Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2967

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Above the Vault of Heaven, a huge whale covered the sky and cast a large shadow.

It haunts the old aura, with blade-sword scars, unhindered and staggered.

A pair of deep eyes, at the moment of appearance, locked the silhouette of Long Teng.

And on top of this whale’s head.

Standing a young girl.

Her black hair is like a waterfall, and her eyes are full of smart rays of light.

But at the moment.

In those smart eyes, there was burning anger:

She took Spirit Pet Laner and followed Yang Xu’s aura along the way.

Finally, Yang Xu’s position was locked.


As soon as it appeared, I saw that Yang Xu was about to be killed by the guy with aloof and remote!

“Dare to bully my clansman in the deep sea, Laner, fiercely teach him!”

As the daughter of the sea king, the Princess of the sea, the pearl in the palm of the powerhouses of countless sea tribes.

Lan Ke’er did not hesitate, and directly ordered Spirit Beast Laner.

at this time.

Long Teng stood in the void and looked at Lan Ke’er who appeared suddenly, very surprised:

“Actually the Deep Sea Race.”

He crushed Yang Xu’s finger and paused slightly.

Surprisedly looked at Yang Xu from head to toe:

“Your ant, is actually a deep-sea tribe? Why don’t you feel any aura of the deep-sea tribe?”

Long Teng’s body, Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 Double wild tyrannical pupils, faintly stared at Yang Xu.

Behind the purple Ancestral Dragon phantom is to release fierce power.

His aura, like a thousand thousand Great Mountains, rolled down and tried to deter Yang Xu.


Everything is in vain.

Long Teng didn’t know what kind of existence he provoked.

“No matter what my origins are, it’s always true that you provoke me.”

“And, this fact cannot be changed.”

Yang Xu expression lightly, glancing at the silhouette of the dragon aloof and remote.

9 The Eye of Heart has made contact with the god body guarding the World Plane.

The Immortal Artifact Sun God disk has also been activated and is under the control of Yang Xu.

As long as he is willing.

Power can burst at any time!

“Ao roar…”

In the heart of Yang Xu, the murderous intention is boiling.

The Ominous Beast blue whale, who was ordered by the Deep Sea Princess, began to release its tyrannical aura.

Its huge body all around, densely packed ocean vortex, condensed out.

Those ocean vortex, rumble spin, releasing the sound of thunderbolt.

All around Rolling Death Qi, Spirit Qi, Fairy Qi, all captured by these crazy turning vortex, rolling into the blue whale’s within the body.


The huge blue whale’s surface, there is one after another divine rune, flashing bright rays of light.


Dragon is within both eyes, Universe is disillusioned, Sun and Moon are rising, behind Ancestral Dragon Qi releases a majestic purple divine shine, falling all around.

He seemed to be standing in a purple space, looking up at the strange blue whale.

In his surprised eyes.


The blue whale was around one after another supernatural rune, and suddenly released an incredible divine shine, densely packed azure blue snare, shot out from the rune, and moved towards the dragon.

Look at it.

The azure blue snare was actually outlined by pointy blade glow Sword Qi.

Where it passed.

The void is directly cut out of the black void of one after another.


That Zhan blue snare seems to be related to Space Law.

Almost 1/1000th can’t be reached in an instant.

It has already appeared on the head of Longteng.

Behind the dragon, Purple Qi, the ancestor of purple, shines around, with Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise circling and boiling.

His eyes flickered slightly, Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 was like Divine Beast, and it screamed simultaneously, turned into 4 divine lights, and soared.

Clang clang clang ……

Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 Like Divine Beast, hit the blue snare, and actually made a metallic sound.

one after another dazzling fire star, like a star, falling from the snare.

“Xiaolan, don’t be polite with him, beat him fiercely!”

The girl with black hair like a waterfall, standing on top of the blue whale of Ominous Beast, commanded fiercely in an imposing manner.


She will also look curiously towards Yang Xu.

looked towards Yang Xu’s expression, full of curiosity:

“Are you all right? Are you injured?”

Looked at the expression of Yang Xu’s bland calmness.

Lan Ke’er wondered:

She clearly felt the aura of the Hai family, but why is this goal a Human Race?

Even stranger.

Facing the deadly crisis just now.

This Human Race teenager, is not afraid at all?

Lan Ke’er felt strange, and looked at Yang Xu a few more times.

And this time.

The dragon sneered and launched the most brutal attack:

“Puppet Heaven and Earth, restrain the cage, kill!”

His palm shone with the glory of black, and slammed into the void in front of him:

Pu chi !

A cloud of black smoke exploded, and a black rune like a cobweb, flashing faintly’s black glow, quickly spread to all around.


Yang Xu felt that Heaven and Earth all around seemed to have a master at once, which strongly rejected him.

The dragon is surrounded by purple Ancestral Dragon Qi, expression stands idly in the void, and only ticks his fingers:


The void collapsed, and the Space Crystal Wall condensed out. It turned into a huge palm, moved towards the azure snare released by the blue whale, and shot directly.

Bang bang bang ……

All Cham blue snares exploded directly.

The giant hands condensed by the Space Crystal Wall, but did not stay in the slightest, moved to the blue whale Ominous Beast on the towards Vault of Heaven, and took a photo directly.


Ominous Beast Blue Whale, sensing this change, a pair of deep eyes flashed slightly, and heard rumble burst like thunder.

The blue whale flicked its giant tail that covered the sky, moved towards the crystal wall big hand, and shot directly down:

clang clang clang!

Bang bang bang !

Space burst!

Space-Time overlap!

A destructive formidable power swept all around, even shaking the huge body of the blue whale Ominous Beast.


The blue whale issued a cry out in surprise.

It didn’t expect that this crystal wall master has such amazing power.


It was miscalculated, and Longteng immediately launched a counterattack of hiding the sky and covering the earth:

Chi chi chi!

Space Crystal Wall rays of light flashed into a densely packed crystal wall system Divine Spear, assassinated from all around towards Ominous Beast blue whale.

at the same time.

Long Teng knows the truth about to catch brigands, first catch their king, and his eyes blink, that Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 is like Divine Beast, hiding in the void, with the help of the fluctuations of Heaven and Earth space, from Lan Ke’er Behind him, suddenly killed.


Long Teng expression cold.

Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 Like Divine Beast, moved towards Lan Ke’er issued a brutal and fierce blow.

“Even if you are the king of the deep sea and offended me, you can’t be forgiven.”

The dragon is like an emperor, with the Ancestral Dragon Qi rising behind him, and the golden crown on top of his head.

Yang Xu, who was silent for a long time below, looked at Lan Ke’er’s loose one’s head out of fear expression in his eyes.

Can not help laughing:

“It’s okay, I still have to do it myself.”

Bright glow flashed through my eyes, and Yang Xu suddenly locked the silhouette of Long Teng:

“Since you want to be beaten, I’ll be merciless.”

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