Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2965

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have to say.

Yang Xu is really bad luck.

It is not him who is the target of the feeder.

The killer whale really wants to kill the dragon.

Yang Xu was just accidentally injured by Sword Qi at the corner of the killer whale.


Even so, Yang Xu still felt the pressure.

Faced with the sword light hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Behind Yang Xu, 9 Divine Sword rose up and gave a slight shock:

Klang clang!

With the continuous sound of bang, the Sword Qi that landed down was cut off and collapsed in an instant.

at the same time.

The real attack of the killer whale rushed to the dragon.

The endless murderous intention formed one after another cloud, suspended above the dragon’s head and enveloped him.

The dragon in the shadow, not at all, has the slightest panic.

Dragon Qi, the ancestor of the purple behind him, shines, and surrounds Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 like Divine Beast, facing the millionthunderbolt-like Sword Qi.


A huge space was indented and formed above him.

Seen from a distance, it was as if the top of Long Teng’s head had been dug away.

In that hollow of space, a crystal clear and near-transparent palm flew out.

The palm is like a green jade carved with a strand of jade rune.

It looks like a jade dragon, rising against the million sword light, the green rays of light flash:

Pu chi !

The jade-colored palm was photographed in the void, and Yang Xu only felt that the space around all, and even the dark continent under his feet, had tremors of varying degrees.


Yang Xu suspects that the whole Plane where they are located has been shaken!

Almost at the same time.

The slashing million sword light suddenly suspended above the jade palm.

Next second, slap.

A crackling sound.

It seems that the Small Mirror is broken together.

Densely packed, million murderous aura The sturdy sword light, all shattered in an instant!

The stars of light are like stars falling.

Yang Xu can not help the light flashed by pupil:

“Very powerful palm.”


Not finished yet!

There was a sneer in the corner of Long Teng’s mouth, and images of the rising sun and the falling universe and the disillusionment of the universe flashed in his eyes.

Surrounded by Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise, it hums and growls simultaneously:


Above the Vault of Heaven, the jade-colored palm, on the side of the killer whale, teaching void, suddenly emerged.

Around the palm of the jade, there is a stream of jade rune flowing like a falling dark green waterfall.

The jade-colored palm unleashes incredible power. In the previous second, it was only the size of an ordinary person’s palm. The next moment, suddenly became huge like a mountain.

In the eyes of Yang Xu astonished.

That jade-colored palm became obscured by the sun, and instantly exceeded the killer whale.

Long Teng sneered and blinked.

The jade-colored palm suddenly fell down, grabbing the killer whale surrounded by Sword Qi in the palm.

ciii ciii!

The killer whale blooms into 100 to 1000 Sword Qi, and each Sword Qi’s formidable power is comparable to Yang Xu’s “Great Sword Qi”.


No effect at all!

In front of that jade-colored palm, all Sword Qi are so fragile and so dead.

The jade-colored palm only flicked, and all the Sword Qi instantly shattered.

A pinch of jade palm:

Pu chi !

The huge head of the killer whale shattered directly, and the blue blood rolled down from its broken head.

Those blue blood, when they touched the air, turned into million Sword Qi, and shot towards all around.

Yang Xu grabbed a few Sword Qi released by killer whales, feel it, and couldn’t help eyes shined:

“This is no ordinary killer whale!”

The killer whale’s within the body contains powerful Sword Qi fluctuations.

It’s as if it is a generalization of Divine Sword.

And the following scene confirmed Yang Xu’s judgment:

After the jade-colored palms collapsed the killer whale’s head, endless sword light was released.

Long Teng seems to have expected this scene long ago, controlling the jade palm to shake gently:

Pu chi !

All sword light fell instantly, and the body of the killer whale released one after another sword glow, converging toward the center, white light flashed, and a strange sword with a strange style appeared.

This strange sword is wrapped around a sharp murderous intention, like a squashed killer whale.

Long Teng grabbed it, and the strange sword suddenly appeared in his palm.

He looked provocatively towards the king of the sky:

“How to deal with me with this kind of stuff? What about the sword kun you keep? Come on.”


He eyebrows slightly frowned, morning sun Xu swept over here.

His eyes flashed with signs of the sun and moon falling, and the universe falling, rumble!

The void above Yang Xu’s head couldn’t bear the pressure of this expression and collapsed directly.

A vast terrifying pressure, moved towards Yang Xu came down.

Behind Yang Xu, the 9 dazzling Sword Qi Divine Pillar, with a slight shock, will get this majestic pressure and instantly crush.


Long Teng was a little surprised at the morning sun Xu looked down, it seemed a little unexpected, Yang Xu could actually bear his stare.

After looking at Yang Xu from head to toe, he could not help but sneer:

“There is still a little ant hiding here. You bad luck, Young Master is in a bad mood today.”


He casually waved the strange sword in his hand.


thunderbolt At first glance, myriad sword light is like the end of the world, tearing the Vault of Heaven, moved towards Yang Xu and slashed down.

A sharp murderous intention blocked all spaces in Yang Xu’s front, back, left, and right.

There was a hint of joking in Long Teng’s mouth:

“Little ants, keep running away.”

He really wants to know what other tricks Yang Xu can play.

Such a playful mentality made Yang Xu calm for a long time, and finally a anger burst out.

How long has he been overlooked like this?

Do you really think you are the god of aloof and remote?

“System, start to enter immediately…”

Yang Xu just came up with this idea.

mutation occurs again:

A shadow was like lightning, and Sword Qi, which Long Teng chopped towards him, was swallowed directly by Yang Xu.

Longteng eyes shrank, could not help faintly staring at the feeder:

“Old fellow, you made it clear that you want to fight me? Are you also robbing an ant?”

Immemorial Ominous Beast On top of the giant kunun head, the main eyes of the feeding kun are like the Great Sun and the bright moon, shining wisdom and plot against the rays of light, with 6 divine ring behind, dive splendor slightly.

A small fish resembling a tadpole surrounded Sword Qi and flew beside him, getting into his palm and missing.

It was this little fish that devoured all the Sword Qi that killed Yang Xu.

The main voice of the feeding kun is rumble, just like thunderbolt, slowly:

“You want him to die, I want him to live, let’s do everything.”

“Ha ha ha, good! If you want to play with me, I will play with you! See if you can protect this ant!”

When Longteng spoke, a wave of Qingtian pressure suddenly fell to the morning sun.

The jade-colored palm that killed the killer whale easily flashed on the side of Yang Xu, moved towards his body, and squeezed it.

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