Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2968

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At this moment.

Long Teng seems to be the owner of Heaven and Earth, the king of this space.

He can even move Space Crystal Wall at will and master it easily.

[Endless puppet system] The power of him was exerted to the best by him.

Only one expression will suppress the huge Ominous Beast blue whale.


In the blinking figure, it was already on the top of Lan Ke’er’s head, and he released the killing trick towards the daughter of the king of the deep sea:


Behind the dragon, Ancestral Dragon Qi ascends, and the whole body is like a Divine Beast spinning and flying, releasing a ray of fierce light.

The space and World here are controlled by his slavery.

Change as he wants.

Lan Ke’er all around, Space Clara burst, and was compressed by Power of Puppet.

It seems to be a transparent coffin.

Lan Ke’er was shocked to find that her connection with Spirit Beast Laner was cut off!

Pu chi !

Lan Ke’er’s head was empty, bursting, collapsing, and annihilating.

A devastating aura, moved towards her quickly rolled down.


On top of Lan Ke’er’s head, a fist sized azure blue gem rose.

It resembles the shape of a tear, which contains the vast aura of the sea.

It was when she came, the treasure she stolen from the father treasure house, the tears of Sea God.

The blue energy burst out of the tears of Sea God, like a mist of water, which wrapped Lan Ke’er.

all around, the pressure that made her feel suffocated suddenly dissipated.

Long Teng stood above, looking down at Lan Ke’er’s movements, but couldn’t help coldly smiled:

“This treasure is kind of interesting.”

I don’t see him doing any complicated movements, just one finger, pu chi!

A black ray shot from his fingertips.

Looking closely, the black rays turned out to be densely packed black Puppet Rune, converging.

Black shot at the energy mask that easily penetrated the surface of Sea God’s tears, and Puppet Rune immediately wrapped Sea God’s tears.

See black Puppet Rune, a flickering creep.

Next second.

Long Teng couldn’t help laughing:


He hooked his fingers at random, and the tears of Sea God rose directly into the air, obediently flew in front of him, and whirled round and round.

Long Teng didn’t care, only moved towards the shocked Lan Ke’er below, faintly smiled:

“Now you can die.”

“You dare kill my, my father will not let you go!”

Lan Ke’er yelled.

Long Teng sneered:

“Is the king of the deep sea? I haven’t planned to start with the ocean before, but I don’t mind breaking with your father’s wrist…”

He hasn’t finished speaking yet.

A shadow suddenly shrouded him.

Lan Ke’er below, his eyes lit up suddenly, looking at the sky with surprise:

“This aura is Immortal Artifact!”

Long Teng looked up, and suddenly saw a sun of rays of light 10,000 zhang, releasing an infinite amount of gold divine shine, moved towards him fiercely pressed down.

This sun is directly over ten thousand meters, and the whole body is covered with billowing flames, which burns the void into liquid energy.

Above this small sun, there is a round divine disc, flashing the luster of luster, the immortality is faint.

Next to the Shenpan, Yang Xu expression was plain and stood there.

Long Teng eyes shrank, a little surprise in his eyes:

“It really looked down on you, this ants, even had the luck to master the Immortal Artifact.”

“But it will be mine soon!”

Faced with the killing trick released by Yang Xu with Sun God, Long Teng not only did not fear, but was overjoyed.

There was a burning glow in his eyes, and he laughed again and again:

“I have never surrendered an Immortal Artifact, thank you ants, give me this opportunity!”

Yang Xu faintly smiled:

“Really? Then you give it a try.”

The eye of the heart moved slightly, and Sun God suddenly released the brilliance of 氤氲.

That small sun, suddenly rumble trembles, sounds of thunder, all around drooping one after another energy waterfall, moved towards dragon, fiercely pressed down.

Not only that.

This small sun is entwined with the Power of Law, and this space has been immobilized, making Longteng feel suffocated.

“Want to fight for this space with me? I am their owner! Give me top!”

ka la la!

All around, space burst, one after another Space Crystal Wall big hand, flying out, moved towards the small sun above the head, strikes out.


This small sun’s formidable power is too terrifying.

Those big hands of Space Crystal Wall are melted before they reach the small sun 100 meters.

This scene made Lan Ke’er shocked:

“Is this the power of Immortal Artifact? It can summon a sun, and it has such terrible power!”

She could not bear to imagine if the sun appeared above the ocean.

Will the ocean water be baked into steam?

Pu chi !

On Long Teng’s side, the void layer above his head was cracking, and the huge pressure almost tore off his clothes.

What makes him even more uncomfortable is.

The scorching power made his body extremely painful.

Long Teng’s face became dignified, and finally he became serious, with a big wave of his hand, shua shua shua!

He appeared 4 Divine Armament all around, Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 like Divine Beast, transformed into 4 stream of light, and escaped into the 4 Divine Armament.

“4 like Divine Armament, cut for me!”

Behind the dragon, Ancestral Dragon Qi rises, he is like a King, his face full of pride and aloof and remote:

His majesty does not allow anyone to challenge!

I want to crush me with a sun, then I will smash this sun!

4 Like Divine Armament transformed into 4 energy irises, rushing up and rushing towards the sun.

The phantom of Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise condenses around 4 Divine Armament, releasing the terrifying power of destruction.

Yang Xu expression did not change, only lightly said:

“Let you cut.”

clang clang clang clang…

In Lan Ke’er’s horrified and worried eyes.

4 Like Divine Armament, it finally rushed to the sun.

The moment they contacted the sun, there was a thunderous roar.

Heaven and Earth seemed shocked.

The expression of Longteng has changed slightly:

The formidable power of this sun is too horrible, some are beyond his expectations.

If care is not taken, 4 elephant Divine Armament is afraid that this collision will be destroyed directly.


“In front of my 4 elephant Divine Armament, everything is fragile! cut for me!”

Long Teng’s body shuddered, and the purple Ancestral Dragon Qi behind him suddenly turned like clouds.

A bunch of purple Puppet Rune released more terrifying energy than black Puppet Rune, moved towards those 4 like Divine Armament, flying up.

When the Purple Puppet Rune is poured into the Divine Armament of 4 Elephants for a moment.


4 Like Divine Armament trembling madly, it will get that terrifying sun, which is beyond 100 meters away.

The pressure around Long Teng dissipated a lot.

And this time.

A voice that made him turn pale with fright sounded slowly:

“Well, it’s actually blocked. I’m curious, how would you resist the 2nd one?”

Accompanied by Yang Xu lazily’s voice.

A larger shadow enveloped the small sun below.

Looking at the sky, the Supreme Sun Star ball ten times larger than the first one, Long Teng’s face suddenly became pale:

What kind of monster is this ants?

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