Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2957

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“Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” formidable formidable power makes Yang Xu a little surprised.

He couldn’t help slightly smiled, and Zhao Chunyi cast an expression of exclamation:

“It seems that your promotion is really not small.”

The first white clothes swordsman bears almost 80% of the true formidable power of “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist”.

The majestic and surging terror like a torrent of rivers made him almost unbearable and was directly flew out.

A ray of silver of light flashed in his eyes, white clothes The swordsman stood in the void, and ka ka burst under his feet.

Just relying on his own fleshy body, blocking the formidable power of “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist”.

The air behind him was continuously compressed by his backward force, sending waves of sound.

white clothes The swordsman has long hair and dances in the wind, the expressions of the eyes shrink sharply:

“You are much stronger than I thought. No wonder you dare to be alone and break into the territory of my stalemate.”

white clothes The swordsman faintly stared at Wang Chunyi. The aura on his body actually started to improve at an amazing speed.

“Well, from the Changsheng Realm to the Hundred Cave Realm, it seems that you have suppressed your cultivation base before.”

Wang Chunyi was a little surprised.

white clothes The swordsman shook his head:

“No, I don’t at all suppress my cultivation base.”

His eyes flickered towards Wang Chunyi, smiling with a smile:

“I should thank you. It was the pressure of your punch that gave me the opportunity to break through. The bottleneck that hindered my 5000 800 years was finally broken.”

Along with the sentence of white clothes swordsman.

The void behind him, rumble fluctuated, and the long sword in white clothes suddenly shattered into pieces of Snowflake petals and flew in front of him.

White clothes The swordsman hooked his fingers at random, and then one after another Snowflake petal flew to the void behind him, condensing into a white clothes giant sword up to several 10 meters.

Suddenly it looked similar to Yang Xu, the 9 proudly standing Dayan Wuliang Sword Qi.

Great hall.

See the changes on the light curtain.

6 powerhouses of Long Life Peak Peak, you can’t help but look at me, I look at you, my face looks weird for a while:

“Wang Lingwu’s tricks are similar to that of the Human Race teenager?”

“Well, it was probably inspired by the young Sword Technique.”

“I just don’t know the formidable power of Wang’s brand-new sword move. Has it improved?”

This is Wang Chunyi. At this moment, seeing the new moves of the white clothes swordsman, I can’t help looking towards Yang Xu over there:

“Hey, people have exactly the same tricks as you, do you have no opinion?”

Yang Xu faintly smiled, I didn’t see the slightest mind on my face, but instead looked at the white clothes swordsman and jokingly said:

“I naturally don’t mind, he only has a sword light, and I have 9, formidable power incomparable.”

The implication is the trick of the white clothes swordsman, not at all his own “Dayan Wuliang Sword Qi” should be strong.

white clothes The swordsman did not argue, he raised his brow slightly, and said coldly:

“I will cut Wang Chunyi first, and then let you see the power of Sword Qi.”

“Yo, did you even get the name? Free Sword Qi? The name is not good, but I can send you to Elysium World to be at ease.”

The moment when Wang Chun’s words had not landed.

The figure burst suddenly, turned into a ray of black light, and gradually faded and disappeared in the void.

Next second.

white clothes The swordsman’s head was empty, suddenly twisted, and a black void crack appeared.

A magnificent fist strength, teaching void, moved towards white clothes The swordsman drove down—

It is Heavenly Dao Divine Fist!

And it is more than ten times stronger than the previous Heavenly Dao Divine Fist!

“Heavenly Dao Divine Fist’s formidable power, what kind of realm was developed by this guy?”

Yang Xu can’t tell the secret.

“Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” he also got a copy, but even if he comprehend Five Elements Great Dao, undefeated Divine Fist and so on.

Peak’s formidable power cannot be compared with the “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” currently used by Wang Chunyi.

“Isn’t this guy getting the full Heavenly Dao Divine Fist?”

“Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” from top to bottom, bombarded the white clothes swordsman, the space above the white clothes swordsman, was even compressed by the huge boxing intention, layer by layer.

It looks like a translucent space spring, appearing above the swordsman in white clothes.

He was standing on the body of the void, and was pressed down by this huge pressure, rumble, and fell to the ground.

The ground under the feet, cracked and opened one after another, a spider-web-like crack, which has spread to a dozen meters away.


Wang Chunyi’s strong fist strength can no longer do more damage.

A huge Divine Sword phantom, shrouded in the white clothes swordsman’s body, he seemed to become a Divine Sword.

The pointy point of the sword, standing steadily above the white clothes swordsman, will get the real destructive power of “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist”, which is completely out of the way.


Wang Chunyi frowned slightly, seeming to be surprised.

He this fist, almost used “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” more than 90% of the true formable power.

I thought I could solve this swordsman easily.


It was so easily blocked!

eyes slightly shrink, Wang Chunyi grinned at the white clothes swordsman.

Responding to him, it was white clothes.


white clothes While spitting out a word from the swordsman’s mouth, he gently pushed upward.

With a loud explosion, the giant sword standing on top of his head was lifted out of the ground, bursting out a golden light of 10000, and Wang Chunyi’s figure was directly flew out!

pu chi made a muffled noise.

The majestic formidable power of “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist” completely collapsed and disappeared in front of this gold Divine Sword.

“Well, it’s interesting, it seems that after breakthrough bottleneck, he hasn’t improved much.”

Yang Xu’s eyes light up slightly, and there is a feeling of seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again.

The white clothes swordsman’s attack, obviously not at all ended.

At the moment when Wang Chunyi was flying out, the white clothes swordsman took a finger with a finger and drew an x ​​in the void.

Next second.

The void oscillates. There are more than ten meters of gold giant sword in 2 feet, condensing in the void.

Behind the white clothes swordsman, the white clothes Divine Sword flicked lightly and flew out 2 white clothes Snowflake and merged into the 2 gold giant sword.

“Go, strangle him.”

white clothes The swordsman said a word.

With a loud bang, 2 gold giant sword instantly crossed the void and beheaded Wang Chunyi.

The majestic and sharp sword light intersects at Wang Chunyi’s place, and 2 sword light passes to Wang Chunyi fiercely staggered.

The X-shaped Sword Qi trajectory, Wang Chunyi is in a staggered place, withstanding the most destructive power of 2 sword light.

Pu chi !

The black Demon Qi surrounded by Wang Chun was torn by this sword light, and his defense was completely broken.

The tyrannical body was also torn apart by this sword.

A moment of gold’s blood spilled into the sky.

Wang Chun shook his body, and the expression on his face was finally disappeared.

at this time.

Yang Xu came with a smiling voice:

“Wang Chunyi, you lost. Next, how to hand it to me, a little itchy hands.”

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