Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2963

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It was in the excited eyes of Yang Xu.

Under the watchful expression of Wang Chunyi and the stiff white feather.

Among the sounds of mountain cry out and sea howl in the puppets of the Zombie, above the Vault of Heaven, that silhouette finally tears the space out of the endless dark Space Passage.

Originally Space Passage was dark, without any rays of light.

But with that silhouette appeared.

The whole channel, golden light myriad, lucky color 1000!

A tall man stepped out of Space Passage.

He wore a golden dragon robe, with an Ancestral Dragon Qi condensed into a golden crown, all around, with Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise 4 like Divine Beast, circling around.

Behind the tall man, Purple Qi, the ancestor of purple, condensed and coiled, and there seemed to be a real Ancestral Dragon to be born!

“Very powerful imposing manner!”

Yang Xu eyes shined.

Nine Heavens.

The Hegemon powerhouse sitting above the giant kun, a pair of eyes like the sun and the moon, locked the dragon robe man.

“Unexpectedly, there is actually a system here, and it is still the strongest one.”

Dragon robe Man, the ancestor of Dragon Qi behind, releases purple divine shine, Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 like Divine Beast, rotates and soars around him.

all around Void, almost unable to bear this huge coercion, was compressed so fast that it would burst.

Yang Xu’s heart sank suddenly:

“Oops! Did he find the Endless Upgrade System?”

at this time.

Yang Xu was surprised to find that when the dragon robe man said that sentence.

not at all looked towards Yang Xu.

It looked directly towards the existence of Hegemon.

Dragon robe man with both eyes, it seems that there are countless universes transforming into 100 to 1000 ancient stars, like raindrops falling, the universe oscillates and lives and dies.

A world of vicissitudes, the unpredictable coercion of the heavenly heart, with the dragon robe man as the center, directly diffused towards all around.

Bang bang bang ……

The great hall below, the puppets of the stalemates of the dark continent, could not bear this coercion at all, one by one, all exploded and became one after another blood group.

Stiff white feather eye socket cracked:

That’s all the people of his dead country ah!

It is the strength of his hard work!

What makes the stiff white feather unbearable.

After those zombies puppets exploded, one after another essence in the flesh, little by little, moved towards Nine Heavens, that dragon robe silhouette gathered together!

“Dare you devour the bloodline of my zombie country? courting death!”

The stiff white feather can’t stand it anymore.

Rising into the sky, the blood light filled the whole body, rushing towards the dragon robe man.

Luckily, he picked up a dead general, and when he saw this scene, he could not help sneering:

“Stupid overestimate one’s capabilities!”

Just a little king of a stalemate, and still want to fight against my master?

You will die miserably!

The stiff white feather burned the Power of Bloodline, trying to fight the dragon robe man.


The general was wrong.

The stiff white feather died not miserably.

Even in the eyes of Yang Xu, the dragon robe man didn’t put the stiff white feather in his eyes at all.

The dragon robe is above the man’s head, the golden crown condensed by the ancestor Dragon Qi, exuding a golden glow, and the purple Ancestral Dragon phantom behind the enveloped Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 like Divine Beast.

Facing the sudden attack of the stiff white feather.

Dragon robe man has only a faint expression.

Sweep coldly!

Pu chi !

The stiff white feather is not even close to the dragon robe man within 10 meters!

In midair, it was like a firework, it exploded!


Not finished yet!

The dragon robe man flicked a light gold rune, palm size, and flew into the blood mass of the stiff white feather explosion.

Next second.

The blood mass coagulated in an instant, as if going back in time, and turned into a stiff white feather again.

But in his eyebrows, there was a gold rune shining slightly.

“Pay respects to master! Master Immortal Blessing Forever Enjoys, life as long as heaven!”

The eyes of the stiff white feathers were golden-bright and dazzling, bowing to the dragon robe man in the void.

See the general.

Frightened face:


“Even if I didn’t get the owner’s Power of Metal, why can he get the stiff white feather?”

“Master, I am the person you trust the most, obviously I am the first…”

The general’s words were not finished.

He was greeted by an indifferent expression of the dragon robe man.


The general’s body, like fireworks, exploded directly.

But this time.

The dragon robe did not play golden rune.

The minister turned into a blood mist, the wind blows, the smoke disappears and scatters!

The general is dead!

Was not killed by the presence of that powerful Hegemon.

Instead, an expression was abandoned by his master!

“What the hell is this guy? The temperament is too very ruthless.”

Yang Xu secretly thought.

But even more puzzled.

dragon robe What is the strongest system mentioned by men?

Does that Hegemon exist?

Yang Xu looked up towards the Vault of Heaven, the silhouette that covered the sky.

The dragon robe man shrouded Ancestral Dragon Qi and purple’s Ancestral Dragon phantom, condensed behind him, pulling Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 like Divine Beast, releasing incredible fluctuations.

Yang Xu’s perception was totally inaccessible to the dragon robe man!

Hegemon silhouette sitting on the Immemorial Ominous Beast giant kun, watching the dragon robe man, finally revealed his first mood swing:

“It seems that you have not let me down. In just a few thousand years, you have grown to a point where I was surprised.”

“But, it’s just an accident. Your strength, not worth mentioning, in front of the Lord Kunming.”

Hegemon feeds the king, sitting in the palace, his eyes are hanging like the sun and the moon, with 6 divine auras behind, releasing the incredible divine glow:

“If I remember correctly, your name seems to be called… Dragon?”

dragon robe The man smiled:

“The dignified feeder master, who has the strongest power in the Kun world, can actually remember the name of my dragon, which really surprised me a little.”

Among his eyes, there were millions of stars falling, countless universes disillusioned samsara, and released aura that destroyed everything.

This aura turned into a wicked dragon, rushing towards the feeding king above the Vault of Heaven.


The eyes of the feeding king are as bright as the sun and the moon, condensing into a Divine Pillar intertwined with gold and silver, which will destroy this evil dragon and directly collapse.

Pu chi !

The void seemed to oscillate in boiling water, disintegrating a large area and turning into nothingness and darkness.

Wang Chunyi saw trembling in fear, and was horrified by the power of these two powerful big shots.

Even if the 3 16 shackles on his body, all lifted.

I’m afraid I can’t fight these two existences, right?

He couldn’t help looking towards Yang Xu.

The result was a shock:

“Yang Xu…what expression is that?”

At this time, Yang Xu was like a greedy robber who found a huge treasure, his eyes shining brightly, releasing the harsh rays of light.

“Feeding Kun Master… He must also own the system. The system that Longteng said was not me, but the feeding Kun Master!”

“And Longteng also has a powerful system, they can perceive each other, so giving tit for tat……”

[Endless Upgrade System] has not evolved for a long time.

just now.

Here comes his chance!

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