Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2964

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It seems to confirm Yang Xu’s guess.

In my mind, the sound of [Endless Upgrade System] suddenly sounded:


[Feeling the powerful existence of 2 system, the strongest feeding kun master system and endless puppet system, does the player Yang Xu immediately start the devouring program? 】

Yang Xu raised a brow:

“Can they still be swallowed? What is the success rate of the swallowed?”


The little Qilin formed by the Endless Upgrade System appears in Yang Xu’s mind:

“Reporting to the owner, the strongest feeding kun master system is one of the most powerful systems, contains the power of Heavenly Dao, and is supported by the subsequent Divine Power of the kun kingdom. If you want to devour the strongest feeding kun master system, success The rate is less than 1/10000th, and once the swallowing is successful, the full power of the Endless Upgrade System will be concentrated on refining the strongest feeding kun master system, and must fall into a sleep of 500 years!”

Yang Xu’s eyes could not help blinking:

“It took 500 years to devour this feeding system.”

Yang Xu secretly stunned.

“What about the endless puppet system?”

Yang Xu asked.

[Endless Upgrade System] Little Qilin of incarnation, immediately replied:

“The endless puppet system is an opponent that the host of the strongest feeding kun master system deliberately cultivates. If he wants to devour him, the success rate is also below 1/10000th. Unless…”

“Unless I become as strong as Dragon, right?”

Yang Xu this remark makes Qilin incapable of being nodded.

Yang Xu couldn’t help saying with a smile:

“You have forgotten a little bit, that is, you should evolve too. If you become strong enough, the speed of my promotion will become faster.”

Little Qilin was silent.

Yang Xu knew that little Qilin was born with the will of system and himself.

On the one hand, it represents the intelligence of [Endless Upgrade System].

On the other hand, it is the mapping of Yang Xu’s subconscious mind:

Since entering Immortal World.

In order to avoid premature contamination with cause and effect.

Yang Xu has been deliberately suppressing his cultivation base realm.


From the moment the feeding system and endless puppet system appear.

The goal of Yang Xu loses its meaning.

Want to compete with these 2 powerful system masters.

His hidden will and strength can no longer be suppressed.


He is willing to become a vassal, or stepped on the feet by these two!

“Well, since that’s the case, there’s no need to keep a low profile there anymore. Improve your strength early and sort out the past grudges.”

When Yang Xu sighed like this.

A pair of eyes, but penetrated the barrier of the void, looked towards the dark continent, the direction of the fairy continent.

The burial of immortal dynasty he once established was there.

But said in Yang Xu’s heart, when the thought is 10000 1000.

Above the Vault of Heaven, the masters of the 2 powerful systems started their fight.

Being one of the strongest systems.

The host of the strongest feeding kun master system, because it is too lonely in this side of the world, so he specially cultivated the opponent of endless puppet system.

And Long Teng, as the owner of the endless puppet system, did not disappoint the feeder.

He has risen rapidly at an astonishing speed.


[Endless puppet system] gave him one of the strongest tasks:

“Feeding the Gun Master, as long as you kill you, I will be rewarded by the system. I have a 99% chance to get the strongest 10 Great Dao among the Three Thousand Great Dao!”

“As long as I get these 10 strongest Great Dao, I will be the strongest of this fairy within the realm. Then I will transform the entire Immortal World into my puppet and become my tool person, and I will be able to ascend and carry Immortal World puppet sweeps all other Heavens Myriad Realms!”

Long Teng wears dragon robe, the ancestor of the purple behind Dragon Qi releases the prestige, Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 like Divine Beast, flying around him.

He is an invincible powerhouse.

It is also a very ruthless powerhouse!

In order to complete the tasks of the system, get rewards.

He can endure everything or give up everything!

It is precisely because of his temperament.

Only in a short period of time, can it grow beyond the realm expected by the feeder.

This way.

I don’t know how many 1000 World or even 3000 World suffered his destruction and looting.

3 is an imaginary number, representing infinity.

3000 World is a collection of infinite Small World and independent small Plane.

just now.

Behind the dragon, there is an infinite 3000 World and a large 1000 World. This is his confidence to fight against the strongest system.

Above the Vault of Heaven.

The feeding king sits high in the palace above the head of the giant kun. His eyes are like the Great Sun and the bright moon, flashing the rays of light against the plot.

Behind the 6 divine auras, flashes of light and darkness, full of incredible power:

“It seems that you can’t hold back anymore and want to compete with me.”

In response to him, it was Long Teng’s 2nd attack without hesitation:


龙腾all around ,Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 Like Divine Beast,simultaneously blooming a brilliant brilliance.

Next second.

4 Divine Sword filled with the power of Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise Life Source, teaching void, moved towards the feeder above, flew away.

The expression of the feeder is always indifferent.

For Dragon’s attack, there is no slight emotion.

His huge palm, pulling into the void, as if tearing off a piece of paper, the space was torn by him with a sneer, revealing the Rune flashing Great Dao aura, the shattered Space Crystal Wall.

The feeder took a large piece of space that was torn off, as if waving a handkerchief, and hurried towards the four Divine Sword volumes:


The four elephants that attacked him, Divine Sword, were directly swept together.

The main feeder flicked and pu chi made a muffled noise.

4 Like Divine Sword collapsed into a ray of aura, just like dust, falling from the void.

“The trick is okay, but the formidable power is really so-so.”

Aoof and remote, the feeder, commented at random.


He pointed towards the random point below, his huge fingertips, and a few stars rays of light flashed:

ao roar!

A killer whale twined with sword light and murderous aura condensed out in the void.

Its huge body, covering the sky and the sun, the huge whale tail, like the hand of God, casually patted, and the sky collapsed into pieces.

The tail of this killer whale flicked, with a million sword light, and his head was covered towards the face.

Wherever it passes, the space is directly annihilated into black nothingness.

It was Wang Chunyi at the moment, and none of the complexion changed, towards Yang Xu said:

“We may not be able to appreciate this Divine Immortal fight, Yang Xu, please leave this place.”

Unexpectedly, Yang Xu expression was calm and remained unmoved.

Instead, he looked at this scene with great interest:

“Wang Chunyi, your power shackles haven’t been fully opened yet. Let’s take a step first. I’ll wait for a while, maybe there are other interesting changes.”

“Then be careful~i go to!”

Wang Chunyi didn’t stay, and the silhouette disappeared instantly.

Just the next second he disappeared.

pu chi sounded, the space he was in was directly scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!

On the top of Yang Xu’s head, densely packed, there are more than 1000 horror Sword Qi, moved towards him and beheaded down!

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