Endless Upgrade System Chapter 2969

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The stiff white feathers, which had become puppets, watched the master finally, blocking the terrifying sun.

And this time.

Even the 2nd sun appeared.

Seeing that the 2nd sun is ten times larger than the first one.

That terrifying power is even more powerful a few hundred times!

The stiff white feather couldn’t help but look desperate:

“Unstoppable! Impossible by the owner!”


The shocked Long Teng couldn’t help but sink his eyes, and coldly swept toward the stiff white feather:

“courting death !”

Pu chi !

He had an expression, and the stiff white feathers suddenly shattered into 4 pieces of black Puppet Rune.

Turn into a black flame in the void and burn away.


The 2nd huge sun weighed heavily on the first one. The huge weight, the terrifying surging energy, and the instant time, the dragon’s 4 elephant Divine Armament light column, directly cracked.

Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 is like Divine Beast, even forced out directly.

Bang bang bang ……

4 Like Divine Armament, it is as fragile as glass and bursts directly.

Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise 4 is like Divine Beast, and there is a wave of wail:


ao roar…

They followed the dragon and experienced too many battles.

Every time, it is almost an overwhelming advantage, which will easily crush the enemy.

But this time.

They really felt the fear.

A small unremarkable Human Race, in their eyes, is like a trivial ant.

Even this ant is an ants of Immortal World.

They are not at all in the eyes.

Until this moment.

They suddenly found out, what kind of ants did the master let them attack?

This is clearly a God ah hiding power!

Take control of an Immortal Artifact!

Just summon out the sun!

Such a power of heaven shaking earth shattering, the master thinks that they can suppress it?

whoosh whoosh whoosh …

4 Like Divine Beast almost not even think, immediately retreat and shoot back.

Seeing this scene, Long Teng was so angry that his eyes almost did not burst out:

“Have me hold it! Dare to step back and die!”

weng weng!

4 On the Divine Beast, a bunch of black Puppet Rune shines.

The 4 retreating elephants like Divine Beast suddenly froze there.

The void behind the dragon, the purple Ancestral Dragon Qi, shines and fluctuates, and the golden crown above the head exudes the majesty of the emperor.


He is not majestic at all.

Living off like a dying toad, a face full of pride and overbearing, a rare expression of loose one’s head out of fear is revealed.

Lan Ke’er saw Longteng look like this now.

Can’t help but laugh, burst out of relief.

She looked towards Yang Xu’s expression and couldn’t help but admire it.

“How would you stop it? Don’t let me down.”

Yang Xu not at all followed Lan Ke’er and naturally did not see the expression of admiration she cast.

His current expression is staring at Long Teng with interest.

This guy brings a lot of surprises to himself.

Fighting intent that kept Yang Xu silent for a long time was a little boiling.

“Hope you don’t let me down.”

Yang Xu’s eyes flashed with anticipation.

Long Teng saw Yang Xu’s blessed expression in his eyes and was deeply stimulated by Yang Xu’s cat-like expression.

The void behind him, the purple Ancestral Dragon Qi suddenly became a bit fierce and fierce. It seems that there will be an Ancestral Dragon coming out of the next second.

“Even if it falls, I have to block the 2 suns!”

Dragon clenched the teeth and issued an ultimatum to the four elephants Divine Beast.


4 Like Divine Beast has condense one after another Puppet Rune.

These Puppet Rune, swimming and shining continuously on them, there is the aura of Great Dao Law, which diffused out.

“Actually the puppet Great Dao? This brat had good luck and got a real Great Dao.”

Yang Xu’s eyes brightened slightly, and he made a new discovery.

This dragon’s luck is not under his own, and actually got one of the Three Thousand Great Dao.

Although “Puppet Great Dao” is inferior to Five Elements Great Dao in terms of status.

But when used well, it can also explode formidable power.


This dragon is playing well.

“System, if you can devour the endless puppet system, can you upgrade the version?”

Yang Xu asked.

system immediately responded:

[Swallowing other systems can enhance the power of the Endless Upgrade System, but it cannot prompt a version update! 】

Yang Xu raised his eyebrows:

“Oh? It seems that only when I make a substantial change can the system be updated.”

Come on!

Yang Xu pupil light was cold, staring at Long Teng’s expression, a trace of murderous intention.

The eye of the heart moved gently, and Sun God suddenly released a ray of golden divine glow.

The golden divine glow shot down and instantly merged with the 2 suns, rumble!

The 2 suns directly burned the golden flame.

The power of Five Elements Great Dao permeated the appalling fluctuations.

“Unexpectedly, it was just a projection of the Sun God set, and with Five Elements Great Dao, it had such a terrible formidable power.”

Yang Xu could see eyes shined and exclaimed in his heart.

The Sun God set next to him is not the real Immortal Artifact main body, but the Divor Ability and the Immortal Artifact projection after shatter space.

But Yang Xu made a brilliant move and creatively merged Sun God’s projection with Five Elements Great Dao temporarily.

So much so much.

This Sun God disk projection releases the terrifying power almost comparable to the main body!

“I don’t know how terrible the formidable power should be after the fusion of Five Elements Great Dao and the main body of the Sun God plate.”

Yang Xu said with a smile in his heart.


A glorious silhouette flashed from the side, and a charming silhouette appeared.

Lan Ke’er, a pair of smart eyes, looked up and down Yang Xu, revealing a strong interest.

Yang Xu raised by eyebrow:

“You seem to be following me? Is there something wrong?”

With Yang Xu’s perception, it is natural to be able to sense the girl’s tracking.

What’s more.

The Spirit Beast blue whale is so huge that it can’t be hidden at all.

Lan Ke’er laughed full and overflowing authentically:

“I’m chasing you because you have my aura aura, strangely, you are clearly a Human Race, how could there be my aura aura?”

Lan Ke’er felt a little puzzled.

Yang Xu faintly smiled, I knew in my heart that this is the reason of Sea God Halberd.

Or rather, it is the reason for “Kunpeng Whale Swallowing Establishing Destruction Art”.

This rare art may have a Thousand Silk Ten Thousand Thread relationship with the Deep Sea Race.

Yang Xu sighed in his heart. He did not have any involvement with the Deep Sea Race in the 10000 years of previous battles and layouts.

I can’t think of this life, my strength has not reached 1/100th of the previous life.

It was actually related to Deep Sea Race.

“Damn it! I’m going to kill you!”

Dragon at this moment, madly urged 4 like Divine Beast and Puppet Great Dao, trying to resist the suppression of 2 suns.

However, when he saw that Yang Xu was able to communicate with the Hai girl freely and had a good time.

A sense of humiliation that was not valued, completely angered Dragon.

“Ancestral Dragon divine might, puppet shinto, clash for me!”

Longteng clenched the teeth, released a trick!

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