Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2961

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6 Demon Artifact, turned into 6 black smoke in the void, and flew to the general in front of him.

In the void in front of the general, a black lotus bloomed.

6 powerhouses of the Zombies, seeing Black Lotus could not help eyes shrank:

“It’s it!”

Seeing 6 Demon Artifacts, turned into 6 black glow rune, escaped into the six lotus petals of Black Lotus.

The general extended the hand, gently holding it, the black lotus fell on his palm, and La La La took root in his palm.

A flash of black glow flashed into a tattoo of Black Lotus in the palm of the general.

He looked towards the 6 powerhouses of the Zombie with a smile:

“Is there any other means? If not, I’m too lazy to waste effort with you.”

6 powerhouse complexion changed, unprecedented dignity.

The stiff white feathers behind them also had some shortness of breath, revealing his inner shock.

On the contrary, Wang Chunyi and Yang Xu, these two bystanders, looked interesting.

not at all the slightest worry.

“It seems that you can’t come up with any surprises, let’s finish.”

The general is no longer nonsense. With beckoned, the ground rumble makes a loud noise, like an earthquake.

The 6 powerhouses were shaking and their footsteps were stabilized. The white feathers behind them suddenly loudly shouts:

“Be careful!”

Bang bang ……

Six consecutive gold coffins suddenly flashed from behind the six powerhouses, directly covering the six powerhouses of the zombie country.

Before they could react, the 6 golden coffins were closed directly, and the black runes shone.

No matter how the 6 powerhouses struggle, they can’t get rid of the 6 coffins.


The general waved his hand and six runes flew out, imprinted on the coffin.

Suddenly, the struggle of 6 powerhouses was directly interrupted.

6 golden coffins stand like 6 hills.

In the stunned eyes of the stiff white feathers, the six coffins gradually faded into transparency and disappeared into the void.

“What are you doing to them?”

The stiff white feather pupil light is as cold as a sword, staring at the general.

The general grinned:

“What do you stare at me like this? Didn’t you make them fall into this situation?”

The general did not conceal his mockery of the stiff white feather, and contemptuously said:

“As a king of a stalemate, you are really too weak. It took thousands of years to cultivate such a look?”

Looking at the indifferent gaze of the stiff white feather, there was a trace of evil interest in the heart of the minister, and suddenly asked:

“You know, why am I trying to conquer the country?”


Yang Xu and Wang Chunyi asked at the same time.

The general laughed:

“Ha ha ha, of course, for the master’s great cause ah! It won’t take long for the master to come to this World, when the time comes, not only the stalemate, the fairyland continent, the Holy Realm, will become the master’s back garden !”


Yang Xu frowned.

There was a trace of surprise in Wang Chun’s eyes.

The stiff white feathers are calm, but faintly:

“I have long noticed that you have a relationship with a mysterious powerhouse, but I didn’t expect that you would betray the entire zombie for that existence! Don’t you know that it’s not the heart of the non-my family Does it make sense?”

“Ha ha, I only know that the Zombie is being bullied by the Birds all the time, and obviously has the power but does not know to resist! In this case, I might as well lead the Zombie into the arms of the master! He is the real Overlord! Wherever, all acknowledge allegiance, otherwise, it is death!”

General this remark, Yang Xu could not help but wonder:

What kind of existence is so overbearing?

Dare to release such grand words in Immortal World, do you think you have lived too long?

It is at this time.

The sky suddenly became dark.

The silver moon was obscured by a huge shadow.

When everyone looked up, they saw an endless huge horror beast suspended in the air.

“This is… Kun!”

Yang Xu pupils suddenly shrink, he cultivated “Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art”, for this kind of only exists in the legendary Immemorial Ominous Beast, too familiar.

Just didn’t expect.

except him.

Someone actually used this legendary Immemorial Ominous Beast as a mount!

Yang Xu saw it at a glance, and there was a huge palace above the head of the giant Kun that could not be seen at a glance.

In the palace, a Hegemon silhouette sat.

His eyes are like the sun and the moon, exuding eternal rays of light, and his whole white body is carved with one after another huge mysterious symbol.

His huge body is all around, surrounded by 6 auras, shining with a peculiar light.

When the general saw the terrifying existence, Rao was very firm in mind, and at the moment he couldn’t help but eyes shrank, lowly cried:

“what is that?”

Above the giant kun, in that huge palace, the huge white clothes silhouette and a pair of eyes like the sun and the moon directly locked the general:

“There is that kind of aura that exists on you! But not you, you too weak.”

The sound of the huge silhouette of white clothes seemed to come from the distant sky. Rumble was like thunder, shaking the ground mountains and shaking to rumble.

It seems to be mountain bursting and ground splitting in general.

“Who the hell are you?”

The general raised his head and looked up at the horrible Hegemon in the sky.

A huge feeling of powerlessness made his heart jump. This feeling was only felt when he faced his master.


Now there is such a presence again!

“You don’t deserve to know my name. Let the master behind you come out, otherwise, you die.”

Along with this thunderous sound, above the sky, a huge raising heaven giant pillar, which was completely white, rolled down towards the generals.

At the bottom of the raising heaven giant pillar, there is one after another winding fingerprint.

Yang Xu saw this, but could not help crying:

“That’s a finger. It’s Hegemon’s finger.”

One finger, with a diameter of a few thousand meters, will have Yang Xu’s existence, which is directly shrouded.

The terrifying existence of aloof and remote doesn’t care about Yang Xu and Wang Chunyi’s lives at all. They obviously threaten the generals.

But they want to kill Yang Xu together.

It seems that in the eyes of that existence, Yang Xu they are trivial ant.

This desperate and fearful feeling of powerlessness caused an unknown fire in the hearts of three people, Yang Xu, Wang Chunyi and Zhuang Baiyu:

“Look at us? You are too arrogant!”

The three auras of one after another berserk broke out all over their bodies, an unprecedented sharp murderous intention, soaring into the sky, tearing the void, facing the ordinary finger of raising heaven giant pillar, rushing up.

Only the general, who sensed the overbearing aura that ignored everything, looked desperate and muttered in his mouth:

“Useless, this aura… is exactly as powerful as the master! Only the master can fight him!”

“But is Master… still closed, dead, I’m dead!”

In the terrified but unwilling eyes of the generals, Yang Xu, Wang Chunyi, and Stiff White Feather, they collided with that huge finger, fiercely.

The angry Yang Xu directly used the strongest killing trick, “Sea God Halberd”!


Sea God Halberd struck the finger, making a loud popping sound, but actually failed to hurt the finger!

“How can this be!”

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