Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2962

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Above Nine Heavens, the Hegemon silhouette sits over the head of the Immemorial Ominous Beast giant kun.

His eyes are like the sun and the moon, and there are 6 huge auras behind it, shining divine glow.

One finger, with a diameter of 1000 meters, is like a peaceful heaven giant pillar town. It will be Yang Xu’s Sea God Halberd, all of which will directly fly out.

Klang clang!

2 Popping.

Wang Chunyi and the stiff white feather were directly hit by Hegemon’s finger and flew a few thousand kilometers away.

Shooting back all the way, knocked down countless mountains.

Only Yang Xu’s Sea God Halberd hit the finger and exploded countless fire stars.

Leave a faint trace of cutting!


The Hegemon silhouette seemed a little surprised, his eyes were like the sun and the moon, and the morning sun looked down.


2 The bright beam of light enveloped Yang Xu.

He felt that an unprecedented horror aura locked him firmly.

It was like there were a thousand thousand Immemorial fierce mountains suspended above the head.

Replaced with other Cultivator, I’m afraid I’m too scared to move.

He was even stunned.


Rather than being afraid, Yang Xu felt an excitement and rushed out of his heart:

“How long has it been since I felt this pressure? ha ha ha ha! I like this feeling!”

Since coming to Immortal World.

There have never been many strong enemies, making Yang Xu feel excited from the bottom of his heart.

just now.

This one strange and mysterious powerful existence, let him find the direction of struggle!

“explode for me !”

Yang Xu 扬天loudly shouted.


There was a trace of pressure released by Hegemon, which exploded above Yang Xu’s head.

The space was cracked open after one another another.

This change made the general next to him stunned:

“He… can actually resist the coercion that exists? Who is this brat?”

The general looked at Yang Xu in horror.

Only he knows how horrible it is to have the same majestic Hegemon as the owner.


The other person spit out a word gently.

It is enough for the general to directly explode and die.

He has seen it with his own eyes, the great power of the master!

Even the existence of mixed caves.

In front of the master, it is just a part of being slaughtered!

Not only the general was surprised.

The existence of Hegemon was obviously surprised.

“Can’t think of a little dark continent, and such a existence, could it be the genius of Demon Domain?”

The Hegemon exists, and his eyes are like the sun and the moon, with 6 auras floating behind him.

He sounded like thunderbolt, and said to himself a few words.

Then, he stopped paying attention to Yang Xu:

“Leave you time to grow up, hope not to disappoint me. And you… die!”

The “Death” character was mentioned by the general.

At the moment of speaking, the fingers like raising heaven giant pillar had been moved towards to press down the minister fiercely.

Above a finger with a diameter of 1000 meters, one after another fingerprint is like a spiral, shining with a strange brilliance.

The finger was not pressed against the general.

The terrible pressure brought on has made it difficult for generals to move.


He couldn’t bear the huge pressure, and was pressed down to the ground.

The whole body ka ka rang.

“Molian, block for me!”

The general also tried to struggle.

The lotus that black bloomed above his head, spinning fast, releasing the rolling Demon Qi.

Trying to resist this finger.


Pu chi !

The black magic lotus did not resist even half a second!

Then it directly broke into pieces of sky!

Enough to make 6 long-lived powerhouses, all the helpless magic lotus, so annihilated!

Wang Chunyi and Stiff White Feather, both eyes shrank, looked at this scene in shock.

They can’t understand, what exactly is this powerful existence?

Fairy within the realm, why has this silhouette of powerhouse never appeared?

“Where does he come from? Is it like me from another world?”

Yang Xu expression flashes.

In the past memory, there is no clue about this Hegemon.


Even in the short confrontation with the future Yang Xu.

Yang Xu has never felt the shadow of this existence.

“Since the past hasn’t appeared, it must be related to the future. It is the ghost of Yang Xu in the future.”

In Yang Xu’s heart, he felt a little faint.

“Master! Save me!”

Seeing that the general was about to be crushed into a pile of powder by the huge palm.

The general was unable to bear and shouted.

His eyebrows, a peculiar rune, flashed dazzlingly.

Yang Xu saw the touch of rune, and suddenly his heart moved:

“That rune…is the rune of Puppet Great Technique! The general is actually a puppet!”


Yang Xu’s heart moved, and the system suddenly issued a harsh sound:

[Ding! 】

[Sensed the existence of the High Rank system! Approaching…100 Plane distance…50 Plane distance…1 Plane distance! 】

[System crisis warning! The High Rank system appears, and the Endless Upgrade System is in danger of destruction! Please players stay away as soon as possible! 】

at the same time.

Above the Vault of Heaven, the Hegemon sitting in the palace exists, and a pair of sun and moon-like eyes also looked towards the void in the distance:

“Well, finally appeared.”

His voice is like thunderbolt, with 6 divine auras behind it, exuding a bright divine glow.

Hegemon’s eyes shone like the sun and the moon, locking the sky in the distance:


The sky is full of sharp rays of light, and a gold rune, like a divine picture, flashing on the sky.

When this gold rune appeared.

In Yang Xu’s eyes, pupils shrink, and there is a feeling in his mind that he wants to kneel down and become a slave.

But his will was extremely firm.

The thought was dispelled in just an instant.

Taking another look at Wang Chunyi and the stiff white feathers, the eyes of Divine Eye are broken, obviously affected.

However, their Willpower is not as powerful as Yang Xu, and it has not yet recovered sober.

Yang Xu looked around again. All the stalemates and people of the stalemate, shua fell to their knees.

Call in unison:

“Pay respects to master! Greeting master! Director Immortal Blessing Forever Enjoys, life as long as heaven!”

“Pay respects to master! Greeting master! Director Immortal Blessing Forever Enjoys, life as long as heaven!”

The entire frozen country seems to sound such a mountain cry out and sea howl.

The stiff white feather suddenly woke up and looked at this scene in shock:

“This is impossible!”

“Trifling a Puppet Rune, can actually overcome the inheritance of the bloodline of Zombie!”

The people of the Zombie Kingdom are almost all transformed from the bloodline of the royal family of Zombie White Feather.

Actually only one rune, transformed into a puppet?

Yang Xu, who mastered “Puppet Great Technique”, also secretly shocked:

Things that “Puppet Great Technique” can’t do.

Actually, it was done only by a rune in the sky.

What kind of powerful existence can we use such a weird trick?

“Does he also own a system?”

Yang Xu heartbeat speeds up and becomes more and more excited:

It’s been a long time since I met the same kind!

This time I have some fun again, ha ha!

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