Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2960

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“Hehe, stiff white feather, you truly think too much.”

The general’s cold eyes flashed, looking towards Yang Xu, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth:

“You don’t have to leave at all, because my battle with the stiff white feathers won’t fall into both sides suffer at all, so you can’t pick it up cheaply.”

The general has enough confidence in his own strength.

more importantly.

Before seeing the origin of Yang Xu, he did not plan to let Yang Xu leave.

His decision, contrary to the decision of the stiff white feather, is contrary to the will of the king.

And when the general said this remark.

His voice seemed to contain Demon Power in general, all around, one after another, a stiff silhouette, and began moving towards gathering here.

Rolling Demon Cloud, condensing from the sky, caused Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon, thunder and lightning flashed above everyone’s head.

Such a scene made Wang Chunyi raise his eyebrows, and morning sun Xu said with interest:

“I don’t know what kind of person you were in your previous life, which attracted such a general to pay so much attention.

Wang Chunyi’s morning sun Xu cast a curious expression. He was also very curious about this mysterious teenager.

In response, Yang Xu smiled slightly, and did not care about the authenticity:

“The past is just the past. For me, the present is the most important.”

In his mind, a silhouette of Yang Xu in the future suddenly flashed. There was a sentence he didn’t say. It was also important for Yang Xu, not only now but also the future.

Only this future…

He has not yet the ability to grasp!


With a series of black mist shining, 6 powerhouses of the Zombie Kingdom flashed in front of the king of Zombie Zombie.

When they saw that the imperial army was not dispatched by the king, but instead he followed the general’s control.

They could not help glaring at the general:

“You really set a rebellion long before 1000 years ago! General, you chaos thief!”

Their eyes widened, Black Qi wrapped around their bodies, and they wished to tear and eat the generals piece by piece.

The general will naturally not be intimidated by their appearance. He smiled casually and pointed to the stiff white feather:

“To blame, you can only blame your king is too stupid! What kind of fear is the holy clan group of birds? Their bloodline is obviously the most precious and effective supplement to my stalemate, but you must be with the holy white feather. The tribes get along peacefully. Oh, the ridiculous peace, in the end, the saints still invaded my dead country?”

The general’s face was full of unwillingness.

Thousands of years ago, if he had made some plans, I am afraid that the reality of the stalemate would be heard by the saints.

The holy clan group of bird people thinks of destroying the entire stalemate.

Their king dreamed of being able to live in peace with the saints!

“It’s not the same as the reason of my own kind of heart. You don’t know the stiff white feather. If the zombie country follows you, sooner or later, it will fall into the situation of signed to eternal damnation! “

The solemn and firm color appeared on the general’s face, like a generation of heroes.

6 dysfunctional powerhouses can’t help laughing:

“Treason is treason! You commit a crime below, betrayed a stalemate, and you should be punished by law!”

“You don’t have to talk nonsense with this chaotic thief, kill him!”

The 6 Zombie Powerhouses are surrounded by Demon Qi, and their big hands are caught in the void, and a thick black mist gathers in their palms.

With the black mist pouring, Magic Treasure, a mouthful of Demon Qi 4 overflowing, appeared in front of everyone:

A black pot, the mouth of the black hole is deep, and a ray of magic smoke diffuses from it;

A black thigh bone with a gold rune engraved on it, accompanied by Demon Qi 4 overflows, those gold runes are like God and Demon blinking their eyes, exuding glory;

A black panspear with a black arm, and a black spear with a thick arm, wrapped around a evil dragon with a Demon Qi 4 overflow, and a pair of angry dragon eyes, releasing the baleful aura;

A black streamer with scarlet blood outlined a blood red skeleton. In the empty eye socket, there was a green flame rising faintly;

A piece of black Yin-Yang milestone seems to contain endless weight, turning in the void simultaneously, crushing the space;

A black chain, coiled in the flames of black, with the flame burning, the chain twitched gently, just like a poisonous python, choking others!

The 6 powerhouses of the Zombie Power have already refined these 6 Demon Artifacts.

With the help of 6 Demon Artifact, the strength of their longevity is enough to break out the terrifying battle strength comparable to the powerhouse of the mixed cave realm!

Whoosh whoosh!

6 black smokes bloomed on the side of the dust seal and turned into a silhouette of 6 powerhouses.

Murderous intention flashed in their eyes, without any hesitation, directly launched a killing move towards the general:



With a loud bang, the black jar appeared on top of the general’s head. The mouth of the black hole seemed to conceive a black hole, and the endless suction covered the minister.

In an instant, Demon Qi was absorbed by the black pot in the void where the general was.

Around the minister, instantly turned into a vacuum zone, without any energy aura!

at the same time.

The dark panlong demon spear tears the space and drills a Space Passage, a black evil dragon, the bucket is thick and thin, one after another black scales shining with the cold murderous intention, the dragon mouth is wide open, and the head of the general is swallowed. go with.

Black and white Yin-Yang milestone, it is the barrier of the cracked space, just like 2 Yin-Yang Divine Mountain, fiercely hit the general’s body!

These 3 attacks, if any one can succeed, it can instantly put the minister to death!

It was Yang Xu and Wang Chun who looked at it, but they couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows slightly, sighing:

“Is this the formidable power of Demon Artifact? Sure enough it is extraordinary.”

Yang Xu has also been in contact with Demon Artifact refining by special means.

But compared to this treasure that was directly bred from Demon Qi, it is still too weak.

“How will the general respond? He doesn’t seem to be afraid at all.”

Yang Xu could not help secretly sighed when he saw the general’s face.

At this moment, the stiff white feather also had a solemn expression, and his eyes stared at the general without blinking.

Seeing that the subject was surrounded by powerhouse, a pair of calm eyes, calm and composed, without any mood swings.

On expressionless’s face, there is no change at all.

As if, he was not afraid of the attack of these six people at all.

Facing the attack of 6 powerhouses, he also slightly said:

“You seem to have forgotten that the 6 Demon Artifacts in your hands are from you. Use Magic Treasure that I reward you to deal with me?”

The general was expressionless, flicking towards the void in front of him, buzzing.

A peculiar wave fluctuated in the void, turning into a peculiar rune, suspended in front of the general.

at the same time.

In the hands of 6 Zombie Powerhouses, the same Demon Artifact also flashed exactly the same rune mark.

Yang Xu eyes slightly shrink, laughing:

“Sure enough, the scene before me is also among the general’s plot against!”

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