest tricks, this little trick, don’t use it in front of me.”

“Take me a punch!”

Wang Chunyi’s silhouette, peng sound burst, turned into countless black rays, and rushed to the white clothes swordsman in an instant.

The black light gathered in front of the white clothes swordsman and turned into a huge fist.

This fist, haunted by Only I Am Supreme, irresistible overbearing aura.

“The formidable power of Heavenly Dao Divine Fist has become stronger.”

Yang Xu expression flashed slightly.

What Wang Chunyi used was exactly the “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” he had given to Yang Xu.

But Wang Chunyi is now used, at least twice as powerful as the last time!

more importantly.

Yang Xu faintly felt that Wang Chunyi seemed to have explored the evolutionary path of “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist”.

He is practicing with white clothes swordsman!

“Damn, must cut this guy off!”

Great hall.

6 powerhouse Wang Chunyi, who was arrogant, blew his beard and glared.

At the moment, the white clothes swordsman always looked cold and indifferent.

The sword of white clothes was raised above his head at the moment when Wang Chun one after another punched:


Lifting the long sword above his head, he slashed down. Suddenly, there was a bright sword light like a silver waterfall, which was more than ten meters wide and a few 10 meters long. Dropping from the sky, chopping to Wang Chunyi.

pu chi made a muffled noise.

Wang Chunyi’s “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist”, in front of this horror sword light, is completely not worth mentioning, and instantly collapses into nothing.

There is no slight delay in the horror sword light, and it directly rushed to Wang Chunyi.

The 6 powerhouses in the great hall immediately sneered simultaneously:

“That brat is dead!”

“Hmph, dare to be arrogant in front of our king, deserve to be signed to eternal damnation!”

In their view, don’t say that this Wang Chunyi is the young man Yang Xu, and it is absolutely impossible to block Wang’s sword.


After Wang Chunyi saw this sword.

Apart from the slightly stunning color, there is no panic or astonished expression.

It seems that this horrible sword, in his view, is just a play.


He was too lazy to do even the defensive posture, and actually hit the horror sword light with a punch:

“Heavenly Dao Divine Fist!”

Still Heavenly Dao Divine Fist.

But this time.

The formidable power of “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” seems to have skyrocketed dozens of times!

The previous Fist Art, across the light curtain, has made 6 powerhouses feel a fierce overbearing fierce invincible aura.

And Wang Chunyi is now playing this fist.

Even across a rays of light.

It also makes these 6 powerhouses have the illusion of wanting to be unable to bear and kneeling down to acknowledge allegiance.

“How could it be? How is his Fist Art so powerful?”

“Impossible, no one can beat the king!”

At the same time they were horrified.

Yang Xu here.

The overbearing Strength Qi of “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” collided with the horrible sword glow, and the shock of heaven shaking earth shattering, centered on Yang Xu, Wang Chunyi, and white clothes swordsman 3, instantly diffused to all directions.

The mountains within a 100-mile radius all collapsed, shattered, and turned into powder.

Some stalemates that were too late to flee were directly shattered!

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