Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2959

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Yang Xu’s palm not only possesses the formidable power of “Heavenly Dao Divine Fist”, but also possesses the overbearing majesty of “King Divine Fist”.

A palm burst out.

The defense against Spirit Sword collapsed directly.

With a loud bang.

white clothes The whole swordsman was beaten and flew out by Yang Xu.

white clothes The swordsman shot backwards, knocking the void into a crack, and the whole person was embedded in the sky.

His pupils contracted suddenly, looking at Yang Xu below incredulously:

“How can you see my sword light Clone Technique?”

Yang Xu hearing this could not help laughing:

“I not at all see your sword light Clone Technique.”

This remark, made white clothes Swordsman and Wang Chunyi, both have their eyes widened, and the pupil light is full of unbelief:

Without seeing through each other’s tricks, how did Yang Xu block this move?

Looking at the doubtful expression of the white clothes swordsman, Yang Xu slightly smiled:

“It seems that your 1000 years of cultivation have all been used to polish the Sword Technique. Although your Sword Dao cultivation base has been raised, it is a pity that the combat experience is really poor.”

“Sword light Clone Technique” is indeed very subtle, but the white clothes swordsman used it in the wrong place.

If it is used to escape the battlefield and confuse the enemy, it is indeed very effective.

But when used in the offensive, there is some acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose. After all, even if the white clothes swordsman is playing bells and whistles, the ultimate goal is not to kill Yang Xu.

So no matter what means he will eventually come to kill Yang Xu.

It was through seeing this that Yang Xu did a little trick, and let the white clothes swordsman fall into the disadvantage.

The opponent’s combat experience is too little. For some powerful tricks of formidable power, I haven’t figured out how to use it.

of course.

Yang Xu will never tell the enemy about this.

The swordsman hooked his finger toward the white clothes, and Yang Xu’s mouth showed a provocative smile:

“Come on, what other means are used, I’m waiting for you to move.”

white clothes Swordsman eyebrows slightly frowned.

In front of the light curtain.

The 6 powerhouses of the stalemate all frowned.

That Human Race teenager is too difficult to tangle. Not only is the Sword Technique cultivation base powerful, but the combat experience is not generally rich.

Their king has met a strong enemy!

“Well, what a wonderful fight, how can such a good thing be less me.”

A voice rang abnormally in Yang Xu and the others’ ears.

The sudden appearance of the silhouette made the expression of Yang Xu, Wang Chunyi, and the swordsman in white clothes change simultaneously.

With their cultivation base and realm, there are irrelevant people waiting to come close, they didn’t even notice it!

Shua shua shua !

3 Sharp eyes, simultaneously looked towards that silhouette.

The 6 powerhouses in the great hall, with the help of the Moon Eye, also looked towards the coming people.

When he saw his face clearly, they were 6 simultaneously stared wide-eyed:

“It’s impossible! Didn’t he leave the continent of the stalemate and go to the continent of the immortal country? Why is he still here?”

That face was smiling and quietly appeared in front of Yang Xu 3 people, it was the general!

Looking at the look of the general’s face in the light curtain, the 6 powerhouses in front of the light curtain were simultaneously sinking in my heart:

“We’ve been fooled! I’m afraid he has long known that the king is not in that golden coffin!”

“Won’t he want to kill the king, General?”

“Can’t hesitate anymore! We set off immediately to protect the king!”

The 6 Zombie Powerhouses, without saying anything, rushed out of the great hall and rushed toward the general.

Yang Xu here.

Looking at the tall man with a sharp expression like a falcon, he could not help being frowned:

“who are you?”

There seems to be no such person among the deadlocks?

In Yang Xu’s memory, there is no shadow of this person.

The general’s morning sun was swept away, sneaked:

“Don’t know me? It seems that you know the expert of Zombie very well. I was still wondering about your identity before. Now I am sure that you must be the reincarnation of a powerhouse. Maybe you have been in contact with my Zombie. “

“However, what makes you want to come to my continent to take risks even if you are reincarnated?”

Jiang Chen’s curious eyes were fixed on Yang Xu, and he looked very interested.

This made Yang Xu’s heart sink slightly:

He just said a word, this guy actually guessed his origins.

This person’s mind and thinking are not generally sensitive.

“Well, although I have known the king of the zombie country, not at all in that golden coffin, but now I am still a little surprised to see you. Uh, do you see if I am surprised, the king of the zombie country, Stiff white feather?”

The general’s pupil light stares at the swordsman in white clothes.

white clothes Swordsman stiff white feathers, the divine glow in his eyes is as sharp as electricity, and looks straight at the general:

“General, I used to think that you were loyal to the zombie country, and even followed your plan to strengthen the country and the soldiers. It was not until I entered the golden coffin that I was subjected to rune suppression that I realized that you are doing something else!”

The stiff white feather looked cold and glanced at the general:

“Speak, what is your purpose? Now that you dare to appear in front of me, should you rely on it?”

“That’s natural. I originally planned to go to the continent in Xianguo. Later, when I thought about it, I went to visit Old Friend empty-handed, so I didn’t bring any gifts. It was a bit impolite. No, I will come back to find you again. Well, I hope that the king of the Zombie Kingdom can reward me with some treasure, so that I can bring some gifts to my Old Friend.”

Jiang Chenpi stared at the stiff white feather with a smile.

Stiff white feather coldly said:

“What gift do you want?”

The general raised his eyebrows:

“I think Wang’s heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys seem to be quite good, after all, it is a part of the king of the stalemate.”

“General, you are impudent! Dare to impudent in front of my king, and not kneel down!”

6 Black smoke, converging in front of stiff white feathers, transformed into 6 tall silhouettes.

Aura, which is surrounded by the ten-fold Peak of the long life, is the 6 powerhouses of the Zombie.

They were angry at the general, and their eyes were full of murderous intention.

“Um, it’s all together, there is more fun to watch now.”

Yang Xu laughed inwardly.

Don’t talk, and watch Wang Chunyi lively there.

Instead, the stiff white feather morning sun Xu swept over:

“I’m afraid you will postpone the battle with you. After I clear the portal, I will fight you again.”

Yang Xu grinned:

“It’s okay, you fight, I’ll just look around.”

The stiff white feather is frowned, unpleasantly said:

“Also invite you to leave my dead country.”

This is to catch Yang Xu away. After all, if he fights with his general and makes both sides suffer, Yang Xu can profit again from somebody’s misfortune, who can bear it?

Zhuang Baiyu hasn’t seen Yang Xu’s true strength until now, but he has sensed the general. The strength of this rebel is probably not under his own.

Even with the help of 6 guards, the stiff white feather can’t guarantee that he can win the general without any damage!

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