Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2966

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The jade-colored palms, wrapped in densely packed feather-colored rune, are like a green jade Flood Dragon, and the morning sun is entwined.

Where it passed, one after another jade-colored ripples rippled.

Ripples passed through, and the void fragments collapsed and collapsed, turning into a black void.

The terrifying pressure hiding the sky and covering the earth almost crushed the fleshy body of Yang Xu directly.

ka la la!

Yang Xu’s 4 limbs, and a sound about to break apart.

Dragon aloof and remote, looking down at the body of the Human Race, with a sneer in the corner of his mouth:

“Trifling ants, also want to steal under my palm?”


He expected Yang Xu to die, and he could not escape his attack.

So he lifts the head, looking towards the feeder above.


At this time the void was turbulent, and a distant and desolate voice diffused from afar.

The feeder sitting on the Ominous Beast giant kun, the expression can not be changed:

“This aura… the king of the deep sea?”

In his eyes, the pupils like the Great Sun and the bright moon flashed slightly and waved pu chi!

A small tadpole-sized fish suddenly emerged from the void beside Yang Xu.

It instantly became a few 10000 kilometers in size, completely covering the void above Yang Xu’s head.

Next second.

This “little fish” turned into a Hegemon, will kill Yang Xu’s jade palm and swallow it in one bite.

The destructive pressure on Yang Xu’s head suddenly disappeared.

Above the Vault of Heaven, there was a thunderous voice from the feeding king:

“Little fellow, I can only help you this time. Whether I can escape my life depends on yourself.”

The kingfisher followed the beckoned, the big fish that engulfed the jade palm, flew up, and once again became the size of a small tadpole, shaking its head and wagging its tail into the palm of the kingfisher.

The feeder’s eyes, like the sun and the moon, lightly glanced at Longteng.


Without saying a word, his figure was in the void, gradually fading.

Eventually disappeared completely.

It’s as if it never existed at all.

Dragon’s gnashing teeth:

“Damn! Give me my treasure!”

There was a strong fear in his eyes, because his jade-colored palm, which he spent his hard work refining, was swallowed by the small fish that fed the king, and immediately disconnected from him!


The feeder has disappeared.

Even if he wanted to get it back, he was too late.

“How did the feeder go so hurriedly? Is it because of that voice?”

Dragon light flashed, looked towards the direction of the sound.

Afterglow in the corner of the eye, he glanced down to Yang Xu below.

“Um, are they gone? Who are you hiding from?”

Yang Xu expression faintly.

He didn’t feel panic because of Dragon’s killing trick.

Such a move suddenly made Longteng’s eyelids jump:

“Hmph, see who will protect you this time.”


Dragon aloof and remote, go to the next hand, buzz!

On his fingertips, a bunch of Puppet Rune suddenly surrounded.

Every Puppet Rune is shimmering with dark magic rays of light.

Similar to the “Puppet Great Technique” mastered by Yang Xu.

This discovery made Yang Xu’s heart move slightly:

“It seems that this dragon is a courageous courting death. In that case, it will fulfill you.”

Facing the finger that Longteng rolled down.

Yang Xu’s heart moved, and the eye of 9 heart instantly activated.

A peculiar fluctuation, with him as the center, instantly crossed the blockade of countless Plane and Space-Time and passed to the Lower Realm.

The boundless in the sky.

A huge silhouette, just like Immemorial God, sits in nothingness.

All around, there is the sight of one after another Immortal, God and Demon, spying and looking at this silhouette continuously.

Want to find his weak spot.


There is also a fairy demon quietly to try.


The huge silhouette of the sitting, like God during the ancient times during the meditation, didn’t move at all.

Regardless of how they provoked.

There was no movement in that body.

Despite their tricks and attacks, they fell on the body.

The huge body was unwavering and unharmed!

“It is worthy of the existence of Divine Pagoda and Divine Stone. This Divine Body, our Divine Ability can’t help him at all, but he has been approved by Heavenly Dao of this realm. If he wants to enter this realm, he must be defeated. “

“Impossible! Here he is invincible!”

one after another Divine Sense, unhindered in the void above the god body.

Without warning.

The god body suddenly moved.

His eyes suddenly opened like a statue-like god body.


It within both eyes, there are 1000 on the myriad law waterfall, Great Dao aura, one after another.

The nihility in front of it turned into a Primal Chaos almost at the speed visible with naked eye.

Then, clear gas rises and turbid gas falls.

In front of the god body, a newly born World is formed.

Immortal, God and Demon, which are spied by everyone, are all expressions:

“what happened?”

They were horrified to find that there was 2 silhouettes in the suddenly born World in front of the god body.

The silhouette above, aloof and remote, with a mad face and a sneering face, is full of murderous intention.

The little silhouette below looks like a Human Race, the expression is calm and indifferent, but the expression sharp in the eyes is like Divine Sword!

“This is… another World projection?”

Immortal God and Demon, all turned pale with fright.

What shocked them even more was.

The god body, which had not been moving, was empty in the back of the head, and suddenly a halo appeared.

Infinite divine light diffuses out of that aura, releasing the fluctuations of Heaven and Earth Great Dao Law.

“This is… the real Great Dao Law! It’s a bit of Immortal Artifact!”

“Appeared! That legendary Immortal Artifact…Sun God disk!”

Not only these fairy demons were alarmed.

The Lower Realm powerhouses guarded by the god body were also shaken:

“It’s Yang Xu Senior’s god body that wakes up!”

“Ha ha, I knew that Yang Xu Senior must not be dead!”

“Immortal Artifact Sun God disk is activated, indicating that it found the owner’s aura!”

Numerous powerhouses are all very pleasantly surprised.

Dao Road, which only feels dim, once again has the light:

“We need to work hard to cultivate ourselves and improve ourselves to help Yang Xu Senior get rid of it as soon as possible!”

“Yes, we must grow up enough to protect the Lower Realm and fight the fairy demons. At that time, the god body of Yang Xu Senior can be completely free!”

The Cultivators are very clear that Yang Xu Senior sacrificed his strength in exchange for their 500 years of tranquility.

And these 500 years have passed half!

“Did Yang Xu Senior enter the upper realm? Will he be in danger?”

Countless Lower Realm powerhouses, looking up at the Vault of Heaven, watching the newly born “World projection” above.

What makes them angry is.

In World projection, the arrogant guy seems to kill their Yang Xu Senior.

A finger was stretched out, morning sun Xu Senior rolled down.

“Well, Yang Xu Senior is a lot weaker than that person…”

Everyone is sinking.

It is at this time.

A thunder flashed, and a blue Divine Beast, smashing void, blocked Yang Xu.

A silhouette of a woman stands above the blue Divine Beast:

“Hurt me deep sea clansman, courting death!”

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