Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2958

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Behind the void of Yang Xu, Sword Qi flashes rays of light, like a 9 divine light waterfall, directly facing the sky.

The horrible Sword Qi tears the clouds and releases the terrifying Sword Qi power.

At this time, he really had some itchy hands.

Wang Chunyi was also interested in the white clothes swordsman.

But when he saw Yang Xu’s enthusiasm, he couldn’t help grinning, took a step back, and waved to the swordsman in white clothes:

“Okay, then this interesting opponent, I will let you go.”

Yang Xu just about to go forward, Wang Chunyi waved and stopped:

“However, if there are interesting opponents, you should let me do it once.”

“Of course.”

Yang Xu smiled as a nodded, his body was like a smoke, and suddenly dissipated.

Next second.

It has appeared in front of the white clothes swordsman, less than 10 meters.

The void behind 2 people is standing on the Divine Sword phantom, the sharp Sword Qi 4 overflows, they are close to each other, and they have collided before they have shot.

Then I heard a thunderous thunder.

With Yang Xu and white clothes swordsmen as the center, the colliding Sword Qi produced explosive light waves that swept all around.

There were bursts of sorrow on the ground, which shattered directly after one after another.

Great hall.

Seeing such a horrible sight on the light curtain, the 6 powerhouses of the stalemate can’t help but change color:

“The Sword Dao cultivation base of the Human Race boy is not under our king!”

“It took thousands of years for Wang to have such a cultivation base as it is now. How did the young Human Race get such strength?”

Obviously this teenager is only a teenager.

“It seems that he really is a reincarnation of some powerful past!”

6 people have confirmed this idea.

Behind Yang Xu.

Wang Chunyi watched this change, and marveled at the same time in Yang Xu Sword Dao cultivation base.

But more curious:

What methods will Yang Xu use to deal with swordsmen in white clothes?

Do you really want to compete with him in Sword Technique?

“I don’t know how much Yang Xu’s Sword Dao cultivation base has improved. I really look forward to it.”

Wang Chun raised his lips and looked at Yang Xu without blinking.

Lest I missed the most wonderful scene.

The white clothes swordsman is also a young man who is staring at the opposite Human Race.

From this young man, he sensed a magnificent Sword Dao will.

This made the white clothes swordsman’s arrogant heart, can not help but a ripple:

“I will beat you!”

Since he met Yang Xu.

This declaration was issued for the first time.

His fighting spirit was really inspired.

In this regard.

Yang Xu’s response was very simple, only a slight smile, and he provoked his finger provocatively towards the white clothes swordsman:

“It can force me to cut 9 Divine Sword and count as your win.”

When Yang Xu spoke, the 9 Divine Sword phantom standing tall behind him responded like a 9 divine glow waterfall.

Sword Qi Chong Yunxiao, cold glow according to all directions.

white clothes Swordsman is out!

There was only one expression, the huge Divine Sword phantom behind him, a slight shock, a wave of Snowflake rune flew out.

all around, Rolling Death Qi Demon Qi, moved towards that Snowflake rune converged to form an energy vortex.

A huge flying sword quickly formed in the vortex where the energy converged.

When flying to Yang Xu.

It has been transformed into a 1 meter long, cold glow Divine Sword:


God sword light flashed into a Death God sickle, moved towards Yang Xu’s head down.

“Well, this move is good, it’s fast.”

Wang Chunyi, who was not far away, leaned on a ray of magnificent light on the bright floating throne, commenting casually.

Seeing Yang Xu face this move, there is no slight change in his expression.

The corner of the mouth slightly picks up, a ray of gold of rays of light, divided into two in front of him, 20% is 4, and instantly turns into more than 1000 vertical rays of light.

in a blink.

These lights merged in an instant and turned into a golden glow 4 wall, blocking the front of Yang Xu.

The flying sword chopped by the white clothes hit the wall with the golden glow 4 heavily.

There was a loud noise.

The gold wall was shaken by the flying sword, making a Great Bell sound, but pointy sword light failed to penetrate the defense of the gold wall.

This change made the face of the 6 powerhouses in front of the light curtain suddenly change:

“Stopped so easily?”

Especially when they saw the dull and calm face of the Human Race teenager in the light curtain, 6 pairs of brows could not help but wrinkle tightly:

“How do I feel that this teenager has not put our king in his eyes at all?”

Not only did they come up with this idea.

white clothes The swordsman also felt it.

For a time, he calmed down his heart for thousands of years, and could not help generating a trace of waves.

But it calmed down instantly.

Looked towards Yang Xu’s eyes, a little extra cold cold.

white clothes Swordsman sneered:

“It seems that you are very confident in your strength. Since that is the case, be careful. Today, I will cut you here!”

Opposite, Yang Xu grinned:

“Welcome to cut.”

For a moment before the words fell, the swordsman in the white clothes on the opposite side suddenly burst into a phantom of countless lightsabers, flying towards all around.

It is unclear where he really is.

Not far away, Wang Chunyi saw this scene, not only his eyes suddenly turned on:

“What a delicate control, Sword Dao cultivation base of this guy in Zombie, it really can’t be underestimated…”

Before it was too late to admire, he suddenly saw a dangerous silhouette flashing in the void behind Yang Xu.

Wang Chunyi’s pupils suddenly shrink:


He didn’t have time to remind that the silhouette that flashed suddenly turned into a dangerous sword light, moved towards Yang Xu’s back, fiercely stabbed.

The void is torn, and the sharp edge of the blade sweeps into a fine spiral, high speed rotation, to make Yang Xu cool.

pu chi made a muffled noise.

The sword light penetrated Yang Xu’s body.

At the end of the blade, at the position of the hilt, a large bloodless hand appeared, and then the figure of the white clothes swordsman also condensed in the sky.

This sword directly penetrated the position of Yang Xu’s heart.

white clothes The swordsman’s eyes flashed coldly, and faintly said:

“It seems that your strength is not as strong as you think.”

The voice has not landed.

His ear suddenly sounded a careless voice:

“Is that true? Why don’t you take a closer look, what are you stabbing?”

“Not good !”

white clothes Swordsman’s pupils shrank suddenly, and in front of him, the stabbed “Yang Xu” body suddenly looked like a bubble, and the bang shattered.

“be cheated!”

white clothes The thought just came out of the swordsman’s mind.

He felt a vigorous force on his side, as if the mountains were overturned, moved towards him raging.


A huge phantom of the blade, blocking the side of the white clothes swordsman, trying to resist Yang Xu’s palm.


The power of this palm far exceeded his expectations, so that the white clothes swordsman was directly blown out.

Wang Chunyi’s surprise voice sounded:

“Good guy, actually integrated my Heavenly Dao Divine Fist into your Palm Art! Admire!”

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